Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reminder: Alastair Mackenzie on Mentalist Tonight, More

Quick reminders:
Alastair Mackenzie will be the featured guest on the hit CBS show "The Mentalist" which airs TONIGHT at 9pm(ET). They usually upload the show later online, so hopefully those who can not access this show tonight will be able to see Al in action as mastermind criminal mind- control genius/madman still awesome man lol! :)

Also, Richard Jobson director of Alastair in New Town Killers will be appearing at the Sci-Fi London event on May 2nd at 4:15pm, where he will be taking part in a panel on "The problem of SciFi/Fantasy Filmmaking." I am sure his work with A Woman in Winter, starring the awesome Jamie Sives, will be mentioned; hope but doubtful their will be much other news of this panel, hope one day Mr J will update his site with more on that film as well.

What Richard Jobson has been doing is a string of radio interviews, with a new one online today here via BBC Radio 6 and the Chris Hawkins show. In this interview he gives much more detail on the use of music in New Town Killers, notably on Isa & the Filthy Tongues. Final reminder of course that the first single from the movie and the fabulous new song from Isa will be released NEXT Week! :) (same as the new single from Franz, but I digress lol)

Jamie Bell to Return to Scotland for "The Eagle of the Ninth"

Ooo cool news today, as Variety is reporting Jamie Bell, starred of Sigma Films/David Mackenzie's excellent Hallam Foe, will be returning to Scotland for filming of the new movie "The Eagle of the Ninth."

Variety is reporting that with production due to begin in August (woot a banner month that is turning out to be!),"Jamie Bell is set to star in the 2nd century A.D. tale, and Channing Tatum is in talks to join him. Script is by Jeremy Brock, who teamed with Macdonald on "The Last King of Scotland."...

The story revolves around a wounded Roman soldier and his loyal Celtic slave who try to solve the mystery of the Ninth Legion, a brigade of Roman soldiers that vanished after heading into the untamed Highlands of Scotland 15 years earlier.Hungarian locations will stand in for 2nd century England, while the Scottish scenes will be filmed in Scotland.Bell is set to play the slave, while Tatum has been offered the lead but has not yet committed."

UPDATE: Rope of Silicon has more on the script, which is based on the book by Rosemary Sutcliff as follows:

The film is a Roman adventure set in the dangerous world of second-century Britain. In 135 A.D., fifteen years after the unexplained disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in the mountains of Scotland, young centurion Marcus Aquila arrives from Rome to solve the mystery and restore the reputation of his father, the commander of the Ninth. Accompanied only by his British slave Esca (Bell), Marcus sets out across Hadrian’s Wall into the uncharted High Lands of Caledonia – to confront its savage tribes, make peace with his father’s memory, and retrieve the lost legion’s golden emblem, the Eagle of the Ninth.

You can preview the book, and read excerpts here. Woah very cool news, go Jamie Go!

Monday, March 30, 2009

More on the August Release Date for David Mackenzie's "Spread"

As a quick follow to the news a few days ago regarding a possible release date for David Mackenzie's "Spread," the LA Times is reporting on Anchor Bay and their move into the world of theatrical distribution. Following on the very likely report of an August 14th release date for the new movie starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche the times piece has the following:

In the coming months, Anchor Bay will begin rolling out films with bigger stars, such as “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,” starring Michael Douglas, on May 1 and “Spread,” with Ashton Kutcher, in August. It plans as many as 10 releases annually. "Doubt" and "Spread" were acquired from independent financiers. ... Jason Goldberg, Kutcher's producing partner on "Spread," understands that Anchor Bay's move from straight-to-video movies to theatrical films is a leap. But he believes the video background will be crucial to Anchor Bay's success, as it has taught the company how to create interest economically and creatively. "Their understanding of that market is absolutely the key," Goldberg said. "And I love the fact that this is one of the first movies on their label. They are going to make it work. We are not fearful in the least."
Heck yea!
NEW PIC from IMDB----------->>
I've been told too an awesome person that is in place to know that August is looking likely at this point, so this is all much welcomed news!So lets mark this down now: August 14, 2009 I'm going on a date with Ashton lol haha Plus EVEN BETTER: Valhalla Rising is looking like an August release as welll, so........will this make it A SWEET SIGMA SUMMER??????
or better yet Sweet Sigma and SIVES SUMMER!!!!! :)))))))
hell yea!
If you are interested in Spread and an overview of the posts I made during filming, click here. Fingers crossed we are going to see more from the marketing of the film in near future, cant wait!

Attention James Nesbitt Fans: Outcast Due to Release at Berlin Film Festival Next Year

A bit of a rather surprising (optimistic?) update today regarding Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and Katie Dickie (Sigma's Red Road, upcoming Donkeys). The movie, which is still in production this week before moving to Galway, Ireland to film for two weeks, has release dates already in the works. According to AllMediaScotland, the film is quote:
due for release at the Berlin Film Festival in 2010 and at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June 2010.

I'm really quite surprised at this, as most of those selections are not made this far in advance. Am I wrong about this? Well sure there are negotiations talks and most certainly HOPE this will be the case, but I am uncertain how accurate it is... Nonetheless, its surely something to go on, and by all means keep fingers crossed this will turn out to be true! I have great hopes for films showing at Edinburgh this year, and Berlin obviously is such a plum, but still...dunno.

