Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jamie Bell

Cheers to you Jamie, wishing you a very Happy 23rd Birthday!
Having just completed principal work on Tintin with Spielberg and into post production with PJ, Jamie Bell is a wonderful actor, heres hoping for a great year ahead for him.
Work with Sigma:

HALLAM FOE...brilliant film, please go see this gem, teaser trailer below which is ten times better than the main trailer, sorry but true

Dear Wendy


  1. OMG you know the oddest thing has just happened to me with this whole March birthday thing LOL

    It's so weird, but I know like 50 people(incl. ALL my best friends! LOL) whose bdays are in March and at least a dozen people whose bdays are March 12,13 and 14... Including YOU, Sue :D

    And here's what happened.. An old friend of mine has just called on the phone(I mean TODAY, March 15) and while spekaing to her I suddenly realised that yesterday (March 14) was her bday and I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO CONGRATULATE HER only because she had no social networking accounts nor did I know her e-mail (she barely checks it anyway, she still has a MODEM internet connection, can you believe it?) Anyway, I TOTALLY FORGOT about my friend and colleague ONLY because she was an offline person! (well of course she's the only friend of mine who stays SO away from the internet, but still...)

    Now I feel like a reall computer geek LOL

    How awful is that?

  2. LOL It happens to all of us, esp me now that I am officially old... and holding ! :D

    Thats wild you know so many people with Bdays in March. I know lots of creative ones, but only a handful in real life that is, in March. Most of my friends are summer babies or winter lol. Maybe Im too annoying to have friends with march bdays lol. Im sure there is some cosmic/astrological reason behind all of that, but as for the internet thing TIS TRUE!

    I mean honestly how many times a day do you check your mails? I would be LOST without the mobiles, and my laptop=life blood. Sad but such is the state of my work/playtime time,the key is to try and put more 'offline' time in...but weirdly enough when I do, its THEM who are always checking their mobiles etc lol Plus some of my closest friends are the ones ive met online first before in person! Weird but Ive had some of the greatest successes fun etc due to the people jobs etc Ive met online.

    I am also EXTRAORDINARILY LUCKY as you saw by all the hoopla for my bday- I mean, Im still agog over that, songs videos and all, wow so humbling yet very cool! :)

    you btw are one of those awesome people my friend :)