Friday, October 30, 2009

One Night in Emergency to air in Scotland before Christmas

A quick followup on a few things. First, as noted when we first saw the BBC release on One Night in Emergency, it indicated the program was to air 'later in the fall.' Thanks much to the good folks at Kevin McKidd Online for steering me to this article on Silver River productions (team behind ONIE) which reads:

Silver River’s first drama, One Night In Emergency, goes out on BBC Scotland before Christmas and has been lined up for a network slot next year. The 60-minute drama is a modern interpretation of Homer’s The Odyssey set within a hospital and has a twist “like The Sixth Sense”. It stars Grey’s Anatomy’s Kevin McKidd and Michelle Ryan.

Tickets are available for the screening of ONIE at the Inverness Film Festival in a few weeks (Nov. 13) at this link. No word if Jamie or how many of cast and crew will be there for this. Hopefully some kind soul will send in or release photos /report from the event!

Hope does remain there will be a good showing of cast/crew for the Scottish premiere of Valhalla Rising at the same film festival as noted below, it will be the closing gala event on the 15th. Ticket info here ALONG WITH WALLPAPER for the event here smaller/larger

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Photo of Ewan McGregor in David Mackenzie's "Last Word"

Many thanks to reader Allan, we now have a new still of Ewan McGregor from David Mackenzie's "The Last Word" which was filmed recently in Glasgow, Scotland. Set for release sometime next year, this Sigma films production was based out of Film City Glasgow. For more, here are the previous posts of the production, and this master list of known cast and crew for the production. If anyone has additional credits they would like to add, please feel free to comment (annony is cool too) or email me at
Thanks again Allan, truly very much appreciated!

Big News from Inverness Film Festival: Valhalla Rising Scottish Premiere, One Night in Emergency to Screen at Event!!

Calling all Jamie Sives fans (and heads up Kevin McKidd fans too!) Big news today from the beautiful city of Inverness and the Inverness Film Festival at Eden court which runs November 11-15th

First: The highlands of Scotland will see a return visit of sorts as Nicholas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising will have their Scottish premiere when it screens at the film festival as the Gala Closing event on Sunday, November 15th! While we were all very disappointed in the low key event for the film at London FF, here's hoping many of the Scottish cast (Gary Lewis!) and crew can make it to Inverness..esp you Mr. Jamie Sives! We sorely missed seeing you at LFF :(

Its double the Jamie goodness tho for those who can attend because GREAT NEWS ...Gregory Burke's ONE NIGHT IN EMERGENCY with Kevin McKidd and Jamie Sives (Ewan Bremner, James Cosmo, Gary Lewis more) will screen Friday, November 13!!
Lolz to the date... friday the13th, spooky ghosty adventure showing then get it?
hahaah ok sorry

Finally, director Richard Jobson (New Town Killers) will be holding a MASTER CLASS on Thursday, November 12th at 9. Featuring on the role of the Director, RJ will be giving tips on something I totally fail at lol, Final Cut Pro and after effects. Plus there will be a screening of his documentary with the truly amazing Emma Thompson , which is called The Journey. This features on the terrible terrible human trafficking crisis, and will focus on the journey and plight of one woman.

You can read the whole lineup at this link. Enjoy and for those who are lucky enough to attend, please send in any reports/pics, we would love to see them please! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on Al

Well it's not much of an update on Alastair Mackenzie Im afraid, but there were a few things I thought worth noting:

Jeremy Herrin's production of Michael Wynne's THE PRIORY at the Royal Court Theatre featuring Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie is of course well into rehearsals (follow the RCT twitter here) Of interest, the schedule of various special nights including press night AND A POST SHOW TALK NIGHT are now online. If you are still trying to book tickets these dates seemed interesting lol No idea if Al will participate either
Press Night(s)
Thursday 26 November 7pm
Audio-Described Performance(s)
Saturday 12 December 3pm
Captioned Performance(s)
Thursday 10 December 7.30pm
Post-Show Talk
Tuesday 8 December