Related: This news on the possible release dates were part of an article about the Location manager on the film, Nicola Parker. Quotage:

The location at Sighthill was chosen as the empty flats provide the eerie, post apocalyptic quality required to set the scene of the film. Nicola’s job involves scouting potential locations, taking pictures and providing recommendations to the Director of the film. She believes the course at Stevenson provided an excellent grounding for working in the film industry. Nicola Parker said:

“I was well equipped to deal with the technical language used on film sets and knew exactly what was expected of me. The course at Stevenson is practical and is run by people who have actually worked in the film industry. I still phone them when I need advice and they’re always happy to help.”

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A sad note, as we learn tonight of the passing of Maurice Jarre, composer of remarkable scores for some of the great films of our time. A prolific composer, his scores for classics like Laurence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago are some of the most well known and beautiful, music that will always inspire and move you. You can argue that music is indeed poetry of the soul; beautifully illustrated with Mr Jarres work for imo one of the most memorable endings to a movie:

Inner Eye Says OutCast Wraps April 11th

I always knew, like their Scottish counterparts, the Irish were magical and special, and apparently Fantastic Films has the inner eye as well! A google alert popped up from a production company TONIGHT with the date reading April 11th heralding the news that their work on Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie, has wrapped after a five week shoot. LOLOL. Thats what I call being prepared and in advance there blog team :))Ah well, at least we know for sure there are a few weeks left on the production (and yes hope springs eternal for more pics of James and esp Kate!)

Saturday, April 11 2009 00:00
Having filmed in Edinburgh for three weeks and Studio Solas in Galway for two weeks, Outcast starring James Nesbitt and directed by Colm McCarthy wraps.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Mental for a New Alastair Mackenzie Appearance on CBS

It's totally mental....The Mentalist that is! Great news today as there is word that Sigma Film's own ALASTAIR MACKENZIE will be the guest this week on the hit CBS series. Woot!

According to the press release, Al will be playing the lead guest role of Dr. Royston Daniel. The episode is called "Russet Potatoes" where the team on the show "track down a mastermind who hypnotizes people into doing their bidding."

Al is hypnotic alright -heeeee! Awesome news. This episode of the Mentalist airs on CBS this Tuesday, March 31st at 9:00pm (EST).YOU CAN SEE A PREVIEW of the show, with a super quick shot of Alastair below:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Circle Up the Fools, There's News on a Soundtrack to Rounding Up Donkeys!

It's a music me Friday today on the blog, as there are several pieces of news relating to various soundtracks that I will make in a couple posts:

Best at the top: There is much welcome news on Sigma Films upcoming Rounding Up Donkeys (or just Donkeys). The second installment in the original Advance Party Trilogy-first being the award winning Red Road-there is word on some of the groups we will be hearing on the soundtrack. I cant believe I missed this -fml-but a few months ago UK Framingo Records posted on their website that Fools Circle will be featuring on the soundtrack. Quotage:

We can at last reveal that FRAMINGO stalwarts FOOLS CIRCLE will feature heavily on the soundtrack of the soon to be released ROUNDING UP DONKEYS, a feature length movie currently in post production & being brought to you by Scotland's very own SIGMA FILMS (Oscar Wants to Kill Himself & Hallem Foe). Directed by BAFTA winner MORAG MCKINNON, the force behind the critically acclaimed RED ROAD, the movie is already being touted as a contender for major honours when the next round of industry gongs come up for grabs! The soundtrack will feature the fabulous INSIDE THE MOMENT as well as GOODBYE & SEE WOT YOU FEEL by the Ayrshire tunesmiths. All the tracks of course feature on the BLACKPOOL TOWER E.P. (Ming03), still available to purchase from the Framingo shop!

One this is GREAT news there is going to be a soundtrack. Two...well, to be candid, I have absolutely no idea on the music Framingo has on their label, and no idea what their music is like alas. However, you can access short previews of music to be used on the soundtrack the Fools Circle page they have linked! Note: this prob is NOT the version we will hear in the film, but still nice surprise for the weekend to say the least! :) Fingers crossed this will be a good blend and work well and compliment the movie. I'm sure it will be as Sigma has a long and acclaimed track record of using quality music in their films, they just do (Hallam Foe-stellar soundtrack, as LGW, plus the score on Wilbur and Dear Frankie= GORGEOUS). Red Road of course featured that haunting and lovely cover of the Joy Division song at the end, so the news that there are several modern pop/punk / I dunno what to call this lol, indicates to my mind the direction this film will be taking, keeping with the comedy drama-esque plot that's been hinted at over the year.

Latest cast list according to Britfilms.com
Directed by Morag Mckinnon, Donkeys stars: James Cosmo, Brian Pettifer, Kate Dickie, Martin Compston, Natasha Watson, Natalie Press, Tony Curran

Look OutCast, There be a Giant Naked Monster in Sighthill!

Much appreciated today are two new heads up from readers today herald news of sorts regarding filming on Outcast, directed by Colm McCarthy (Tudors, one of my most fave shows, I still thrilled by this news) and starring James Nesbitt and Katie Dickie (Red Road, Rounding up Donkeys).

One reader let us know that yes indeed filming is ongoing in Sighthill, however James Nesbitt has NOT been on set for the night shoots that have been taking place. Not sure how much filming is going on this weekend, more when we get it!

