Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HO HO HO It's Hallam Foe For the Holidays!

Ho Ho Ho It looks like its gonna be a very Hallam Holiday this year as it does seem that Mister Hallam Foe will be released on DVD this November. Thanks ever so much to Anna for confirming that Netflix now states a November 8 release date!

I have no idea if the Red Envelope entertainment deal will be the sole way to see the film (ie not actually buy it but see it thru Netflix solely, or they will allow a permanent download or something eventually) but this is solid news. Not quite Christmas in July heh but its a date to go on!!. Mores the pity though, for it does seem to confirm that Magnolia will not be affording much of mulit-screen/theater play time for the movie if they still plan to release it in September , but at this point we fans in the US can be assured it will be out there and accessible for many! Yay!

Now, I can just see the slew of Jamie Bell sporting a Santa cap icons that will surely pop up all over the net, not to mention the tales and dreams of Jamie as Hallam scampering over the rooftops and climbing down the chimney lol ...though I'd rather unwrap Jamie Sives.. wooop ! :) Ok I'll be good for now! Great news, thanks again Anna!

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