Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eva Green on David Mackenzie's Last Word "Very Dramatic"

While promoting her newest film "Cracks" the lovely Eva Green has given a new interview to the Scotsman where she speaks briefly about David Mackenzie's "The Last Word." Since it's a short mention but well worth the post here, quotage as follows:

Then comes The Last Word, the new film from Scotland's David Mackenzie. "It's a love story and the end of the world is in the background," she explains. "It's quite light, really. But what's happening is very dramatic. People lose their senses – it starts with taste, then smell, then their hearing." When we meet, Green has just finished the Glasgow-based shoot opposite Ewan McGregor (who worked with Mackenzie on 2003's Young Adam). She didn't get much of a chance to explore the city, she admits. "I haven't seen much of it, because we were shooting across five weeks. It was like shooting a TV movie! Crazy. Very intense."

The Last Word is a Sigma Films production; you can read more of my coverage of the film here.

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