Also, for those that dont follow the Facebook page, there will be a cast and crew screening of MONSTER MUTT this week on Thurs, Oct 27 at the Arclight in Hollywood. Doubt Al will be there due to his theatre obligations but you never know. Recently the producer Harvey Lowry and director Todd Tucker gave an update on the film(which is now OFFICIALLY COMPLETE), which hopefully we will all get to see soon.
"We’re a week away from completely finishing Monster Mutt," Tucker tells Shock. "It’s a family fantasy film about a family dog that gets kidnapped by a corporation, they use him for testing and turn him into a monster dog. It’s lovable big monster dog, all practical FX. It’s a creature suit and an animatronic head." "It’s very much character driven, it’s PG so it’s not gory or anything," confesses Tucker. "It’s really got the old feel of films that really inspired us like Gremlins and ET and Harry & The Hendersons, films that were all very family driven. And I tried to make something that had a contemporary feel to it, but also the spiritual feel of the old Spielberg films. We hope to have it out sometime next year."

Word: Two Wheelin with Ewan

LOL I luvs the internet! This fun random offbeat piece of film news popped up on the daily google crawl regarding Ewan McGregor and something he sports in David Mackenzie's Last Word film...No, it wasnt the clothing (he sports J.Lindeberg during at least one scene), rather his choice of transportation...of the two wheeled kind that is :) The kind we saw in the article here with his ride in the park!

As noted by Tokyo Fixed Gear, they "built Ewan a bike for his upcoming movie The Last Word. The movie is set in Glasgow & directed by David Mackenzie. He's riding a Gorilla Hattara frame & he's wearing clothing from Pedal.e.d, CCP & Swrve. Ewan took two, one to ride in the movie & one to add to his "collection", he told us he has a Pake (Another brand coming soon!). He seems to love all things with two wheels, when he was down in London he borrowed a bright green Cycroc & rode it round W1, would have been good to get a photo of that.If any one wants a Gorilla we will be selling their bikes in our soon to open shop. We will be taking pre orders on their amazing new trick bike soon!" You can learn more about TokyoFixedGear here.

Filming has now wrapped on Sigma Films The Last Word, with a release set sometime for next year (doubt it will be ready for Berlin, but oho it sure would be grand to see that at Edinburgh, may be too earlier even then but still hope remains! ;)
Related: Thanks much to Scottish Actor Blogs we now know fans in the US will see Ewan on TV again soon, as he will be on Jay Leno tomorrow, and the hilarious Conan Mon, Nov 2. Doubt he will talk last word, prob that goat thing ;p

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jamie Sives Band "The Cone Gatherers" CD NOW AVAILABLE!

Calling all JAMIE SIVES FANS! The Cone Gatherers CD 'SHE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS' is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase &/or download!!!!

Described as "A melodrama in ten acts, about sex, love and death. A musically cinematic, audio journey through a melancholic celebration of an encounter," all songs are written and sung by Scottish actor JAMIE SIVES (Wilbur wants to Kill Himself, Hallam Foe, Valhalla Rising, Triage)

Oh gosh, Im such a loser for being so emotional, but honest to bits, I'm so happy y'all will now get a chance to hear the rest and have this as your own too (love the cafe & longing songs!) Be sure to friend them on myspace (I fled MS a couple years ago, may have to go back just for this lol) SO HAPPY YAYAY
As previewed here due to the kindness and generousity of Jamie himself (one of my most cherished items now forever Im still so overwhelmed by how nice he was), this CD is produced by Richard F, and features

Jamie Sives: Vocals, accoustic guitar & electric guitar
John Mercer: accoustic, electric guitars & add vocals on 'longing'
Rich F:keyboards, bass guitar, electric guitar & programming
Artwork & Packaging by Ross Hammond of

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reminder: Valhalla Rising Thursday at London Film Festival

Quick reminder for those lucky enough to be in town: Valhalla Rising will be screening on Thursday, October 22nd at the London Film Festival. While the main showing is sold out, tickets remain available for the second screening room ie happening at the same time the main one shows, only probably Mads and Nicholas wont be sitting there. No idea if Jamie Sives or Gary Lewis or how many of the cast/crew will go -hopefully more, but no idea ...btw ATTENTION WIREIMAGE: HIS NAME IS JAMIE SIVES NOT REECE RITCHIE (no offense to mr. R, its just they screwed up major league with that in Rome)

Speaking of Valhalla Rising, there are new comments from producer Karen Smyth who was understandably disappointed at the ommission of Valhalla from the curious choices made for this year's Scottish BAFTAs. As noted in the Scotsman:

Karen Smyth, the co-producer of Valhalla Rising, said that while she wished the nominated films well, she was "speechless" and "hurt" to discover that her feature had not made the Bafta list. She said: "Bafta Scotland is a very inward-looking organisation that rewards effort, not excellence. Sadly, Scotland is too small a country for a jury to gracefully concede the value of a film. "I cannot believe that films have been nominated that have not had distribution deals. Our film is opening nationwide in March, and has been at Venice and Toronto, where it was the first film to sell, and it's going to the London Film Festival. I think that because it has an international outlook, we're being punished with the 'tall poppy syndrome'."

