Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Roll of the Dice for Alastair Mackenzie

Oh what a deliciously wicked and interesting game we play....roll your dice, make your move as there is a new clip of actor Alastair Mackenzie online from his recent guest star appearance in the season opener of Murdoch Mysteries. Enjoy (and hearty thanks to the kind soul on YouTube who uploaded this very short but OH SO SWEET ;) clip of the always wonderful Mr Mackenzie!)
BIG BROTHER STRIKES AGAIN FOLKS, and the clip of Al has been removed, very sorry :((((

I had nabbed a screen grab of Al, so at least we have that


  1. It's already gone. No longer available due to a copyright. I'm just not fast enough :-).


  2. AWw so so sorry Marit!

    The thought police are monitoring Youtube and here too to be candid :(
    Im terribly sorry you didnt get a chance to see the clip, Al was really good :((((