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"You Instead" To Make US Premiere at SXSW Festival in March

With only a few short weeks to go before the world premiere of David Mackenzie's newest film"You Instead" at the Glasgow Film Festival, there is news today of another premiere. Straight from David himself during this interview with The Film Stage, comes word that the movie will make it's US premiere at the SXSW festival in March.


David says of this film starring Luke Treadaway (and Alastair Mackenzie :)
And it’s great, fire-and-ice romance set in a music festival in Scotland and it’ll take place over about a day and a half. We shot in a live location at a music festival. We shot the film in four days which was an incredible experience; a very liberating and wild and crazy and exhausting experience. But the result is we’ve got a very intense, apt movie filled with lots of festival texture. I think it will find an audience. I think it will be good.

Tickets for the Feb 25th world premiere at the Glasgow festival are long sold out and it should be a wonderful event. Will have more on the interviews with David and the exact date when formally announced by the festival which takes place in Austin, Texas (film portion March 11-19) ATTENTION LURKING MEDIA/WEBSITES/FANS: Be sure to check out the newly launched official You Instead Facebook page where you can download three pics in high res; follow them on Twitter here

Jamie Sives is a BBC Outcast

A followup today regarding Jamie Sives and his upcoming guest star turn on the new BBC series "Outcasts." This widely anticipated show is due to begin airing next week on BBC (Episode one Mon, 7 Feb followed the next night with episode two) As reported here previously, Jamie is due to guest on Episode 3 and while not yet confirmed, it is likely his episode will air the following week...which will make for a rather lovely late Valentines from Jamie :D :D
/uberdorkishness (yea sorry cant help it)

Right, so today the BBC released EPISODE 3 DESCRIPTION including more involving the character of Leon, played by Jamie (who is described straight to me awesomely from the bbc as "brilliant" wooohooo I CAN'T WAIT)

Slight Spoiler warning...scroll down for more...

Reports predict that a super whiteout of unprecedented strength could hit Forthaven, as BBC One's blockbuster sci-fi series continues. Stella draws on Tipper's mathematical ability to predict exactly when the whiteout will strike and Tate begins to lock down Forthaven. Fleur, unaware of the whiteout threat, takes the AC baby back to Rudi.

Cass runs into an old flame, Trix, who is getting married the following day. Her fiancé, Leon, is sent out to secure the Earth Beacon before the storm breaks. Leon's workmate suffers an accident and gets stuck under a piece of falling metal. Leon is unwilling to leave him, despite the whiteout gaining in strength around them. Trix begs Cass to go out and find her fiancé and he agrees.

The whiteout hits and Tate and Stella fear for Cass's safety. Berger undermines Tate's authority by seizing the opportunity to speak directly to the people, against Tate's wishes. However, Tate realises it is safer to keep Berger on the inside of his government, rather than allowing him to build up a power base from the outside.

Stella Isen is played by Hermione Norris, Tipper Malone by Michael Legge, Richard Tate by Liam Cunningham, Fleur Morgan by Amy Manson, Rudi by Langley Kirkwood, Cass Cromwell by Daniel May, Trix by Fiona Button, Leon by Jamie Sives and Julius Berger by Eric Mabius.

Will update with confirmed airtimes, and FINGERS CROSSED for a promo pic too of Jamie!! Cheers and thanks to BBC!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

US/North America to See "Perfect Sense" from IFC Films

There's good news today, as IFC Films have purchased the North American rights to David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense." The Wrap reports:

“Perfect Sense” sold to IFC early on Wednesday morning , the second WME Global sale of the day, TheWrap ahs learned. That sale came on the heels of “Another Earth,” which sold to Fox Searchlight.

"Sense" sold for about $1 million for English-speaking territories in a deal led by Liesl Copland and Graham Taylor.

The film directed by David Mackenzie is a romance/thriller that offers a glimpse at the way the human race might weather a global pandemic. It stars Eva Green as an epidemiologist, who encounters a peculiar patient—a Glasgow truck driver who experienced a sudden, uncontrollable crying fit. She follows people across the globe - including Ewan Magregor, who plays a restaurant owner - who begin to suffer strange symptoms, affecting the emotions, then the senses.