I have no idea what the tall poppy syndrome is, but while personally I am elated over the noms for New Town Killers, all awards of late are seriously fucked up things and never make any sense to me. Plus I had to chuckle sadly over the elusive SCOTTISH film critic quoted in the paper about Scottish films and never having heard of them: He said: "I'm a full-time film writer based in Scotland, but not only have I never seen half of these films, I've never heard of them. "You would be hard pushed to find anyone outside of Bafta Scotland or Scottish Screen who have seen all these productions, and even then I'm not so sure."Pendreigh expressed astonishment that Valhalla Rising, a historical epic filmed in Argyll, was not shortlisted. He added: "To me, the idea of a best film prize in this instance is not for the best feature. The ground rules have been changed in the hope that a prize will provide a boost to an unknown film. "Valhalla Rising is an internationally acknowledged film that's shot entirely in Scotland that stands head and shoulders above anything else."

Well, lets be honest, both NTK and VH weren't exactly swimming in critical and fan acclaim but still it is good news that VH is going to be shown abroad true enough (Im NOT disparaging either) I also agree on the film selected (why not Wasted if the directors were nominated??? and where the f are noms for FEMALES-did we not learn a lesson from the embarrassing Sophia nom-who was great in Hallam Foe, but personally I thought Claire Forlani who was superb, should have gotten a nom with about five other women from other movies oY!) I dunno anything about Kurdi, but the Crying with Laughter certainly got enough buzz at Edinburgh Film Festival time, even I heard about it across the ocean lol but anyway I still think the LARGER PROBLEM IS there is not enough discussion or coverage of Scottish films in general- no NOT the techy webbie/marketing types , I'm talking about regular folk you know wee nothing fans like me who buy the tickets, posters soundtracks dvds, do websites on their own free time, stand in the rain/cold/heat hours on end at premieres etc. Imdb sure as hell is NOT the answer folks, bring it home and take it forward. ....And of course this is only one minuscule part of the problem-lack of funding, promotion of a variety of films, supporting long established groups like sigma are more..but ok I think ill shut up for now and just hope that Valhalla Rising will be shown in theaters in US (some countries are due to see it starting in early February; hopefully the website will be live soon too)

PS I am quite remiss for not pointing out that VH is screening at this film festival in Turkey.

Minor Note in the Song of Eagle

While others have been very kind for coming by, I should note that blogging about Eagle of the Ninth is not my priority, and although I remain fully supportive, interested and greatly looking forward to eagle (based out of Film City Glasgow, and starring Jamie Bell and Channing Tatum) Im really not going to be keeping up with it as much as others are doing and perhaps would like I do, sorry!!!!!! Ps. NO I dont know the name of the hotel where they were checking in at (see the Just Jared pics) I suspect NOT Glasgow but did enjoy the photo of the worker in the kilt. The world needs more men in kilts.

As noted before, crews are already long in Scotland and will be until the end of November, filming on various locations in the highlands (here is my earlier post on that). Yesterday, hundreds of movie sites such as comingsoon carried the news that actor Tahar Rahim has joined the cast. Its a great cast with a great ffng director; he really is. There are also quite a few very cool extras, such as Toby and Richard who have both been kind enough to stop by with news and comments. Ted over at all things foe also has another on site report from an extra, and pics of PICTS can be found at Facebook. I also strongly encourage you to follow the channgingtatumunwrapped blog and their twitter for more that i can or will be posting here. sorry

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Last Word is ...and it's a doozy...


