Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eva Green on David Mackenzie's Last Word "Very Dramatic"

While promoting her newest film "Cracks" the lovely Eva Green has given a new interview to the Scotsman where she speaks briefly about David Mackenzie's "The Last Word." Since it's a short mention but well worth the post here, quotage as follows:

Then comes The Last Word, the new film from Scotland's David Mackenzie. "It's a love story and the end of the world is in the background," she explains. "It's quite light, really. But what's happening is very dramatic. People lose their senses – it starts with taste, then smell, then their hearing." When we meet, Green has just finished the Glasgow-based shoot opposite Ewan McGregor (who worked with Mackenzie on 2003's Young Adam). She didn't get much of a chance to explore the city, she admits. "I haven't seen much of it, because we were shooting across five weeks. It was like shooting a TV movie! Crazy. Very intense."

The Last Word is a Sigma Films production; you can read more of my coverage of the film here.

Ring in News Years Week with One Night in Emergency and Kevin McKidd and Jamie Sives

Ring ding ding there is news tonight that One Night in Emergency, starring Kevin Mckidd, Jamie Sives, Ewen Bremner and James Cosmo will air on BBC in Scotland the first week of January, 2010. This comes after recent news the drama shot in Glasgow would air in December, however as per the official BBC Scotland press release:

On a related note, when I was away, I missed this much appreciated tip from the great crew at Kevin Mckidd Online who have the trailer for the movie at this link..and NO there is no Jamie yet again *sigh* Still it looks very cool

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Photo of Alastair Mackenzie in "The Priory; " Press Night Tomorrow

Some good news and a quick reminder regarding Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie who is appearing at the Royal Court Theatre in the production of "The Priory" Tomorrow night (November 26) is press night, so fingers crossed for great news/photos/reviews/ interviews in the days to come.

Speaking of photos, you can see new stills of the cast on the FBpage for The Priory including this ---> new photo of Al (who plays Ben, lover of Apple and iPhone lol) Their Twitter/Facebook page promises new production stills due up here soon, will update once those larger pics are released. UPDATE: Here they come, haha! LOOK AT AL in the military jacket & woo! snogging ;D
because Im a dork
LOOK AT THE deer/buck pillow...Monarch of the Glen anyone ;) heee,uh sorry couldnt resist.
UPDATE: REX FEATURES has many ESPECIALLY OF AL (looks sooo good) more at this link. I dont have account there; am hoping to find these in larger size, sorry. Will update with more when I can.

In a recent interview with the Times, Al's co-star Charlotte Riley sets the scene for her character Laura, and Al's Ben in the play:
Laura arrives at a fraught college reunion on the arm of one of her troubled former classmates, Ben. They met at a party the night before and have decided to get married. “They’re just gone,” she smiles. “Proper in love. Like when you meet someone and you just know. Then, as the evening goes on, things unfold; you see her veneer change and things start to crumble underneath.” Laura, it transpires, is a woman with an eating disorder and borderline alcoholis"m.
Just because, watch the trailer again because we need more Al in the world (actually the whole thing looks very funny)
IF ANYONE IS ATTENDING and you fancy, please send in or leave a comment with thoughts reactions reviews photos links etc, all are always welcomed and most appreciated!

Monday, November 23, 2009

International Poster for James Nesbitt "OutCast"; Update on Kate Dickie

Check it out! Thanks so much to Bankside, we now have a gorgeous high quality edition of the brand new International poster for Colm McCarthy's Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie. This is the second poster released, and you can also see a larger photo of a menacing James wielding a knife here, altho a slightly different version of it has been of course seen here before and has been on the Irish filmboard website and twitter.
Just as well document in Scotland, Irish film is good for the economy, as "ALMOST ONE fifth of tourists who visited Ireland in 2008 cited film as a reason for coming here, resulting in a tourist expenditure of €369 million, according to a new report on the Irish audiovisual industry,"with both Outcast, Triage and others surely playing a part Again it belies credibility that the film industry in both countries are facing significant funding cuts from the government in face of such clear proof of success and demonstration of a clear need for continued substantive support , but there you go.

On a happier related note, there are recent photos of the great Kate Dickie (Red Road, sigma's upcoming Donkeys) who was also at the Seville film festival with her movie "Wasted". Kate also has been super busy, and was also featured on the finale of "Garrow's Law" for those who were lucky enough to see it on BBC 1.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Video: Alastair Mackenzie in Trailer for "The Priory" at Royal Court Theatre

Check it out! Alastair Mackenzie in the new trailer for "The Priory"!

Jeremy Herrin's production of The Priory by Michael Wynne opens NOVEMBER 19 at Royal Court Theatre and is described as follows:

Kate is delighted when she finds a country retreat that ticks all the boxes. Gathering together a select group of her closest friends to celebrate New Year's Eve, she is keen to start 2010 afresh. But successful, stressed-out thirtysomethings in search of a good time in the sticks can make for one very fearsome party... and some surprising resolutions.