IFC Films of course is the same team who brought Valhalla Rising to the US. Fingers crossed for a release date earlier rather than later, but again this is good news! :

Update: Here is the full press release via Indiewire:


Park City, UT (January 26, 2011) – IFC FILMS announced today from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival that the company is acquiring North American rights to director David Mackenzie’s romantic thriller PERFECT SENSE, which had its world premiere in the Premieres section this week. Directed by Sundance alum Mackenzie (who was at the festival in 2009 with Spread), with a screenplay by Kim Fupz Aakeson, the film reunites Mackenzie with star Ewan McGregor (who he directed in the critically acclaimed Young Adam). The film, which was produced by Malte Grunert and Gillian Berrie, also stars Eva Green and Connie Nielsen.

PERFECT SENSE follows Susan (Green), an epidemiologist, who reemerges from an affair gone sour, and encounters a peculiar patient—a truck driver who experienced a sudden, uncontrollable crying fit. Now he is calm, but he has lost his sense of smell. Susan soon learns there are hundreds of people across the globe beginning to suffer strange symptoms, affecting the emotions, then the senses. The film offers a deeply moving proposition about the way the human race might weather a global pandemic.

Jonathan Sehring, President of Sundance Selects/IFC Films, said: “PERFECT SENSE is a beautiful and sexy love story brought to life by the wonderfully appealing performances of Ewan MacGregor and Eva Green. We look forward to working with them and David Mackenzie to bring this haunting apocalyptic story of the world gone wrong to American audiences.”

“PERFECT SENSE is a film where you feel like hugging your dear ones after seeing it. I couldn´t imagine a better partner than IFC Films and we are very excited to see the reactions from the American audiences,” said Rikke Ennis, CEO, Trust Nordisk.

The deal for the film was negotiated by Arianna Bocco, Senior Vice President of Acquisitions & Productions for Sundance Selects/IFC Films with Liesl Copland at WME Global on behalf of TrustNordisk and the filmmakers.

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Perfect Sense Premieres at Sundance: Pictures, Reviews & More

*Update: Video of David, Gillian below! Plus the video Ewan McGregor made noting his absence from the premiere and speaking of the film

Last night saw the world premiere of David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" held at the Sundance Film Festival. While it's still early, there are a few reviews on line, (twitter has lots of 140 character reviews all positive) and they are very positive and enthusiastic about the film.
(David introduces film w/Gillian behind & is that Sigma's own Brian Coffey there too?---->)

Screen Daily calls it a "great drama" and writes (spoilers) positively about the performances & script, and notes: "The film’s technical aspects are strong. Mackenzie’s regular cinematographer Gilles Nuttgens creates some beautifully blown-out images; hazy, white natural light seems to flow into every frame, creating an otherworldly illumination. The musical score by Max Richter (Waltz With Bashir) is also deeply evocative, heightening the proceedings with plaintive piano-driven compositions.This haunting, taut and moving sci-fi drama about what it means to love and be human has the potential for strong global appeal. While its bleak concept will limit a wider reach in cinemas, it should have a long and healthy life in ancillary markets, both in the US and internationally.

Aint it Cool has an excellent review online (again, spoilers); key points here:

There are so many incredible things going on in this film that it would be a crime to discuss each of them specifically without letting the viewer experience it for themselves. "Perfect Sense," with great shrewdness and restraint, shows us how much we take for granted, the resilience of humans and just how sweeping a sensation it is to truly love somebody. The original score is both despairing and optimistic without ever drawing too much attention to itself and always complimenting the scene that it's accompanying. David Mackenzie's direction is powerful and visceral, diving into the psyche to help the viewer imagine their own life without the senses we all take for granted. I think that every single person in the world should watch this film as it explores just how exactly our senses define us, what they mean to us and what it would be like to live without them. You will gain a new gratitude for life upon exiting the theatre (providing, hopefully, that it gets picked up for distribution) and the film's final five minutes will leave you shaking for minutes afterward, wiping the tears from your eyes.