Straight from wonderful Colin himself ...
colinkennedy Just wrapped on the big project at Sigma, all tired, a little battered and bruised and thinking it might be quite special

HELL YES! CONGRATULATIONS DAVID MACKENZIE, GILLIAN BERRIE wonderful cast & crew of "The Last Word" Seriously, it looks all so exciting; can't wait for the film. Cheers to you!xxx

Updated: Small but Nicer quality Jamie Sives Triage Trailer Screencaps

A higher- quality- but -with -Italian -overdubs -edition of the new trailer for Triage is NOW ONLINE AT YOUTUBE. While its in Italian, its much nicer than the trailer I first told everyone about (and is now making the rounds-keep on spreading that word, go Jamie, Go Colin Go!) Fingers crossed we will get the HD English version soon too lol :) Now updated too, I have a few screengrabs of Jamie Sives from the trailer up on my flickr.

Richard Jobson, New Town Killers Nominated for Scottish BAFTA!

Big news today as director Richard Jobson and NEW TOWN KILLERS starring Dougray Scott and Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie was nominated at the Scottish BAFTAs! Richard Jobson was nominated for Best Director, for his movie which was also recognised as a contender for "Best Picture" Also recognised was James Anthony Pearson for his performance as Sean Macdonald in the best acting category. WOW! The Scottish BAFTAs will be presented in a few weeks in Glasgow on Sunday, November 8th, 2009.

This is very cool news on top of the fact the film is now officially released today on DVD. You can see the entire cover art below-thx dvdcovers- with the DVD (already long available for rent ) also available for download via ITunes for UK residents only (no word if we will ever see it here in US, but the DVD will play on my mac, so Im ordering the DVD as soon as I get some extra cash, cant wait for that making of feature! :))

Friday, October 16, 2009

Picture Post: JAMIE SIVES Attends "Triage" Screening at Rome Film Festival

ALL CAP HAPPINESS! JAMIE SIVES attended the screening of TRIAGE at the Rome Film Festival PICTURES PICTURE PICTURES AT LAST. thank you Jamie, thank you to the fan girl gods above for these ;)

GORGEOUS, LONG HAIR OMG Must. breathe. ;0
JAMIE I LOVE YOU. Thanks so much Olliexxxxx

ALSO VIDEO at Official site
shows Jamie being introduced to the screening
and gets a warm round of applause YAYAY
UPDATE: Video is on Youtube
w/Triage starting1:22 and Jamie Intro 1:29 ish :)A second video is online HERE showing Jamie walking in at 1:08 & 3rd video Style italy w/more walking yay lol :))

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trailer for "Triage" with Colin Farrell and Jamie Sives Now Online!

Check it out! The brand new trailer for Danis Tanovic's "Triage" starring Colin Farrell and the wonderful JAMIE SIVES is now online! SO MUCH NEW GREAT JAMIE FOOTAGE in a very serious trailer. UPDATE: PHEW NOW on my youtube, gah took forever but well worth it!
As noted by comments below, it rightly should be pointed out that this piece is a serious one, and does feature depictions of war and violence (as well as some intense images of a wounded CF) The film screened today at the Rome Film festival.

Pre-Orders Available for David Mackenzie's "Spread" with Ashton Kutcher

Pre-orders for David Mackenzie's Spread, starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche are now available from many retailers in the US, including powerhouse Standard DVD here ($19.99); Blu-Ray ($25.99) which comes with digital download of the film, available at this link.

As a reminder, here (and here) are the extras on the discs:
Blu-Ray Special Features
  • Audio Commentary with Actor/Producer Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche and Margarita Levieva
  • Picture-In-Picture – “Urban Sprawl: Los Angeles in Spread
  • “Living The Dream – The Making of Spread
  • Behind the Scenes With Ashton Kutcher
  • The World According to Nikki
  • Theatrical trailer
DVD Special Features
  • Audio Commentary with Actor/Producer Ashton Kutcher and Actors Anne Heche and Margarita Levieva
  • “Living The Dream – The Making of Spread
  • Behind the Scenes With Ashton Kutcher
  • Deleted Scenes
  • The World According to Nikki
  • Theatrical Trailer
Finally be sure to click here for a special Amazon video feature on Spread consisting of interview clips of the stars including Ashton taken from the premiere.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scottish Screen: A Sigma Films Case Study

In its newest brochure, Scottish Screen has a number of case studies, including one on Sigma Films. Called "Sigma Films Slate Fund Award Case Study," this piece makes mentions of the funding provided to the dynamic independent film production company in Glasgow. The article says that the Slate fund exists to "provide leverage to companies seeking to secure additional finance and consolidate market interest in their slate of projects in development."