A second comment was awesome imo, because not only are people so incredibly kind to stop by here and keep me up to date with progress on the film, this update contained a offbeat yet hilarious yet cool piece of news. The reader writes "I have been watching the filming right under my living room window in sighthill its fascinated and the chap that plays the beast (very nice Naked) but very tall chap!"

Awesome! The Beast is being portrayed by actor Ian Whyte. He is a very tall man, 7 feet tall. A former basketball player, he turned to film making, and has been seen in several major films, more info on Ian here. Brilliant-naked tall monsters stalking Sighthill! :D I love movie making! Thanks much as always to those who are taking the time out and the effort to bring these updates!!!

Look Sharp Like a New Town Killer: More from Richard Jobson, Isa & the Filthy Tongues

Music me friday goodies galore today!

First, thanks to a wonderful musical note - ok lame, but follow the Isa twitter everyone, they are awesome- I learned that Richard Jobson was recently a guest on the Janice Long BBC Radio 2 program. In a lengthy, and candid (very refreshing) interview I have to say, Mr J talks at length on New Town Killers. We also hear the track from Isa & the Filthy Tongues, and learn more on how this local band from Edinburgh was asked to be part of the film. While there was no mention of NTK star Alastair Mackenzie (WHY is that Mr J? does he not like him lol) there is some great insight into the reasoning behind the making of the film, Dougray Scott. Along with some fabulous details from his fabled music career and adventures with the Skids (RJ also picked out the music you hear too, Love the Clash as well!), there is news on the next film on the docket, one involving Afghanistan and those who have been fighting there. Wish there had been news on the Macb..oh wait- animated Scottish film :P which actually looks hella cool.

Blather blather LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE (I was able to access it here in the US, so hopefully others will not have a problem either)

BTW: Every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed...new town killer? Huh?? What am I on about now?-CHECK THIS OUT! NEW TOWN KILLER ISA & the Filthy Tongues T-shirts!

Now this is very cool. Some time ago, on flickr, cinematographer Derrick Peters who worked on several Sigma productions, and also NTK took this FABULOUS PHOTO of the cast and crew, with several sporting NTK tees. This very much is Mr Peters photo, all due rights and credit are HIS.

PLEASE NOTE THE ISA TS ARE NOT THE EXACT SAME, but pretty darn close, plus they sport the Isa name, sweet! Im so so ordering one of the shirts! You can order yours via this link. Reminder too, the single for New Town Killers will be out on APRIL 6. As confirmed by Richard Jobson in the above interview, New Town Killers will be out in June. Trailer on my youtube channel, music video from Isa again because its seriously cool, below

Thursday, March 26, 2009

James Nesbitt, Kate Dickie OutCast Filming Week Two: Now in Sighthill?

The Outcast Filming Watch: Week Two continues today, thanks to the awesome reader who let us know that filming for the new movie starring James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie (Sigmas Red Road/ Rounding up Donkeys) will be filming in the Sighthill area over the next few days! woot! This was indeed one of the locations mentioned before in several press articles; needless to say any luck ones who are in the area and are willing to do so, please send in your pics and reports-will be more than glad to post them. There are loads of us out there who are interested in this film (especially all you awesome James Nesbitt fans, wow very impressive and cool people must say!) Be sure to check out the pics from last week up on flickr, and these previous posts on the filming here and here. Cheers, Chrissi and thanks!

Related: The Outcast IMDB page has been updated with more details on the cast, confirming that beloved character actor James Cosmo (Star of Sigma Films upcoming Donkeys, the second installment/sequel of sorts to Red Road) is indeed in the film in the role as "Laird." Great news (and thanks again to Dougie who went the extra steps and generously took a pic of James at work for me)

Rumor Alert: David Mackenzie's "Spread" Due for Release in August?

In the rumor/unconfirmed category today, there is a date now being floated as a release date for David Mackenzie's "Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche.

Movie-Insider.com is now reporting that the film will be released on Friday, August 14, 2009.

I have no idea if this is correct, but it seems likely as one their news is usually reliable, and two multiple reports all just say "Summer" or "late Summer" which would be about perfect for this film I'd venture to guess. More when I get it!

Bonus: It was one year ago this month that filming was ongoing in Los Angeles for Spread. If you are interested, you can see some coverage I had of it (w/set photos of Ashton and David filmimg) here, here, here, here, and this post about a great song from Isa & the Filthy Tongues in the film. (NO IDEA when this soundtrack will be released either, alas)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Town Killers Update: Festival News, New Stills and Proof of Quality Film work being done in Scotland

There is news today that lucky viewers in France will get to see New Town Killers starring Alastair Mackenzie and Dougray Scott next week, as word has it that the film is entered in competition at the Beaune Cognac International Thriller Festival.
This festival runs April 1-5, with more info on this gorgeous area of Central France, here.

As a follow to the post below of sorts, there is of course superb film work coming out of Scotland as witnessed by Sigma Films (David Mackenzie in particular) and others such as Richard Jobson who directed NTK. One person who always contributes mightily to these quality films are the cinematographers, one in particular being Simon Dennis.

Today, via his official public website, we can see some truly spectacular examples of this fine quality work in Scottish films. Mr. Dennis served as second unit on the recent Sigma Films production of Hallam Foe, where he also shot that fabulous Hallam Foe teaser trailer directed by Colin Kennedy. Simon Dennis also served as DoP on David Mackenzie's "Last Great Wilderness." At this link you can see some great stills as well as clips of Sigma's own ALASTAIR MACKENZIE at work in the film.