Update: Another great review, this from Cinematical Moviefone who write:

In the end, though, what carries 'Perfect Sense' is its direction, its cinematography, the poetry of its images, and the wild, raw, sensual performances put forth by its cast. Certain scenes are unforgettable: when the terrifying wave of the syndrome hits Susan, she's in the parking lot at her car, and as a woman tries to help her, they are both overcome with hunger. The woman eats her lipstick; Susan rips into the bouquet of flowers the woman had been holding and gnaws on the buds. Across town, Michael and his fellow chefs are stuffing themselves with horrible concoctions -- spoonfuls of mustard from the jar, raw fish with their bare hands, what looks like an industrial strength bottle of syrup, anything within reach. And then it passes, and they all snap out of it, wondering why they're covered in condiments and nauseated.

Director David Mackenzie uses footage from around the world to show people from every culture experiencing this epidemic, united as they fall apart. Eventually Glasgow looks like it's been overrun by wild animals; stores have been looted, trash bins overthrown, people gripped by anger storm the streets and riot, and the people who end up deaf are told to stay in their houses where it's safe. This is a grim love story indeed. Yet, as the narrator tells us, life goes on. Some people choose to loot stores, but others still go in and do their jobs, if only because they don't know what else to do but keep going.

Dark and strikingly beautiful, strange and occasionally a touch silly, 'Perfect Sense' is not a perfect movie, but it's worth seeking out for its unique vision that is hard to shake long after you've left its world behind.

Another EXCELLENT review, well written at Screencrave, definitely read this.

At this year’s
Sundance Film Festival, we at ScreenCrave have been making a big deal out of Kevin Smith’s Red State for the last few days, because it’s been the hottest ticket, carried the most controversy, and frankly, been most exciting movie so far. But with the premier of David Mackenzie’s Perfect Sense, it is without a doubt that we’ve seen the best, most effective and affecting movie of the festival. The film is a romantic/sci-fi/horror film which stars Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. It is graceful, tender, heartbreaking, and terrifying. It is also a movie with a very organic flow, with plot reveals that are best left as a surprise. But it is impossible to discuss the emotional weight this film carries without getting into some of these finer points. So the following review contains a few mild *SPOILERS* with regard to the story, so please be warned.

The technical aspects work in perfect harmony to achieve the aforementioned tone: the editing is frenetic and disorienting while in the throes of the disease, and the camera work is smooth and calm when the couple’s love is growing. For example, a long shot on the two lovers’ faces, one in profile and one straight on, merge as they lie in bed holds for a long period to paint their newfound unity. The film’s score is understated, yet dramatic with swelling strings and soft piano melodies leading the listener to an emotionally vulnerable space which the story then takes advantage of. And special note should be made for supporting actors Ewen Brennen[sic] (Trainspotting) and Stephen Dellane [sic] (44 Inch Chest), whose clear understanding of their roles as friends in Michael and Susan’s respective lives bring a sense of fun and rationality to the turmoil as the necessity for those types in their lives increases. Consequently, when succumb to the disease, as everyone does, it carries particular emotional weight.

Two more great reviews, first from Pajiba: Again, I realize the emotional aspect of this pandemic is silly when written out, and sometimes a little silly on the screen as well. But overall, it tees up some important and strong beats in Susan and Mike’s growing relationship, and it really allows McGregor and Green to do a lot with their roles. (And yes, both of them show their naughty bits, which comes as no surprise as we’ve known for a long time that McGregor and Green are comfortable with on-screen nudity). The rest of the cast is solid, though given a lot less to work with, and Ewan Bremner (playing a friend and colleague of Mike’s) gets a special hat-tip.The movie is beautifully shot, aside from a few handheld shots that felt out of place, and carries a continuing and growing sense of dread and eventual heartbreak, even while showing the growth of this relationship between Mike and Susan. It actually shares certain similarities with another Sundance premier, Another Earth, though I think it hits its notes a little better, and can also be considered a kin to the superior City of Men. Perfect Sense is neither a fun nor comfortable movie to watch, nor is it a perfect movie, but it is a very good, emotional film that I am likely to revisit.

