Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Photos of Jamie Sives in "Triage," New Valhalla Rising Clip, Video of Photocall

This week is a busy one indeed, as the Rome Film Festival is about to kick off with the opening day screening tomorrow of Danis Tanovic's Triage, starring Colin Farrell and the wonderful Jamie Sives. Zapsiter It now has the full press kit photos online for Triage, which include TWO NEW PHOTOS OF JAMIE SIVES with Colin! Yay!

(Be sure to check out larger versions over at too)
As longtime readers will know I ADORE Jamie and have followed the progress of another film he is in called Valhalla Rising which is due to screen next week at the London Film Festival starting on the 22nd. While not of him, you can now see a new clip (Click where it says trailer ITS NOT A TRAILER LOL its the clip lol) from the movie featuring Scots actor Gary Lewis. Finally, there is now video online of the dread press call for the film when it screened at the Venice Film festival; new is this video of Mads Mikkelsen and director Nicholas Refn.


  1. Hi!

    I also adore Jamie :) I think he's a great actor and i've been following him for a couple of years. I've just found this blog, I like it very much, good job! it's going to my faves. By the way, "Triage" is also opening another festival next month apart from Rome's. It's in Spain, "Sevilla International Film Festival" , by the way that's my city :) anyway, I don't think either Jamie or Colin will attend the festival but let's hope :)

    again, great job with the blog


  2. Hi Luna!
    Welcome, and many thanks for the nice words. So great to meet another Jamie fan, hes so cool I just love him :)

    Thanks much as well for the news about the filmfestival, much appreciated! Hope Triage does well (and I get to see it at some point, it looks really good!)