Friday, September 24, 2010

Monsterously Marvelous Halloween with Alastair Mackenzie!

Here's one way to be assured of a Monsterously Marvelous Halloween this year ;) by spending it with Alastair Mackenzie!...when his new film "Monster Mutt" screens at the London Children's Film Festival October 31st! Tickets for the screening of the new film directed by Todd Tucker are NOW ON SALE via the website here (current chart of available seats showing below) In this family friendly film, Al plays a errm curmudgeon type of fellow sporting a rather hilarious hairstyle and flip-flops to boot :D. Enjoy!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tickets Now On Sale for Donkeys October Screening at Glasgow Film Theatre

Good news to start the week off right as tickets are now on sale for the screening of Sigma's newest film Donkeys next month at the Glasgow Film Theatre. At this link, be sure to act quickly to purchase your tickets for the opening night on Friday, October 8 at 6:30pm which will include a very special question and & answer session with members of the CAST and Crew as well as a bonus screening of Colin Kennedy's award-winning short I Love Luci. Donkeys (formerly 'Rounding Up Donkeys') will be showing at GFT for one week, October 8-14. Very exciting stuff indeed. Directed by Morag Mckinnon, Donkeys stars James Cosmo in a critically acclaimed turn as Alfred, and features Brian Pettifer with return performances from Kate Dickie, Martin Compston, Natalie Press and more from Sigma's Red Road. The second installment of the Advance Party series, this new film will then screen in other cities/venues all around Scotland (such as the festival listed below); additional ticket info forthcoming.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Donkeys" to Screen at Press Play Festival, Plus Two Interviews with Morag McKinnon

As Sigma is in full press hometown pre-release mode before the special screening of Donkeys at the Glasgow Film Theatre next month, more and more venues and opportunities for fans to see the film are being revealed. One such venue will be during the Press Play Festival at the Tyneside Cinema, Monday, September 27.

There will be a major list of dates and places to see the second installment of the Advance Party film as it will screen all around Scotland. In addition to above and the opening for one week starting October 8 at the GFT, Filmhouse Edinburgh has announced Donkeys will be screening November 1-4, with the 1st to include a special q & a with director Morag Mckinnon. An entire list of showings for Donkeys will be available soon and posted on the Official Sigma Films Facebook page SEE THE SIGMA FACEBOOK PAGE UPDATE HERE ON THIS BLOG TOO----------> stay tuned! For those of us unable to make any of these events, you might enjoy two excellent audio/video interviews with the director. One is an indepth, wonderful lengthy audio podcast with Screen Shrapnel which you can listen to at this link. The other is a very brief video interview conducted when the film debuted at the Edinburgh Film Festival earlier this summer (starts at around the :45 mark).

Reminder: Alastair Mackenzie "Inspector Lewis" Episode to Air this Weekend in US

Quick reminder that viewers in the US will be able to see a guest turn from actor Alastair Mackenzie in the acclaimed "Inspector Lewis" series when the Sudden Death Question episode airs this weekend on PBS Masterpiece Mysteries (check local listings). You can see an official preview here at the PBS website, with cast crew etc listings, or watch the episode online, as seen in the clip below.

As a reminder, US viewers can see Al (a co-founder and producer at Sigma)co-star in New Town Killers. With the DVD readily available in the UK and US, the film recently screened on SkY (also on Demand) and is now available to watch for free online here at HULU for US viewers. Enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sigma Launches Official YouTube Channel with Trailer for "Donkeys"

Quick reminder today of the delightful trailer for Morag Mckinnon's "Donkeys" as Sigma Films launches their official YouTube channel, with the trailer now in much more accessible form than previously (on EIFF site) In the clip, you can see stars James Cosmo, Brian Pettifer, Martin Compston and Kate Dickie in the second installment of the Advance Party series. The film is making its hometown debut next month when it screens for a week at the Glasgow Film Theatre starting October 8th-ticket info forthcoming. Per their twitter, the Edinburgh Filmhouse will then be screening the film for four days, starting November, featuring a very special Q & A with director Morag Mckinnon. Will update with ticket info on that as well when becomes available. Meantime, enjoy this excellent clip from "Donkeys"

Sigma's Newest Movie "Citadel" to Film in November

A followup this morning on news first reported here back in April: Sigma's newest film is set to begin production in the next coming weeks with location filming to take place in Glasgow, Scotland. Under the direction of Ireland's own Ciaran Foy, Citadel, "psychological horror film is about an agoraphobic single father who wants to leave the area that haunts him," reports Screen Daily. A joint co-production, Sigma founder Gillian Berrie and Brian Coffey (I Love Luci)will be working closely with Katie Holly of Blinder films on the new movie which is set to be filmed in early November, with post to take place over in Dublin.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Straight into Fall with a Hometown Opening for Sigma's "Donkeys"

Hometown pride time for the folks behind "Donkeys," the latest movie from Sigma Films and the second installment in the Advance Party series as there is word it will be opening next month in theatres, right where it began: Glasgow, Scotland. Set to open the first week of October (Oct 8th) at the Glasgow Film Theatre, fans will be able to watch this film right where it was made. More information this and future screenings (and yes there are big plans afoot oho! stay tuned! :) Directed by Morag McKinnon, Donkeys stars James Cosmo (in a widely praised performance), Brian Pettifer, Kate Dickie, Martin Compston and more as they reprise their roles of sort as seen in the award- winning Red Road. For those of you on Facebook (and you don't need an account to see the page, but do need an account to comment or 'like' it etc) be sure to check out the Sigma page right here.

Finally, as many will already have seen, in a fairly bold and cool move, you can see the Sigma films official Twitter or follow (as many of you already do) follow Colin Kennedy on his Twitter for the script of Donkeys (yes really, line one is out already reading [SPOILER ALERT, scroll down]

" INT AIRPORT: ALFRED: Just you sit still and get acclimatized. We’ll come here every week if necessary. Honest - there’s no safer way to die."