Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scottish Screen: A Sigma Films Case Study

In its newest brochure, Scottish Screen has a number of case studies, including one on Sigma Films. Called "Sigma Films Slate Fund Award Case Study," this piece makes mentions of the funding provided to the dynamic independent film production company in Glasgow. The article says that the Slate fund exists to "provide leverage to companies seeking to secure additional finance and consolidate market interest in their slate of projects in development."

It goes on to list some of the films we already know about including Ewan Morrison's Swung (script developed apparently), and The Ordinary which frankly intrigues me the most, as well as two on the backburner but still being worked on, the adaption of some sort of the book by Pelle Sandstrak called "Mr. Tourette & I " as well as one called lol...beers steers & queers (and if this is the western David talked about once wanting to do ...lolol) Personally I believe there are others but this is what the article mentioned and nary a peep on The Last Word. They then of course bring up ADVANCE PARTY II and tiny mention of 'SOON TO BE RELEASED DONKEYS''

WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH DONKEYS... *sigh* (Im doing that alot today lol) but oy it surely would be great to know...just sayin :)

Anyway, my understanding on this whole UK funding business is murky at best so I think its better just to hear from the great Gillian Berrie, Sigma's co-founder and managing director who is quoted as saying:

"In order to survive, Scottish filmmakers must not only embrace the industry on an international level, they have to compete and succeed in both the creative and business sides of the arena. Scottish Screen recognizes the challenges we face and is a critical supporter of our endeavors to maintain Scotland's presence in an often turbulent and unpredictable market. Our industry would not survive without that fundamental support."

HEAR HEAR! Whats more confusing to me is that given the statistics and numbers contained in the Scottish Screen brochure ie the film and creative industries are bringing in literally BILLIONS of dollars to the Scottish economy, as well as all the not so dread film tourists, you know wee nothing people like me, who represent huge numbers and dollars to see places in Scotland where films were made and so on WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO CUT THIS FUNDING? It all makes absolutely no sense to me, rather akin to shooting yourself in the foot and then saying oho I cant walk right ... anyway, there is also a nice piece on Valhalla Rising, Summer (with Kate Dickie ) and more, well worth a looksee. Hope to get these up on my flickr soon but you can download it here PDF

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