In addition, Simon Dennis has done some groundbreaking work with director Richard Jobson. Notably he shot the GORGEOUS AWoman in Winter, which starred dear wonderful JAMIE SIVES. Ack, sooooo beautiful, I adore this actor gah lol-OLLIE GO HERE NOW, check out these stills, clips and montages of Jamie at work this lovely unique film of Mr. Jobson's.

Finally, we have a treat as there are new stills and wonderful looks from New Town Killers, where you can see quality stills of Dougray Scott and Alastair-note this still with the breath in the cold, the shadows on the walls. Also look how he captured them in the nightclub-look at Dougray's face! beautiful work all which just reinforces in my opinion the crucial and vital nature of continued proper funding for films like NTK and future films from Sigma to continued being made in Scotland. You can read more about the work Simon Dennis and Richard Jobson did shooting New Town Killers here in this article from Sony.

Creative Scotland Film Funding Debacle, Martin Compston Renews Call for Major Scottish Studio

Things are looking somewhat dim for the future continued funding of films in Scotland. New reports indicate that a restructuring of the agencies that regulate and fund the arts in Scotland into a singular "Creative Scotland" body may lead to heavily diminished funding for those who seek to make films in their country. Last week, one person on the transition team, Iain Smith, resigned over concerns about the haste in the project, and citing that "film policy was in danger of "backsliding into the past."

The Herald reports further, with this grim news:

Michael Russell, the culture minister admitted last night there is unlikely to be any new government funding for Scottish film-making in the near future.

Without a devolution of tax-raising powers, or an ability at Holyrood to create specifically Scottish tax breaks for movie-makers, the current funding levels of around £2m from Scottish Screen are to continue for the foreseeable future, he said.

Mr Russell said he was sympathetic to the idea of an annual Scottish Film Fund to kick-start investment in movies made north of the border, but the money required - up to £10m a year, according to some industry sources - will not be easy to find in the current financial settlement.

Sigma Film's own Gillian Berrie, who has fought so very hard and long to increase visibility a broadening of funding and joint quality film making in Scotland, addressed her concerns to the Minster. The paper states that in reply to Ms. Berrie, it was said:

"Give us the tools and we will do the job, but we have no tax powers and no bargaining power to do that.

"I cannot offer you the £5m, £10m, or £15m that people may be talking about. But in terms of policy, we are not trying to change anything in terms of support for film, but resources are a real problem."

This editor is incredulous at this report. I will offer no insipid cheer leading or indignation or blatant support for Sigma and other companies who have long been trying to produce quality work in Scotland, even saying CREATING CENTERS LIKE the flourishing Film City Glasgow, but I believe the tools are right there in front of you.

Moreover, actor Martin Compston, The Damned United, and star of Sigmas Red Road, and the upcoming Donkeys, also issued a call for a major central Hollywood style studio that all companies in Scotland could access. This idea is of course not new (aka Mr. Connery has had plenty to say on this issue), but Martin emphasizes:

"In terms of acting and our film crews, we punch above our weight."I have shot movies in the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland and seeing what they do with their resources, I think Scotland is crying out for a studio, because with the talent we already have here, we could become the biggest film hub in Europe."The locations we have here are great, and with a studio you can film anything. I have been shooting on location here in Scotland but then had to do studio work elsewhere. We have to have our own proper studio and someone has to take a lead on it."

Mr Russell, speaking at a meeting of key figures in Scotland's creative industries in Glasgow, said he understood the call for a studio, but it would only prosper alongside a healthy movie industry, which is unlikely to be funded by more money from the public purse in the short term.

Again, incredibility! While I do not pretend to understand all the nuances and back scenes politics, its fairly obvious that it could work. Yes yes YES the economy is bad, good lord no one is denying that, but there has to be parity and realization of investing in what actually brings money back into the country SCOTTISH FILMS DO THIS.

Also options exist obviously. Score after scores of articles in the news this week along about all the influx of American, Australian, Chinese, Japanese Europeans all seeking to move into Scotland to take advantage of property-what are these people, chopped liver? What about the EXISTING MODEL GILLIAN SET UP with FCG? the new Advance Party- what about working with other countries closely - you most certainly can establish a national Scottish scene. I mean honestly, the whole ffing Homecoming Scotland campaign-calling us home to scotland, how about calling home investors willing to make it happen in their native land??????????There ARE options, and all is not lost YES I KNOW EASIER SAID THAN DONE, hell yes, but I think it could be done, and this whole not continuing the level, even increasing funding for Scottish film, an identifiable viable PRODUCT will backfire. I mean how many tens of thousands come to see locations for Braveheart (done by Aussie/American Mel and starring several Irish actor and extras no less!).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tickets for David Mackenzie at University of Aberdeen Sold Out!

A reminder that as reported previously, Sigma's own David Mackenzie (Hallam Foe, Young Adam) will be the featured guest this week at the University of Aberdeen. Part of the Director's Cut series, David will be giving a talk this Wednesday, March 25, at 6pm, followed by a wine reception. TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT! The University has released video of some of the other directors, so fingers crossed we will get photos and more from the event. If anyone is attending and feels inclined to take pity on me, please send in any reports pics lol, always glad to post :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Pics: Jamie Sives, Mads Mikkelsen Valhalla Rising, Ashton Kutcher in Spread

Its a picture post: New photo of Jamie Sives, Mads Mikkelsen and cast in a scene from Nicholas Windig Refn's Valhalla Rising. This courtesy of Rushblogg, click for more previously released pics.

