Monday, October 26, 2009

Word: Two Wheelin with Ewan

LOL I luvs the internet! This fun random offbeat piece of film news popped up on the daily google crawl regarding Ewan McGregor and something he sports in David Mackenzie's Last Word film...No, it wasnt the clothing (he sports J.Lindeberg during at least one scene), rather his choice of transportation...of the two wheeled kind that is :) The kind we saw in the article here with his ride in the park!

As noted by Tokyo Fixed Gear, they "built Ewan a bike for his upcoming movie The Last Word. The movie is set in Glasgow & directed by David Mackenzie. He's riding a Gorilla Hattara frame & he's wearing clothing from Pedal.e.d, CCP & Swrve. Ewan took two, one to ride in the movie & one to add to his "collection", he told us he has a Pake (Another brand coming soon!). He seems to love all things with two wheels, when he was down in London he borrowed a bright green Cycroc & rode it round W1, would have been good to get a photo of that.If any one wants a Gorilla we will be selling their bikes in our soon to open shop. We will be taking pre orders on their amazing new trick bike soon!" You can learn more about TokyoFixedGear here.

Filming has now wrapped on Sigma Films The Last Word, with a release set sometime for next year (doubt it will be ready for Berlin, but oho it sure would be grand to see that at Edinburgh, may be too earlier even then but still hope remains! ;)
Related: Thanks much to Scottish Actor Blogs we now know fans in the US will see Ewan on TV again soon, as he will be on Jay Leno tomorrow, and the hilarious Conan Mon, Nov 2. Doubt he will talk last word, prob that goat thing ;p

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