It goes on to list some of the films we already know about including Ewan Morrison's Swung (script developed apparently), and The Ordinary which frankly intrigues me the most, as well as two on the backburner but still being worked on, the adaption of some sort of the book by Pelle Sandstrak called "Mr. Tourette & I " as well as one called lol...beers steers & queers (and if this is the western David talked about once wanting to do ...lolol) Personally I believe there are others but this is what the article mentioned and nary a peep on The Last Word. They then of course bring up ADVANCE PARTY II and tiny mention of 'SOON TO BE RELEASED DONKEYS''

WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH DONKEYS... *sigh* (Im doing that alot today lol) but oy it surely would be great to know...just sayin :)

Anyway, my understanding on this whole UK funding business is murky at best so I think its better just to hear from the great Gillian Berrie, Sigma's co-founder and managing director who is quoted as saying:

"In order to survive, Scottish filmmakers must not only embrace the industry on an international level, they have to compete and succeed in both the creative and business sides of the arena. Scottish Screen recognizes the challenges we face and is a critical supporter of our endeavors to maintain Scotland's presence in an often turbulent and unpredictable market. Our industry would not survive without that fundamental support."

HEAR HEAR! Whats more confusing to me is that given the statistics and numbers contained in the Scottish Screen brochure ie the film and creative industries are bringing in literally BILLIONS of dollars to the Scottish economy, as well as all the not so dread film tourists, you know wee nothing people like me, who represent huge numbers and dollars to see places in Scotland where films were made and so on WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO CUT THIS FUNDING? It all makes absolutely no sense to me, rather akin to shooting yourself in the foot and then saying oho I cant walk right ... anyway, there is also a nice piece on Valhalla Rising, Summer (with Kate Dickie ) and more, well worth a looksee. Hope to get these up on my flickr soon but you can download it here PDF

Triage to Open "Sevilla International Film Festival"

More good news today, thanks to reader Luna who let us know that Danis Tanovic's "Triage" with Colin Farrell and Jamie Sives will be screening at the Sevilla International Film Festival in Spain which runs from November 6-14. Not sure yet what specific time/tickets etc for the film, but very cool news indeed. Thanks again Luna!

More from Set of Eagle

Woefully behind again *sigh*, but there is more today from the set of Eagle of the Ninth in the Highlands of Scotland. All things Foe has received a special report and new photos (also here on this Hungarian website) of the huts used for the film, a bit on a scene that was filmed, and much more.
For all the details, check it out here!

UPDATE: For background on the development of the project, please check this interview with the producer here via Screen Daily

Thanks to Achiltibuie on twitter for the heads up!

New Photos of Jamie Sives in "Triage," New Valhalla Rising Clip, Video of Photocall

This week is a busy one indeed, as the Rome Film Festival is about to kick off with the opening day screening tomorrow of Danis Tanovic's Triage, starring Colin Farrell and the wonderful Jamie Sives. Zapsiter It now has the full press kit photos online for Triage, which include TWO NEW PHOTOS OF JAMIE SIVES with Colin! Yay!

(Be sure to check out larger versions over at too)
As longtime readers will know I ADORE Jamie and have followed the progress of another film he is in called Valhalla Rising which is due to screen next week at the London Film Festival starting on the 22nd. While not of him, you can now see a new clip (Click where it says trailer ITS NOT A TRAILER LOL its the clip lol) from the movie featuring Scots actor Gary Lewis. Finally, there is now video online of the dread press call for the film when it screened at the Venice Film festival; new is this video of Mads Mikkelsen and director Nicholas Refn.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Video: Ewan McGregor, Eva Green Close Up Filming a Scene from "The Last Word"

UPDATE: Just been told they are filming all week (until the 16th) on Hyndland Street (pic here on flickr) & Rd as well as Lawrence St & Caird