Also, as seen originally on the official site of Scanbox, the international distributor for VH and David Mackenzie's upcoming Spread, we can see some additional new photos of star Ashton Kutcher. (should I be snide and ask for bets on how long these will be remain on the site before bb yanks them?) According to that site, Spread will be out in July for some, no idea on UK/US yet. Older pics via my flickr!

No Update on Outcast,sorry

Just a brief word to say thank you to reader Bryan, who noted - I saw this too late alas!-
that filming for Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie, had been filming in the past two days in Greendykes, and even more cool "the monster" will be making an appearance.

Excellent news, just sorry I did not see it sooner. I believe they probably have another week of filming in Edinburgh, fingers crossed we hear more before it travels over to Ireland for studio filming in Galway. I'm afraid Ive haven't anything more than that to pass along, SORRY! and deeply appreciate that those like Bryan and esp Dougie have been so kind to share info with fans who care. BRAVO!

Thanks as well to Richard from Filmstalker who linked to this blog about the Outcast pics earlier this week, very cool indeed.

Digging Donkey Holes

Today the Daily Record has a new interview with actor Martin Compston (Red Road). Now say what you will about the Record, at least they are doing interviews with folks who dont always grace the pages of 'mainstream' press! (thank you Paul English!)Today ,Martin makes comments about his work in the soon to be released Damned United, his love of football, other films, as well as mentioning Sigma's upcoming Rounding up Donkeys (or Donkeys), and the work done by crew on this set and others. Quotage:

Whether he's filming the follow-up to Red Road (the as yet un released Rounding Up Donkeys) in Glasgow's freezing east end, or hanging out with Downey Jr in Manhattan he plays the game the same.

"When you're standing at the Barrow land at five in the morning in the pouring rain that's when you have to love this job and give everything you've got," he says.

"When people run around after you with umbrellas and making you cups of tea it's not because they think you're an amazingly important person, it's because they're keeping your character's clothes or hair dry, because someone's had to do a job to make you up like that."

Update: In a sidebar/supplemental article, the paper also contains the following description of the film:


A provisional title industry insiders expect will be changed to Barrowland or Donkeys. It's the second part of the Advance Party trilogy, which stipulates the three films must adhere to a set of rules, one being that each actor must appear in all three films. This movie follows Alfred, a 64-year-old who has lost touch with his family. A threat to his health makes him realise he wants to make amends. But the more he tries to do right, the more he does wrong.

I find these comments hugely refreshing and admirable indeed. Perhaps its because hes still a young man and not as jaded as others, but this was a good article to read. So why then am I all down?

Oh good I thought, I will make a big ole post and link to all the stuff about the movie that I've managed to find and perhaps bigger media will see it and woohoo let the anticipation actually begin for this movie. BUT GUESS WHAT. YET AGAIN things have gone missing in relation to things Ive specifically blogged about-things THAT MOST OTHERS ARE NOT AND DO NOT CARE about, and barely anyone is writing about save here. With all due respect NO ONE is writing about this film. If they are, please someone show me ? I feel like a giant ass yet again, because when others come here looking for stuff, and I say oh look i posted about it last year and yet, mysteriously, innocuous stuff like story boards and pics, end up gone-poof! Like a thief in the night, the thought/fan police strike. Huzzah for big brother!

Do I want to ruin anything...well lets put it in glaswegian terms FUCK NO.

Do they care what I think FUCK NO. What they might be thinking right now about me as I write this Fuck you!

probably so.


I completely understand the concerns nervousness and wanting to preserve a piece of work that youve worked long and hard on until its ready for the world, yes yes I do. It 100% is your product. However in this day and age, I think this is a bad move and will actually work against the intentions behind it.Marketing smarketing talk me all you want, with all due respect, put, if you do not want a soul to know any tiny thing about it, by all means hide under that rock, lets see who cares when suddenly you spring forth in the middle of huge economic downturn and saturated film market and an audience already bombed on every possible avenue, including the myriad that is the bloggosphere by those who are not afraid to let something be known about their films- good luck! I honest to god do not understand this thinking, behavior, I just do not


I'm not making one red cent off this blog, nor do I seek any copyright infringement or to profit off the work of others in any way shape or form. I write because I love the work and films and actors who I write about it, and I actually think quite a few others do as well,its just we are getting zip. People like me, lowly fans who show up and buy the tickets and tell their friends (and perhaps nudge a few people in teh media, hey this is agood thing) Today I guess I shouldn't be whinning, but its really damm hard at teh moment to maintain a sense of optimism, when it seems that no matter what I post about, more crap later ends up being removed ... it makes me feel like a fucking fool and its all been a big joke all along. :(((((((((

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sad but Smiles for NTK and Martin Compston

Well, its hard to make a post that is seemingly so shallow in light of the sadness that many are feeling today with the passing of Natasha Richardson. However back on the Sigma related front there was a bit of good news, as noted by director Richard Jobson via his official twitter, press screenings for New Town Killers, starring Sigma Films co-founder Alastair Mackenzie and Dougray Scott were held yesterday in London. One reviewer got straight to the point, as witnessed by their fun 'face reviews' of the movie, seen here from DVD Review. lol thats cool, I guess she liked it :)

