Saturday, July 19, 2008

Magnolia Updates Website with Mister Foe Sept. 5 US Opening Dates and More

Magnolia Pictures, the distributors of Mister (Hallam) Foe, have updated their website with the
long rumored September 5th Opening Date of the film here in the US. According to the site, new dates (limited) are

New York, NY: Angelika Film Center (6)

Gainesville, FL: Hippodrome - Gainesville

Wilkes-Barre, PA: FM Kirby Center for Performing Arts

Other reports have the film opening in Canada in the last few days of August, and there certainly will be other screening of the film revealed very soon. Be sure to check your local Fandango/ to see when (if) the film is to be showing there. As awesome as it is the movie is showing FINALLY here in the US, Ive been told this will not be a huge wide release (and most certainly not at all like the blanketing of other mega films like The Dark Knight, which was flat out wonderful-Heath Ledger owned that movie)However it certainly will be showing in more than those few theaters currently listed too.

Also, reported that Domino is going to be releasing the excellent Soundtrack-featuring that original song by FRANZ FERDINAND!! here in the States, SEPTEMBER 9 hopefully on iTunes/Amazon etc for US. You can always buy the import from the UK,which I did buy straight from Domino UK, but this is great news! Speaking of Franz...check out their official UK website for some awesome photos that were surely taken of the band recording the new CD at Film City Glasgow, as well as some killer sneak music loops of the new tracks. Is it sad I leave a couple on for a while and it plays over and over...LOL I cant wait till next year!...I LOVE YOU FRANZ BAND. Best, so witty smart fun intelligent music (not to mention easy on the eyes too!)

Mister Foe, directed by David Mackenzie and a Sigma Films production, stars a brilliant cast of Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles, Ciaran Hinds, Claire Forlani, Jamie Sives, Ewan Bremner and more. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wanna Be a Dead Viking?

Apologies for the sporadic postings of late, frankly the life has gotten a bit stupidly busy to be honest, and I can barely keep up with the various jobs, child, school, home, let alone find time to do a proper blog entry here. I feel like Im drowning and the worse part is that this is NOTHING compared to how busy I will be for teh next four weeks (including being on a panel at Comic Con!) Anyway, I really am very sorry for being behind on witnessed by the following, which took place earlier today and wont do anyone any good now *woe woe woe* soorrry!

As many many Mads Mikkelsen/Valhalla Rising fans probably got on those handy dandy google alerts 14 hours or so ago when it went out, there was a bit of casting news for the new film starring Mr. Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives (Sigma Films "Hallam Foe," Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself"). Highland News reports that doubles and extras are needed for the film which is currently on location in the Glen Affric area of Scotland.

It would seem there is a need for the body double of the young man they cast in the lead, as the paper reports that "Picture doubles" of 12 or 13 are needed to stand in for one of the main cast for around five weeks' filming.They should be between 12 and 13, ideally have light brown/blonde, chin-length hair and be 4'8." Other vital statistics include chest measurement 28, waist 26, inside leg 24 and shoe 5. They will be paid £50 per day.

If you've ever had the idea you'd made a good dead Viking, this would (have been) your chance, for the piece of second casting news reported involved a call for "15 male extras aged between 18 and late 20s are also needed for a day, possibly longer, if they are skinny – and ready to have their heads shaved if needed!The extras will be playing dead bodies "at various stages of decomposition" and will be covered in a lot of make-up and will be wearing rags

The shoot date is Friday, July 25, but the extras could be needed again in the following weeks. They will be paid £85 per day and £40 for costume/make-up fitting."

Excellent, well at least there is progress of a sort, with filming news and now we know next week, the Highlands of Scotland will be full of dead Vikings! LOL (no word if any ghosts or Nessie will make an appearance to help celebrate this historical event :P ;)))))

Valhalla Rising, which is using Film City Glasgow as their production offices, is set for release in April of 2009.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Loch! It's Valhalla Rising!