Well I have a feeling this wont last long, so go quick! Three very very brief clips (rehearsals here and here, with the scene below) of Ewan McGregor and Eva Green filming a scene near Kelvingrove Park from David Mackenzie's The Last Word. As seen below, you can see the crew from Sigma, then the camera pans over as Ewan leaps out of the green car (sporting that mask) yanks his bike out the back and Eva out of the car slams door shut, then they walk into some sort of building NO DIALOGUE is heard, but still very thrilling. Each clip is very very short, but still WOOT thank you Claire!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday in the Park with Ewan McGregor and Eva Green for "Last Word"

Check it out! Sunday in the Park with Ewan McGregor and Eva Green.... As seen directly on the Style Scanner blog, Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow, Scotland was the setting for a leisurely bike ride for the stars of David Mackenzie's new film...along with BIKE CAM lol I LOVE THIS............>
For more, please check Style Scanner blog, as the photos are theirs, enjoy!

Also, thanks much to ever vigilant EvaGreen web, you can see some additional high res pics of Eva, plus a couple pics of the duo in a car, wearing masks. No idea where they obtained their photos (no sources given) or where the car scene was shot, but check out more in their galleries.
Esp the one where you can clearly see the mike and camera and the crew guys on that special bike, cool :)

UPDATE: You can also see this brief article from the Sunday Herald online (print copy had a few more pics) that showed a couple of extras in a scene where they are fighting over food or something in the streets. The paper noted:

Survivors seemed to be battling for last scraps of food with a wheelie bin overturned and debris strewn across Blythswood Street.

Fists were drawn as two actors fought one another on the ground.It drew a few onlookers as the camera crew captured the latest scenes for the film The Last Word. Police officers were brought in to help with traffic flow as city centre streets were affected by the filming yesterday morning.

But it left a few early-morning motorists somewhat irate, and horns were sounded when they were held up as a camera crew on a trailer headed along Bothwell Street.Officers were trying to keep the streets clear while a car sped along.

First Look: Extras from Eagle of the Ninth (Updated)

As noted before, filming is well underway now in Scotland for Kevin MacDonald's "The Eagle of the Ninth" starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell. We now have our first look of the Pics and warriors played by extras which had been cast recently for the film. Taken on location waiting for filming to start, this is a fierce lot indeed (even with the headphones lol LOVE IT) all sporting their shaved heads and costumes made of "sackcloth, fur and leather." As noted here several times previously, location filming is due in the Achiltibuie region, with some of the locations to include Achilitbuie, Glen Sloy, and Fox Point. UPDATE: Thanks ever so much to Toby again, who updated his blog-CHECK IT OUT HERE- with more photos and a bit more on the filming progress, including overcoming horrible weather and all. He writes too on the stars of the film: "They've kept at it though and I was impressed at the professionalism of the crew and the fact that everyone seemed willing to muck in and help when things got tough. The stars of the film (Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell) had no airs and graces about them and were more than happy to mingle with the extras - they also signed my daughter's book so she went home very happy!"

Production on this new movie is based out Film City Glasgow (home to Sigma films :) Thanks so much to Toby for this photo (please note that is his photo and all credit rights belong to him; more including his beautiful daughter who is an extra can be found here)

Friday, October 9, 2009

High Res Press Photo of Jamie Sives in "Triage" with Colin Farrell

As reported previously, Danis Tanovic's "Triage" starring Colin Farrell and my fave Jamie Sives is due to open the Rome Film Festival next week on the 15th. Press photos have been released and there is a new high quality photo of Jamie now available -YAY! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Location Filming for Eva Green and Ewan McGregor in "The Last Word'

Production continues this fall week in Glasgow, Scotland for David Mackenzie's "The Last Word."
First, be sure to check out my updated Master List of Cast/Crew for Last Word (more uptodate than IMDB I assure you)

UPDATE: Check out the books that Chef Ewan will be using...from Oxfamglasgow, GREAT CAUSE GREAT JOB SIGMA! kudos for this!

"Yes, a chunk of our own cookery stock has passed audition and will star in David Mackenzie’s “Last Word”. None of the books were available for comment at the time of writing (they’re in a box en route to the set) but a source close to the books (me, like) said they were ecstatic and looking forward to the experience. They will return to their day job here next weekend, to raise money and find a new home."

Next, thanks to good ole The Sun and Mr. Paparazzi, there are more new photos from filming now online. While already in gorgeous high res over at the awesome and here in the galleries of, the Sun published a typical goofball story today with the headline heralding
"I'm Cordon Ew" good lord...
and features a photo of Ewan McGregor in his chef's attire ...lmao-beats my cookin up a storm headline by far hahaha err or maybe not :P

As only the Sun could do...quotage..."

