Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Triage to Open "Sevilla International Film Festival"

More good news today, thanks to reader Luna who let us know that Danis Tanovic's "Triage" with Colin Farrell and Jamie Sives will be screening at the Sevilla International Film Festival in Spain which runs from November 6-14. Not sure yet what specific time/tickets etc for the film, but very cool news indeed. Thanks again Luna!

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  1. You're welcome girl! I figured that this festival wasn't well known as others because it's not too big, that's why I mentioned :)

    Like I said, I doubt that Jamie would attend, as he didn't attend to Venice or Toronto but I like to dream my dreams hehe.

    If Jamie comes, I'll be there to greet him, it wouldn't be dificult because, this is sad but true, he isn't very known around here. Didn't he say once that he likes Spain? He even lived in Madrid for a while, he could come and visit the south :) there's still hope.