Also last night we saw new photos of actor Martin Compston, who appears in Sigma's Red Road with Kate Dickie and the upcoming Donkeys (or Rounding up Donkeys not sure if its formally been changed as news on that film is impossible to obtain). Anyway, here are photos of Martin at the premiere of his latest film The Damned United, which also features the work of young actor Colin Harris, who stars in Colin Kennedy's upcoming short I Love Luci.. follow? good :D No idea if Mr Harris was at the premiere but am hopeful the DU film will be good, even for ones like me who are somewhat sketchy on the background of this football club etc. American football I completely understand, soccer eh just catching on but am clueless to who is the best team to follow etc. Recommendations anyone?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It is with sadness tonight to learn of the passing of Natasha Richardson. The actress died in New York tonight, after suffering a fall while on a skiing trip. In a statement, her husband, actor Liam Neeson issued the following: "Liam Neeson, his sons, and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha. They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time."

A lovely and versatile actress, I saw her give a wonderful performance on Broadway in Cabaret which earned her a Tony. She was of course, also the star of David Mackenzie's Asylum. By all reports, Natasha Richardson was well regarded by all who knew her and I can only imagine the shock and heartbreak of her children, husband family friends and co-workers. Sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers to those who are hurting with this news.

Donkeys Star James Cosmo an Outcast?

Hello, hello, and hello to all the new readers, esp the wonderful James Nesbitt fans! :)

Outcast News & Observations today:

Thanks to the ever awesome Dougie for letting me know that word has it actor James Cosmo may have joined the Outcast crew, and filmed a scene yesterday in UPDATE: Edinburgh or more precisely on High Street beside the St Giles cathedral. His credits are not listed on the IMDB page,and I thought he was off doing that Burns film, but if true, this would be very cool as James Cosmo is of course Kate Dickie's co star in the upcoming Donkeys, the sequel of sorts to Red Road and the second in the Sigma Films initiative Advance Party films. A mobile phone pic seems to show James; anyone with more info (& esp pics of Katie too!), please feel free to email or comment

New footage of James Nesbitt on Youtube today, which is cool as it really gives you an idea of how long it can take just to set up a shot (see vids one and two), and then end up filming something (see vid 3 below) which seemingly is simple, like Mr. Nesbitt's character running thru the streets of Dalkeith. I know Sigma's Colin Kennedy wrote about this process many times when he chronicled the making of David Mackenzie's Hallam Foe-new readers, you ought to go check out the HF blog if you are interested in an honest accounting of making a film. Anyway, ever grateful to the folks who are uploading this stuff to youtube!

Finally, the Scotsman is apparently paying attention huzzah! to all the fan interest in the film, as there is a new article online today, containing more on the film. On the filming front there was this: Shooting has already taken place in Dalkeith, Midlothian, and other scenes are set in Stockbridge and the city centre. The cast and crew will then be filming for two weeks in Galway, Ireland. Mr Nesbitt is also commenting on filming in the lovely city of Edinburgh and its surroundings as follows:"I love Edinburgh and it's great to be back. We'll just be here for another couple of weeks. The people are very friendly, the sun is shining and it's St Patrick's Day, so it couldn't be better."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Look! Kate Dickie, James Nesbitt Filming Outcast (Updated with Video!)

Courtesy of photographer Dougie Wood/DBM, we have our first look at
Kate Dickie (Sigma's award winning Red Road, upcoming Donkeys) and James Nesbitt (Cold Feet, BBCs The Passion) filming a scene for the upcoming Outcast

Filming took place yesterday in Dalkeith, Scotland (Midlothian region, outside of Edinburgh) No word if crews are still there today. More of James below; larger sizes up on my flickr 1 (check out his salt & pepper beard he has going on for this film, looks creepy good have to say!) HUGE THANK YOU SO MUCH to Dougie, and to others who have emailed with tips/left comments sweetonsigmafilms@gmail.com
UPDATE:Video of Mr. Nesbitt only filming in Dalkeith now online via youtube

Monday, March 16, 2009

Followup: James Nesbitt, Kate Dickie Filming Outcast Outside Edinburgh

Ask and you shall receive: HUGE thanks to an awesome reader who let us know that Outcast is currently filming in the Midlothian region of Scotland. Word has it that the film starring James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie is underway in a small town outside of Edinburgh, Scotland near Dalkeith. We are uncertain if the crew would still be there on High Street tomorrow etc or if they have moved on to different locations; regardless this is most welcomed and appreciated! :)

You can see more about this lovely little town here via undiscovered Scotland.

Once again, thank you very much to the reader who so kindly took time out to share this news!

Katie Dickie, star of Sigma Films' acclaimed Red Road, will be seen in the second installment in the series, Donkeys, sometime later this year.