From Hitfix comes another well-written piece; excerpts as follows:
For the most part, "Perfect Sense" is almost a two-hander. Green and McGregor are the only developed characters and both actors do strong work with parts that build to one emotional high-wire moment after another. Green has a couple good moments with an under-utilized Stephen Dillane, while McGregor has a welcome "Trainspotting" reunion with Ewen Bremner, who contributes a few funny moments.
"Perfect Sense" is a movie where you have to be willing to go along with its journey and I mostly was. I was constantly aware of the movie's very rigorous structure/progression, but I never tired of pondering the questions it raised. In terms of comparable recent pieces of speculative fiction, I'd place "Perfect Sense" a good distance behind "Children of Men," but a good distance ahead of the "Blindness" feature.

From Twitter: Total Film
Total Film
. Perfect sense is haunting, life affirming and showcases ewan mcgregor at the best he's been in years

From FilmStage (Spoilers at link):
This positive outlook engulfs the entire film, staunchly separating itself from dystopias like Blindness. It’s closer to Children of Men in this way. Where that film finds hope in a child, Mackenzie’s film finds hope in the power of love...

Mackenzie has always been an extremely confident filmmaker, pushing his narratives as far as they need to go, for better and worse. Spread is the darkest version of the playboy myth we’ll ever get, while Young Adam, which also starred McGregor, connects guilt and sex all under the plot line of a mysterious dead body. This film is refreshingly more friendly than those two, but no less ambitious. When the characters on screen can’t hear, we the audience can’t hear. When they can’t see, we can’t see.

And at the end there’s love, nothing else. It’s sappy, sure, but in keeping with the whole rest of the film. McGregor and Green and Mackenzie and Aakeson convinced me. Can they convince you?

From Gordon and the Mackenzie takes a difficult idea and puts it to film brilliantly using images and situations to truly depict what it would be like to go without the traits that make us human. I was intrigued to see how such a story would be portrayed, and the performances by McGregor and Green were magnetic as their palpable chemistry kept them coming back together and gave the audience a hope to focus on.

Here is an honest mixed review of the film from Time out NY:

Did we mention there's a love story in here as well, between Ewan McGregor's commitmentphobic chef and Eva Green's scientist, whose hot-and-heavy humping sessions seem to be keeping her from her work? (We realize that getting it on with McGregor probably takes precedence over everything else, but if the world is beset with a crippling disease, maybe you could put in a little more lab time?) But the focus is all part of Mackenzie's master plan, in which the end itself is less important than how we retain our humanity and still try to connect when the shit hits the fan. "Life goes on," is a constant refrain, as people lash out, lose one way of processing the environment and then start from scratch.

If this sounds silly, it is; Perfect Sense is also the most sensual dystopia movie you're likely to see, however, which complicates things. Mackenzie has a knack for amping things up and overwhelming you with tricks—color, volume, visual textures—that help emphasize what you miss when they disappear. I can't think of a movie that's balanced the utterly ridiculous and the profound with such panache, or that's inspired me to roll my eyes and dab them simultaneously. When I've mentioned my admiration for its hyperstylized, manipulative yet oddly moving fade-out, my fellow critics ask me if I'd gone crazy. No, I've just let myself drink in Perfect Sense's touchy-feely vibe and ended up surprisingly sated. I'm not crazy. Though those visions of angry storm clouds I keep seeing does make me wonder.

First Director David Mackenzie (who brought Spread to Sundance in 2009) crafts a beautiful story about humanity, but more importantly, whether love can survive when humans are deprived of the very senses that allow them to experience it. Magnificently shot and phenomenally acted by both McGregor and Green, this film paints a picture the end of the world where our emotions explode out of control before we lose an intricate part of our being. Stark but with a glimmer of hope from love, this film is a unique romance with a sci-fi backdrop that is riveting, heart-wrenching and poignant.