LOCH! It's a band of Scotland...and a loch...and is that Nessie? ;)

No I havent lost my mind entirely yet, but the Loch Ness area is not part of mythology, rather a real part of the filming locales being used for Nicholas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising. The film which stars Mads Mikkelsen and occasional Sigma Films star, (Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself, Mister Hallam Foe), Jamie Sives, is currently in production in Scotland, and is also mentioned by the BBC tonight. In this new article, the BBC reports on the popularity of filming in Loch Ness, home of that elusive sea monster of lore, and the gorgeous areas around the Loch. Of interest is the mention again that Valhalla Rising is indeed still filming in the area, in particular, the Glen Affric area. Quotage:

"Scenes for a film called Valhalla Rising are also being shot in nearby Glen Affric, Mr Cameron added. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Mads Mikkelsen, who played the villian in the last Bond film Casino Royale, the feature is about a slave who escapes his Scottish masters before joining a band of Vikings. Scottish Highlands and Islands Film Commission, which is publicly funded and works closely with Scottish Screen, said the interest in using the loch as a location was international."

Recently the cute (and actually fairly good) family film "The Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep" was filmed there. I have to say my son loved this film; the DVD was a great distraction on a recent trip when stuck in traffic-thank goodness for that built in DVD player in the car...yea I know, a slave to technology and hopeless user of it at every turn.

On a related note, while there is no mention (nor any photos Ive seen yet, alas) of Jamie Sives filming the movie, the ever resiliant and resourceful fan sites have come through yet again with news on Valhalla Rising (VH is using Film City Glasgow as their production offices/base during this filming woot!). Mads has some serious fans, and one site, even managed to get a report from an extra on the film. Now Im afraid that once word of that gets out the person will be unable to provide the tiny glimpses of what is going on, but for the time being, this is great for those of us starved for news (and heh it surely has been very scarce and slow in coming all the way around) So this report says that Yes we are having a good time here on set coping with the rain which Nic (Nicolas Winding Refn - short for typing only) loves! We got a bonus for the fight scenes one day when it was pouring down and these scenes may be used for the trailer! The location/views here are fantastic. I am Scottish and have not seen better!

Mads gets on great with everyone and at mealtimes we are all always together, with picnic meals being delivered to the set. Mads actually carried a tray of puddings up the hill which was received with warm feelings by all!

We Extras admire Mads for his patience and conviction, especially in this cold rain and through other difficulties like having to remove granite rocks, etc from the set, which he may land on during filming! Even though he is beside us, we all let him concentrate on his acting without distraction."

You can read the entire report, here via this link. At last official word, courtesy of the Nimbus Film website, Valhalla Rising is set for an


Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Hallam Foe" Hits the Digital Highway

In what could be a bit of a breakthrough for those of us who are a bit more hip on the high tech end on viewing films, Independent Film sales are taking Hallam Foe and sending him along on the digital highway. Both Variety and ScreenDaily report that the film sales company, who are handling both Hallam Foe and AlastairMackenzie/Dougray Scott's "New Town Killers" have now launched a digital distribution division. Of interest to perhaps a wider base of people is the news that "at the moment, the company is working with third party online platforms, making deals with "the usual suspects" such as iTunes.

YES! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now while I still much rather prefer to first go see the film in a movie theater, then buy a DVD later, I also download huge amounts of my films and tv shows from iTunes that I like, and its gotten even better now that BBC America is finally starting to offer UK shows here in the States (BRING ON MONARCH OF THE GLEN PLEASE in addition to Showtime/HBO which is all I watch anymore aside from LOST but I digress)!

Now there is no guareentee of course that we will have access to the downloads in the US, but it is possible, as the company is looking to "increase the value of the company’s library through digital release platforms and devise digital distribution strategies to complement traditional releases." It'd be about stupid not to try and get that lucrative US market too, but heh that is often easier said than done of course. Regardless hope springs eternal, so heres to seeing MORE INDEPENDENT FILMS via these digital download platforms such as iTunes and Amazon and the such.

There is no word when this might go into effect, probably later this fall, but this is positive step in the right direction!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HO HO HO It's Hallam Foe For the Holidays!

Ho Ho Ho It looks like its gonna be a very Hallam Holiday this year as it does seem that Mister Hallam Foe will be released on DVD this November. Thanks ever so much to Anna for confirming that Netflix now states a November 8 release date!

I have no idea if the Red Envelope entertainment deal will be the sole way to see the film (ie not actually buy it but see it thru Netflix solely, or they will allow a permanent download or something eventually) but this is solid news. Not quite Christmas in July heh but its a date to go on!!. Mores the pity though, for it does seem to confirm that Magnolia will not be affording much of mulit-screen/theater play time for the movie if they still plan to release it in September , but at this point we fans in the US can be assured it will be out there and accessible for many! Yay!