Sweet and Scary Faerie Tales

Top o' the morning/evening/ early St. Pattys day to all who are celebrating...As such have a few Irish film related updates today:

Fingers crossed that Triage, starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Sives will land some distributors. A few months ago Screen Daily was on about how its a possible contender for Cannes, and IFTN is now reporting that the companies involved are off to MIPTV market in Cannes. This is a business event which precedes the fabled film festival and will take place at the end of the month. NO IDEA when a trailer for the film will be released or actual new stills, but fingers crossed that things may turn the tide here soon. Personal note: Gotta say am more impressed with Colin Farrell of late. Found his appearance on J.Ross excellent moving and sincere; his work has continued to improve dramatically so fingers crossed too hes turning his personal life around for the better and this film will also be another indication of what quality work he can deliver. I am also quite confident on Jamie's work too but that goes without saying ;)))

After the announcement of the newest Sigma Films Initiative: Advance Party II, I've decided I want to educate myself a bit more about the directors/writers involved in the project, because quite frankly I know very little about their works. Shameful and a subject of scorn to some perhaps, but I intend to try and do something on each of them (as the blog for the project is still being developed)and I know others are interested too. The only way to encourage interest in Sigmas AP II and become a better film fan is learn about this stuff, so if it makes me seem uncool and twee well so be it, but I intend to support Sigma in this endeavor-hope others will too! :) Right, as it is St Pattys, I thought it would be cool to take a look at one of the very cool AND spooky and well received pieces from one of the participating directors: Ciaran Foy. He directed a short film that apparently did really well at various festivals etc that really caught my eye -and perfect for today too lol. Check it out! The Faeries of Blackheath Woods! These arent the fairies of disney lol, cool stuff!

Finally, ATTENTION Kate Dickie/James Nesbitt fans looking for info/updates on OUTCAST. (and again NO this is NOT a Sigma film production, im just a fan of Kates)

I have been trying very very hard to obtain info on this film. Plainly put: at the moment THERE IS NONE, save a sparse film page on IMDB. No idea where they are currently shooting (last I heard Sighthill area, Edinburgh???) but that is probably wrong and/or out of date. I've been trying to get in touch with film people but alas no one is answering or cares much that there are actually a few of us interested in this film, save the one kind soul who told us production has started. The only thing of late I've been able to come up with a tiny article that has this: Produced by Fantastic Films with funding from the Irish Film Board and Scottish Screen, Outcast is shooting in Scotland and at Solas Studios in Galway.

If anyone has any info directions they'd be inclined to steer me etc, anon comments welcomed lol- as are emails to sweetonsigmafilms@gmail.com. I absolutely do NOT reveal sources unless they are cool with it, and I most certainly do not repost emails on blogs etc. Doubt it will work, but if anyone is inclined , I thought I'd put it out there plainly for those who may be wondering lol /shameless.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not All is Golden

...dispatch from the fanzone....

While Colin may be magnanimous in defeat, I however do NOT have to be ...because I AM A FAN GIRL ...and thus i feel compelled to say something about the events at the Scottish Bafta New Talent award: YOU WERE ROBBED, BOO HISS, THAT SUX! WE'LL GET EM NEXT YEAR err yea.....more like when Colin ffng wins at Cannes then the big Baftas then when David Colin Gillian and all at Sigma win the big O as they bloody well will will will one day mark my words, well then we'll just see how little this was anyway, wont we? heh....

So speaking of finding the gold....ohh can you sense it, hear it coming Ollie? ;)))
goofball transition ahead to something that is GOLDEN ALRIGHT...

a beautiful GOLDEN moment from the past relating to Jamie Sives!!!

.... yes, yes, I did actually did write this knowingly and willingly in a sort sober state of mind too....

Five golden years ago, give or take a few days, we saw the release of
ONE LAST CHANCE, which stars Jamie along with Kevin Mckidd, Iain Robertson as well as TWO FUTURE ADVANCE PARTY CAST MEMBERS James Cosmo and Brian Pettifer of the upcoming DONKEYS
(quick, take 20 points in the six degrees of Sigma game )
It also featured a cameo from the film's producer ... Dougray Scott ... again more points as he stars now with Sigma's Alastair Mackenzie in New Town Killers.... fascinating isn't it...more scary tho is the idea i actually ponder on all of this and commit to ink/blog/web for all eternity-go me :P

Right: One Last Chance tells the daft tale of three Scottish lads and their err quest for the gold as it were.
Two clips and trailer here via Virgin media, as well as this classic fan video which pretty much sums up the whole film (and the music while it doesnt quite work, its always a bonus to hear coldplay....

....off to continue lost weekend in a bottle
..........fangirl out................

Happy Birthday, Jamie Bell

Cheers to you Jamie, wishing you a very Happy 23rd Birthday!
Having just completed principal work on Tintin with Spielberg and into post production with PJ, Jamie Bell is a wonderful actor, heres hoping for a great year ahead for him.
Work with Sigma:

HALLAM FOE...brilliant film, please go see this gem, teaser trailer below which is ten times better than the main trailer, sorry but true

Dear Wendy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Aberdeen's Director's Cut Series to Feature David Mackenize

Director David Mackenzie will be the guest of honor and subject of focus at this year's Director's Cut series held at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. May 25 will see Sigma Film co-founder and director great in conversation at the University, where we may hear more on his work on such acclaimed films as Hallam Foe, Young Adam and Asylum. David's latest effort, Spread starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche is due out this summer.

A press release contained the following: "Dr Alan Marcus, Head of Film and Visual Culture at the University of Aberdeen said: "We are thrilled to have secured David Mackenzie for the Director's Cut. He has quickly established himself as an intensely creative and vital director.
"Young Adam, with its brooding narrative, is one of the most visually striking British-made films of the last 50 years, while Mackenzie's deft handling of the equally dark and mysterious Hallam Foe underlines his burgeoning reputation in the film world. We are very much looking forward to welcoming him to King's College."