Michael Wynne's buoyant new comedy takes a microscope to modern dilemmas about life, love and retro board games.Michael Wynne's previous plays include The People Are Friendly and The Knocky for the Royal Court, and Sell Out, Dirty Wonderland and The Boy Who Left Home. He also co-wrote the film My Summer of Love.

Director Jeremy Herrin's recent work includes Tusk Tusk, The Vertical Hour and That Face, all at the Royal Court.

Tickets are going fast, book now! Looks wonderful, wish I could be there opening night but safe to say we are all pulling for you... GO AL GO!!! xxxx

Colin Kennedy's "I Love Luci" Part of Encounters Short Film Festival Scottish Showcase

I'm still reeling a bit and I know this is woefully late in coming sorry :( but the Encounters short film festival is taking place this weekend in Bristol. This is of some note because lucky delegates and industry members will be treated to a special "Scottish Showcase" which features some of the latest coming out of Scotland including none other than Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci! The film, written and directed by Colin and produced by Brian Coffey, is due to show on Friday, November 20.
You can learn more about Luci via Colin's blog here
or at the official Facebook group here.
woot!Sigma is well noted for their short film background, and I am fully confident this showing bodes well for the future of Luci in the days and months to come!

One random and unexpected delight turned up while reading the program, and it involves incredibly JAMIE SIVES! Yes, The Knickerman short film is screening Thursday, November 17th heee! classic...and speaking of pants :p those bellbottom type jeans Jamie sports in this film are hysterical...oh he wears them well lol but it looks so outdated now ...wonder if he got to keep those (or they were his own to begin with, I think most of us if we are honest probably owned a pair similar to those lol ) If you can't make it to the festival you can watch the entire thing below :D

The Knickerman from sonja phillips on Vimeo.

I tried to find some appropriate quote or passage from a novel or script that can better express my all my emotion, gratitude and sincere appreciation over the kind words of comfort expressed to me in the post below, but... I can't.
So please just let me simply say THANK YOU SO MUCH

and to Colin and the wonderful people at Sigma, words defy but I think you know...thank you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

sorry for the absence

I wish to apologise for my absence and delay on posting of things these past few weeks because...this week, my mom died.

there. Ive written it. cold words on a blank page for a cold fact that she lost her battle against ALS which is cold crappy horrible disease, but then again so are most terminal diseases...yes the brain tells me these facts, the heart is having a hard time accepting them as reality. While with the hours of driving back and forth, being caregiver, being rather on autopilot and away from much of what I love my friends and watching in some sort of abstract life parade before me, the last few months have been...really hard, at times horrible ...but I can only imagine what it was like for her....unable to move to speech to feel to express in the old manner we all take for granted- worse lovely generous wonderful person she was, mom was far more worried about my dad my brother and I than herself and it breaks my heart, just breaks it breaks it breaks it. I dont know what to say now.

I do know I've missed loads of things of late, such as the baftas (disappointed that NTK didnt win) or the official release of Spread on dvd or Dougrays new film with RJ or new pics from eagle or lunas awesome meeting with Colin Farrell at Seville or the Clash of titans teaser trailer (someone PLEASE find pic of my beloved Jamie Sives in this movie I've been searching for months and ugggh nothing gah) and most especially I feel Ive not been keeping up with Sigma-for this I very much regret and hope to back writing about very soon.
Sorry again

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seville Film Festival: New Clip, New Poster for Triage with Colin Farrell & Jamie Sives

Hellooo Luna :) This is for you (...well for all of us Jamie fans really lol:D !) As Triage is due to screen tomorrow at the Seville Film festival, there is a new clip from the film now online with Jamie Sives and Colin Farrell (in Spanish). UPDATE: A SECOND NEW CLIP, this heavy on Jamie and Kelly Reilly with Colin is online here. Also thanks to the ever gracious ColinFarrellFansite, we can now see the new Triage poster -gorgeous high res on my flickr here - which features mostly Colin...however on the bottom right ...covered with all the details is the lone photo of Jamie lol Dunno if he will make an appearance(Colin, Paz and Mr. Lee confirmed to attend) but hope springs eternal, plus with Inverness next week...hope!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Photos of Alastair Mackenzie in "The Priory"

Happy November everyone (if yall havent given up on me) Sorry for the sporatic nature of posting of late and delay on posting this when they were announced a few days ago, but to start off the month on a proper good foot, there is some proper good news....the first photos of Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie in Jeremy Herrin's production of Michael Wynne's "The Priory." The pics are two from a recent promo shoot, Im just thrilled...and look Al is checking out his iPhone :D This news was announced by the Royal Court on their Twitter here, with the Facebook group here, and tickets (going fast!) can be purchased at this link.