Now, I can just see the slew of Jamie Bell sporting a Santa cap icons that will surely pop up all over the net, not to mention the tales and dreams of Jamie as Hallam scampering over the rooftops and climbing down the chimney lol ...though I'd rather unwrap Jamie Sives.. wooop ! :) Ok I'll be good for now! Great news, thanks again Anna!

First Poster from Ashton Kutcher/David Mackenzie's "Spread" and Other Sundry Items

Tis a bright and sunny day, so time for a sundry of sunny stray thoughts (sorta mostly) relating to Sigma films.... err yea ok that sucked, but I couldn't think of anything witty to start this post :P

1) Variety reports that Delanic now has the UK/Ireland rights to David Mackenzie's upcoming film "Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher. According to the short article, the film is in post production (which we already knew), but also says "should be released in spring 2009."

ALSO NOTE: Is this the first poster /official image from Spread?? I saw this on the Delanic site- bring it all on!
On the distributor's website, they describe the film as follows: "A good-looking and charming gigolo preys on older women's affections to live the high life. Things change when he finds himself falling for a girl his own age who he may have more in common with than he bargains for." Director: David Mackenzie Writer: Jason Dean Hall
Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche, Margarita Levieva, Laura Linney
RELEASE DATE: Spring 2009

HUZZAH FOR THAT! I'm certain we will see the omnipresent Ashton Kutcher and this fim here in the US, with loads of TV interviews and more Please please please let David do one here too... better yet zomg have him come to the US for a premiere omg how awesome will that be?? I totally will be there, plus Id actually like to shake Ashton's hand (...well ok maybe kinda grin and swoon momentarily but Id do that waaay more over David), hes been pretty upfront and honest about his character in interviews earlier this year, lets hope he still does some great press next spring too. Anyway, this all totally bodes well for a better roll out here in the states for David than Mister (Hallam) Foe starring Jamie Bell..

speaking of which leads me to item 2)

AOL IS FUNNY HAHAH NOT SO MUCH, but this date is probably more accurate than anything weve seen so far
*gives bitter laugh, ends sarcasm, and sighs*
Speaking of the elusive Mister Foe, latest rumor on the imdb boards is that Netflix already has this in que for a DVD release date-in November of this year. $%#@$%^&@@@
Now true, those boards are often rife with bogus info, but for the sake of something for me to blather on about, let's say this is remotely true. We kinda figured/hoped it would be on DVD, but say just say those other purported release dates of late August/early September are accurate, does this mean they are not hoping for much box office time for our boy Hallam? le woe if this is true. Aww well on the sunny side, there will be a US DVD release at somepoint. PLEASE PUT ALL THOSE interviews and extras on the US DVD . Those interviews found on the German Dvd were awesome, why were they not on the UK one? Oh btw, I saw the film just screened at the Moscow Film Festival, but not sure if Helge was well enough to go see it-HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON my friend!

I am dread to mention this, for fear it will get swept away like the early photos and such, but as written on the Digital Guerillas website : "For the last 5 weeks we have been working on a behind the scenes documentary for the follow up to 'Red Road'. "Rounding Up Donkeys" was shot entirely in and around Glasgow. The documentary will be on the DVD when it's released and a small sample will be in our show reel section very soon."

Yay! Oh please let this go online soon! With all due respect, I understand fears and concerns on sheltering this movie till its ready, but there are loads of big film websites asking if this sequel to Red Road was even being made, and I surely want to help spread the word, so am crossing my fingers we will get to see something here soon. I really do believe there is an audience that will be eager to see the second Advance Party film, and if that earlier report is right and they are in fact trying to ready the movie for Berlin next year, then I am hopeful something , more concrete news will begin to filter out here soon!

4) I think that Andrea Arnold has begun filming in Kent for her next film "Fish Tank" not sure though-one report said June 23, another said July 28 eh-regardless I am going to continue to follow her work, as Red Road was an excellent piece of work and I look forward to her future productions!

Thats all for now, have a sunny sweet day y'all ! :)))
/lameo sign off from a dorkette