Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Matters in David Mackenzie's "The Last Word" with Ewan McGregor

Sigma Films' "The Last Word" currently in production in Glasgow, Scotland is turning in to something of a family movie...well NOT really, but on the heels of the news that Alastair Mackenzie has a small part in the Last Word under the director of his brother David, come news of another family of sorts, Ewan McGregor and Denis Lawson. The Daily Record reports "uncle and nephew Denis Lawson and Ewan McGregor have finally achieved their ambition of acting opposite each other. The Scottish Hollywood stars are filming The Last Word, a movie about a pandemic which leaves humans without any senses. It's the first time since Ewan broke through in the 1990s that he's managed to team up with Denis. He was the man who inspired him to become an actor after watching him in Star Wars as a kid."

Noting that star Ewan McGregor was onboard early on for the film, we learn a few new nuggets about the piece which will finish soon in Glasgow. Quotage:

"We have quite a lot of scenes together because our characters not only work together, but they're friends out of work too. So it really is a big deal for us. The pair play a chef and restaurant owner, with filming taking place in Glasgow's west end.

Despite the subject matter, Denis insists The Last Word has a soft heart. He said: "People lose their sense of smell, taste and so on, right across the world. But it's a love story, with two people trying to cope with it and everything around them."

The film, which also stars Bond girl Eva Green, is directed by David Mackenzie, who worked with Ewan on Scots flick Young Adam. Denis insists there's no awkwardness working together with his nephew. He said: "People ask if there's any family tension with that sort of arrangement, but that couldn't be further from the truth."We don't operate like that. It's all very relaxed. We approach each other very much on a level playing field. We work together pretty seamlessly, with the same sort of energy and humour.

"We've been out a few times after filming, and it's nice to spend time in Glasgow again. "Ewan was on board with this film first. I've no idea whether the director always had me in mind for it, but I didn't need persuading."

Both men have had important roles in the Star Wars films. Lawson played X Wing pilot Wedge Antilles in the original three movies, with McGregor taking the part of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the more recent films."

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