Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Location Filming for Eva Green and Ewan McGregor in "The Last Word'

Production continues this fall week in Glasgow, Scotland for David Mackenzie's "The Last Word."
First, be sure to check out my updated Master List of Cast/Crew for Last Word (more uptodate than IMDB I assure you)

UPDATE: Check out the books that Chef Ewan will be using...from Oxfamglasgow, GREAT CAUSE GREAT JOB SIGMA! kudos for this!

"Yes, a chunk of our own cookery stock has passed audition and will star in David Mackenzie’s “Last Word”. None of the books were available for comment at the time of writing (they’re in a box en route to the set) but a source close to the books (me, like) said they were ecstatic and looking forward to the experience. They will return to their day job here next weekend, to raise money and find a new home."

Next, thanks to good ole The Sun and Mr. Paparazzi, there are more new photos from filming now online. While already in gorgeous high res over at the awesome and here in the galleries of, the Sun published a typical goofball story today with the headline heralding
"I'm Cordon Ew" good lord...
and features a photo of Ewan McGregor in his chef's attire ...lmao-beats my cookin up a storm headline by far hahaha err or maybe not :P

As only the Sun could do...quotage..."

MOVIE hunk Ewan McGregor dons a chef's outfit to eye up his dish of the day - tasty co-star Eva Green.Star Wars heart-throb Ewan, 38, and Bond girl Eva, 29, were filming The Last Word on location in Glasgow yesterday.

One onlooker said: "You could say Eva looked delicious!" Meanwhile, the Scots actor has told how he was attacked by a GHOST on his 20th birthday.He said the spook left a huge burn mark on his dressing gown as he ran a bath in a shared house. Ewan added: "I was so freaked-out I left."

HAHAHAHA yea ok I wanna be drunk and write stories for the Sun yea

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