MOVIE hunk Ewan McGregor dons a chef's outfit to eye up his dish of the day - tasty co-star Eva Green.Star Wars heart-throb Ewan, 38, and Bond girl Eva, 29, were filming The Last Word on location in Glasgow yesterday.

One onlooker said: "You could say Eva looked delicious!" Meanwhile, the Scots actor has told how he was attacked by a GHOST on his 20th birthday.He said the spook left a huge burn mark on his dressing gown as he ran a bath in a shared house. Ewan added: "I was so freaked-out I left."

HAHAHAHA yea ok I wanna be drunk and write stories for the Sun yea

Updated: Interview with Des Hamilton and Casting "The Eagle of the Ninth"

Jenna Dewan-Tatum, wife of Channing who tweeted
"Im with Chan as he is filming on top of a mountain in Scotland,20 min muddy hike to get to set,it's freezing and raining..this is true love!"

UPDATE: via the Inverness Courier there is more from Des and on the casting of extras for Eagle who were not at all afraid to have their head shaved for the roles which are being filmed this weekend and beyond in the Highlands of Scotland. Quotage:

"Former Millburn Academy pupil Kevin MacRae (26) was also hoping to be signed up. "I have never done this before," admitted Mr MacRae, of Uist Road, Inverness."I have just got back from Australia, having been away travelling for a year. Unfortunately, there is no work here at the moment and this would be the first chance to do something."So how would he feel about having his head shaved? "No problem," he replied. "I usually have it shaved anyway."Losing his locks was also not a problem for Christie Berg, who not only has a long pony tail but also a beard. "It would not bother me," said Mr Berg, of Carnac Crescent. "I would be prepared to cut it off."Painter and decorator Peter Boyle and his pal, concreter Daniel Craig, both aged 39, were sporting kilts in a bid to be noticed. "We wanted to show them we were prepared to get dressed up for our Scottish heritage," said Mr Boyle, who travelled up from Glasgow to audition."We stayed overnight in a camper van. Inverness is a wonderful place — everyone is really friendly and there is such beautiful countryside round about."

With location filming underway in earnest this week in Scotland for Kevin MacDonald's "The Eagle of the Ninth," there is a new audio interview with casting director (and longtime friend of Sigma Films) Des Hamilton (his pic on the side) on his work for the new movie. Extras continue to be cast (YES PARTS ARE STILL OPEN! GO FOR IT!), and in this audio interview available here via the BBC, we learn yesterday that indeed the 20-40 year old men who are willing to have their head shaved are being cast as "ferral' men, Pics celts that lived north of Hadrians wall. Press and Journal comes through again too with an article on the open casting taking place, as another event was held yesterday. Quotage:

"Some arrived at the four-hour casting session at the Spectrum Centre in Inverness with freshly shaved heads, while others sported impressive beards and donned kilts to prove their credentials as fearsome fighting foes. Des Hamilton, the casting director, said he was looking for 12 to 24 individuals who will take part in filming at Achiltibuie on the Coigach peninsula this weekend.

Asked if the auditions could unearth the next Brad Pitt or George Clooney, Mr Hamilton said: “It might be a little far-fetched, but if someone steps forward and pursues their ambitions, then who knows? Scotland has always been a talented country in the arts.”

Paul Duncan, 33, of Blackthorn Road, Culloden, said: “I’ve done this sort of thing once before and enjoyed it.“I’ve already got a shaved head and it’s something different.”Eagle of the Ninth is set in Roman Britain and charts the journey of a Roman officer along Hadrian’s Wall into Scotland to recover a lost Roman legion. The film is directed by Kevin Macdonald, whose previous films include The Last King of Scotland and Touching the Void.Men who auditioned for roles will be told if they have been successful today."

A tabloid claimed there is a scene due to be filmed today, with an extra on IMDB who wrote: Have got confirmation that extras are required for this movie. The company involved are UniversalExtrasLtd. Filming will take place on Saturday 10th October 2009 around Inverness area. £85 per day. Email to

A reminder of course that Jamie Bell (HALLAM FOE) and Channing Tatum star in Eagle, which will be based out of Film City Glasgow in the coming weeks thru the end of production next month.