Tickets are free and now available via this link to what is certain to be an excellent evening of discussion from this BAFTA winning director that will be held on May 25 at 6:00pm at the Kings College Conference Center, University of Aberdeen, Scotland. There will be a wine reception following David's talk.

What an excellent night that should be! GO DAVID GO!! Oh how I dearly wish I could be there! Readers will recall of course, that Hallam Foe author and co-screenwriter Peter Jinks also appeared at the University. I do do hope the University will upload photos, reports and fingers crossed for video.

PS: People looking for interviews of David, try this one from the Telegraph as well

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rating for New Town Killers

The British Board of Film Classification has issued their latest reviews of films, and has given New Town Killers a rating of 15.

The board issues this caution to filmgoers:
Contains strong violence and one use of very strong language

Placed in the "Thriller" category, this film is noted as having a
running time of 96m 12s.

New Town Killers is directed by Richard Jobson
and stars Dougray Scott, James Anthony Pearson and Sigma Films own Alastair Mackenzie.
A June release is slated for the film
<---------------- Be sure to watch the trailer for NTK :) Note: No idea on a possible US release, when or even if. NO idea when the Soundtrack will be out (prob a week before in late may/early june? Reminder the single by Isa & the Tongues will be out next month on April 6.

Small Update on Spread Soundtrack

I just noticed I am greatly remiss in posting this about a piece of music that will featured in David Mackenzie's upcoming film "Spread" which stars Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche. A remix of "Mainstay" by AM is part of the film, and you can see an older (read pre-Spread days and NO video from the film, alas) here below.

AM - Mainstay
Video Codes at www.roxwel.com

I Have No Clue!

Often times, I have no clue, but post stupid things anyway.
However in this particular instance many readers had no clue,& but thanks to a short musical note ;)
we now have a big ole clue lolz...about music...in movies...in new movies!
Good news today Sigma is continuing their relationship with the fine folks at Domino Records.
Word has it that King Creosote will feature at the end of Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci film. very cool business. King Creosote of course also featured on Sigma's recent production of Hallam Foe directed by David Mackenzie.(HF Soundtrack listings/previews here via Domino) It's not clear to me exactly
if You've no Clue is the track being used as C is not telling us bleh (the band also has a new Cd coming out next month so maybe its on there?) but for meantime I will amuse myself and pretend that I now have a clue ;p

Sweet Sives to My Eyes

I interrupt my own blog to announce that this morning, I received a fantastic
LOL and what am I on about today, you may wonder?
Well my favorite actor (or a helpful fairy in the guise of an agent or his girlfriend or something) updated his IMDB page with three new photos!
Behold... and I will try to breathe ;p

The first is my favorite, this bit of gold ;)
(guessing taken around Wilbur or lol even better One Last Chance launch?)

The next one I really like too, as the credits indicate it was taken by one of his co-stars and fellow Apostles from the BBC's The Passion, probably while on location in Morocco or wherever, realllllly like this...and
lolz it's the beard again :D

The last surely had to be an early photo Jamie looks really young I think.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OutCast Underway and Other Assorted News

A bit of a mishmash of news today, mostly NOT directly related to Sigma, but still of interest -at least to me- nonetheless. BE sure to follow Sigma on their Twitter for more!

Thanks to a wee bird(not Sigmas tho lol), word has it that production on Katie Dickie's newest film "Outcast" is underway in Scotland. A reader noted filming started yesterday in the Muirhouse section of Edinburgh. No idea where, how long, what cast /crew is involved, sorry but still-huzzah for something! This follows on what the Herald had reported a few weeks ago regarding the time table (sometime this month) as well as one of the locales mentioned. Katie Dickie is the acclaimed star of Sigma Films Red Road, and the upcoming Donkeys. Just because, here is a reminder why this woman is a hella great actress, and Im certain she will be equally good in the Outcast film

Information on practically ANY filming going on in Scotland is usually rare either from mainstream media or even bloggers-which is why the original and hugely transparent and chock full of information Hallam Foe blog from Colin and co was so exceptional lol- so this is welcome news indeed! Yes yes, doh of COURSE I know that Sigma is not directly involved in this project, Bank-side films are. I've contacted them but as usual have yet to hear anything back alas, but fingers crossed we will be hearing more on this project. To the Katie and esp the Nesbitt fans who've been asking, take this as a good sign folks, that at least one who cares is out there and may help us along in the coming days and weeks! Plus, according to both the Herald piece from last week or so and Katie's agent, filming is due for a while in Edinburgh and Ireland, so hopefully someone will be able to snap pics or report from a location shoot or something-hope springs eternal eh :D

Right, final note: Richard Jobson has received some no doubt welcomed funding for his next project, the animated Macbeth that features the voice of Dougray Scott. Mr J is pretty forthcoming on his blog about his projects thank god, so hopefully we can learn more about this too in the next few months.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Roll of the Dice for Alastair Mackenzie

Oh what a deliciously wicked and interesting game we play....roll your dice, make your move as there is a new clip of actor Alastair Mackenzie online from his recent guest star appearance in the season opener of Murdoch Mysteries. Enjoy (and hearty thanks to the kind soul on YouTube who uploaded this very short but OH SO SWEET ;) clip of the always wonderful Mr Mackenzie!)
BIG BROTHER STRIKES AGAIN FOLKS, and the clip of Al has been removed, very sorry :((((

I had nabbed a screen grab of Al, so at least we have that