Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jamie Sives Band "The Cone Gatherers" CD NOW AVAILABLE!

Calling all JAMIE SIVES FANS! The Cone Gatherers CD 'SHE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS' is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase &/or download!!!!

Described as "A melodrama in ten acts, about sex, love and death. A musically cinematic, audio journey through a melancholic celebration of an encounter," all songs are written and sung by Scottish actor JAMIE SIVES (Wilbur wants to Kill Himself, Hallam Foe, Valhalla Rising, Triage)

Oh gosh, Im such a loser for being so emotional, but honest to bits, I'm so happy y'all will now get a chance to hear the rest and have this as your own too (love the cafe & longing songs!) Be sure to friend them on myspace (I fled MS a couple years ago, may have to go back just for this lol) SO HAPPY YAYAY
As previewed here due to the kindness and generousity of Jamie himself (one of my most cherished items now forever Im still so overwhelmed by how nice he was), this CD is produced by Richard F, and features

Jamie Sives: Vocals, accoustic guitar & electric guitar
John Mercer: accoustic, electric guitars & add vocals on 'longing'
Rich F:keyboards, bass guitar, electric guitar & programming
Artwork & Packaging by Ross Hammond of


  1. Squeeeeeee!!! Woot, Thud, Squeeeeee!!!!!

    *repeat above in continuous loop*

    Oh, thank you so much for posting this Sue, am so happy about this being available now.

    Thank you very much Jamie!
    I have just ordered a copy.
    (this sad old tragic still likes physical copy rather than downloading the mp3 - but if I can't wait for the CD to arrive I may end up doing that too! LOL Sad, but true).

    Have also friended on Myspace. I was going to do that when you first posted about the page, but I felt just a wee bit too fan girly-ish to do that straight away.
    I barely use MS these days anyway, but it is done.

    So excited!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  2. Thank you very much Sue!!!!!! I'm going to order it right now.

    Thank you Jamie for let us listen to this I may say unique CD! I can't wait to listen to the rest of it :)


  3. Jings crivens help ma boahb! this CD is blumin fandabidozie!
    I look forward to the follow up;
    He who shall remain blameless! x