Monday, October 5, 2009

First Video: Ewan McGregor Films a Scene for David Mackenzie's "The Last Word"

Check it out! Video of yesterday's massive filming on the streets of Glasgow for David Mackenzie's The Last Word. In the video below, we can see star EWAN MCGREGOR filming a scene with his bike. You can see him do several turns with the bike, the PA comes out and gets the extras going-walking about, then at the end you can clearly see director David Mackenzie walk out from behind the monitor, walk along with Ewan then stop to talk to a shop keeper extra as they prepare to do another take GREAT STUFF I LOVE MOVIE MAKING! Also, be sure to check out the second video below which shows the prep work/rehearsal. Thanks ever so much to NEURO for the videos! ALSO: For those who are asking, rest assured EVA GREEN is still in Glasgow filming :) Can't wait for this film!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Location Photos: Ewan McGregor On Set for "Last Word" in Glasgow

Great news this morning as location filming continues in Glasgow, Scotland for David Mackenzie's upcoming "The Last Word" Huge thanks to Scott Graham on Flickr, we can see new photos of star Ewan McGregor w/David M on set this chilly morning, as well as some fantastic shots of the streets of destruction in this
post-apocalyptic love story.

Ps Here is Colin Kennedy on set :))

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Matters in David Mackenzie's "The Last Word" with Ewan McGregor

Sigma Films' "The Last Word" currently in production in Glasgow, Scotland is turning in to something of a family movie...well NOT really, but on the heels of the news that Alastair Mackenzie has a small part in the Last Word under the director of his brother David, come news of another family of sorts, Ewan McGregor and Denis Lawson. The Daily Record reports "uncle and nephew Denis Lawson and Ewan McGregor have finally achieved their ambition of acting opposite each other. The Scottish Hollywood stars are filming The Last Word, a movie about a pandemic which leaves humans without any senses. It's the first time since Ewan broke through in the 1990s that he's managed to team up with Denis. He was the man who inspired him to become an actor after watching him in Star Wars as a kid."

Noting that star Ewan McGregor was onboard early on for the film, we learn a few new nuggets about the piece which will finish soon in Glasgow. Quotage:

"We have quite a lot of scenes together because our characters not only work together, but they're friends out of work too. So it really is a big deal for us. The pair play a chef and restaurant owner, with filming taking place in Glasgow's west end.

Despite the subject matter, Denis insists The Last Word has a soft heart. He said: "People lose their sense of smell, taste and so on, right across the world. But it's a love story, with two people trying to cope with it and everything around them."

The film, which also stars Bond girl Eva Green, is directed by David Mackenzie, who worked with Ewan on Scots flick Young Adam. Denis insists there's no awkwardness working together with his nephew. He said: "People ask if there's any family tension with that sort of arrangement, but that couldn't be further from the truth."We don't operate like that. It's all very relaxed. We approach each other very much on a level playing field. We work together pretty seamlessly, with the same sort of energy and humour.

"We've been out a few times after filming, and it's nice to spend time in Glasgow again. "Ewan was on board with this film first. I've no idea whether the director always had me in mind for it, but I didn't need persuading."

Both men have had important roles in the Star Wars films. Lawson played X Wing pilot Wedge Antilles in the original three movies, with McGregor taking the part of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the more recent films."

Friday, October 2, 2009

(Updated) Big News! Alastair Mackenzie Reunited with Director Brother for The Last Word

The boys are back! What am I on about? Something really cool as Alastair Mackenzie is reuniting on film with his director brother David Mackenzie for The Last Word. I can confirm this big news is true, marking the reuniting of the two who worked together on the cult classic "The Last Great Wilderness" . It is described as a small part, but still how thrilling!

SO SO HAPPY!!! While this film is totally a different animal than LGW, this bodes even better for what is shaping up to be another wonderful film from David Mackenzie and Sigma Films of Glasgow! Yay! Alastair is of course preparing for his return to the British stage in a few months in the production of The Priory (previews November 19, opens November 26 thru January 9th, 2010). More when I get it!
UPDATE: Filming is STILL ONGOING on The Last Word, with this photo of Ewan McGregor filming outside Guitarguitar in Glasgow, Scotland taken today. Thanks ever so much to Frubes (Christina!)