Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Colin Kennedy's "I Love Luci" Part of Encounters Short Film Festival Scottish Showcase

I'm still reeling a bit and I know this is woefully late in coming sorry :( but the Encounters short film festival is taking place this weekend in Bristol. This is of some note because lucky delegates and industry members will be treated to a special "Scottish Showcase" which features some of the latest coming out of Scotland including none other than Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci! The film, written and directed by Colin and produced by Brian Coffey, is due to show on Friday, November 20.
You can learn more about Luci via Colin's blog here
or at the official Facebook group here.
woot!Sigma is well noted for their short film background, and I am fully confident this showing bodes well for the future of Luci in the days and months to come!

One random and unexpected delight turned up while reading the program, and it involves incredibly JAMIE SIVES! Yes, The Knickerman short film is screening Thursday, November 17th heee! classic...and speaking of pants :p those bellbottom type jeans Jamie sports in this film are hysterical...oh he wears them well lol but it looks so outdated now ...wonder if he got to keep those (or they were his own to begin with, I think most of us if we are honest probably owned a pair similar to those lol ) If you can't make it to the festival you can watch the entire thing below :D

The Knickerman from sonja phillips on Vimeo.

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