Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on Al

Well it's not much of an update on Alastair Mackenzie Im afraid, but there were a few things I thought worth noting:

Jeremy Herrin's production of Michael Wynne's THE PRIORY at the Royal Court Theatre featuring Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie is of course well into rehearsals (follow the RCT twitter here) Of interest, the schedule of various special nights including press night AND A POST SHOW TALK NIGHT are now online. If you are still trying to book tickets these dates seemed interesting lol No idea if Al will participate either
Press Night(s)
Thursday 26 November 7pm
Audio-Described Performance(s)
Saturday 12 December 3pm
Captioned Performance(s)
Thursday 10 December 7.30pm
Post-Show Talk
Tuesday 8 December

Also, for those that dont follow the Facebook page, there will be a cast and crew screening of MONSTER MUTT this week on Thurs, Oct 27 at the Arclight in Hollywood. Doubt Al will be there due to his theatre obligations but you never know. Recently the producer Harvey Lowry and director Todd Tucker gave an update on the film(which is now OFFICIALLY COMPLETE), which hopefully we will all get to see soon.
"We’re a week away from completely finishing Monster Mutt," Tucker tells Shock. "It’s a family fantasy film about a family dog that gets kidnapped by a corporation, they use him for testing and turn him into a monster dog. It’s lovable big monster dog, all practical FX. It’s a creature suit and an animatronic head." "It’s very much character driven, it’s PG so it’s not gory or anything," confesses Tucker. "It’s really got the old feel of films that really inspired us like Gremlins and ET and Harry & The Hendersons, films that were all very family driven. And I tried to make something that had a contemporary feel to it, but also the spiritual feel of the old Spielberg films. We hope to have it out sometime next year."

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