So, yes of course in all fairness, there have been some who did not care for the piece and unfortunately imo totally expected by now alas and no surprise, THR didnt like the film ho hum, and a guy from Empire online tweeted he was disappointed alas (figure their review will correspond), plus not sure what the deal is with this snark filled piece from Saltlakemagazine Will post more as they come in!

There are loads of photos and reviews pouring in, and this post will be updated continually over the next few days. (even Sigma's own beautiful Gillian Berrie shown with producer Malte Grunert)

CHECK IT OUT! COLIN KENNEDY interviewing gorgeous Eva Green in gorgeous B &W *loves*
Loads of tabs (poor Eva who looked fab all day)

Plus David & Ewen wear the puffy parkas at the Variety booth lolz

Minute Afterparty pics held at the Carrera Escape can be seen here.
For example, many of the interviews Eva Green did, same with David Mackenzie & Ewen for Sundance, Variety etc will be posted within the next few hours and days, so stay tuned!

I will also update my flickr with these, but check out the press pics from the event here via Daylife (3 pages!), and Getty (75 pics mostly of Eva). More soon!
Thanks to the Sundance Festival, here is the video from Ewan McGregor

UPDATE :From a kind soul named Jack, here is video of David's complete remarks before the film, along with intros from Gillian and more

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Interview: Ewan McGregor Makes Perfect Sense

Today is the big day: the premiere of David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" at the Sundance Film Festival. To kick off a slew of medial reports, I've recieved a terriffic batch of press materials, including a lengthy interview with one of the stars of Perfect Sense, Ewan McGregor. As seen below, Ewan discusses the film (MILD SPOILER CAUTION) as well as his lovely co-star Eva Green, director David Mackenzie, working with his uncle Dennis Lawson (Star Wars) making a third movie with Ewen Bremner (Black Hawk Down) and why he hopes they will never stop making love stories (hear hear!)
Read and Enjoy!

Interview - Ewan McGregor Q - You’ve worked with director David Mackenzie before, what drew you back to theUK to work with him again?

E – Yeah, I worked with David on a film called Young Adam. And I thought it was a fantastic script that he’d written and I had very creative time working on it, and he made a beautiful film out of it. He’s a very interesting filmmaker and there’s something quite unique and special about him. He’s not a director for hire, he has a real visual sense, a real mood, he manages to inject his films with so much mood. I think he’s really great.
So when I got sent Perfect Sense to read from David, I just loved it, I loved the characters, it was such a really lovely premise – this idea of this relentless love story, this story of these two people falling in love almost against their better judgement.

Q – Do you feel that we live in a cynical time, that we are tired of love stories, or that there is still a role for love stories?
E – I’ve always, loved making love stories, I love romance and romantic stories, I’ve always been drawn to them and never tired of it. It’s a very powerful emotion. Falling in love with someone is a very wonderful and all consuming, physical and emotional experience, that we really like as human beings. So I hope we’ll never tire of telling those stories.

For a long time now there’s been a slight embarrassment about telling romantic stories, it’s more common that you would shroud your romantic story in comedy for instance. We’ve had a lot of romantic comedies but I’ve always been interested in films that are romantic without having to be embarrassed about that or shrouding them in anything other than just what they are. I feel there’s something really poetic about Perfect Sense - it’s like a metaphor for falling in love, you know, the world is literally falling apart, losing it’s senses, and when we fall in love we lose our senses, we fall apart, we can’t eat, we can’t sleep, it takes us over. I loved this film, loved it from the moment I read it.

Q – What was it like working with Eva Green, an actress who is known for her beauty?

E – I loved working with Eva, she’s just fantastic, what a great girl, an interesting girl, an interesting actress. She played a part that was really challenging. I really likedher, I liked her as a person first of all, she’s very dry and witty, she has a very skewed sense of humour, which I like a lot. We started rehearsing together in Glasgow, and it was very exciting to be back in Scotland and to be there with her, I think it was her first time in Scotland, so introducing her to Scotland and Glasgow was nice. I just knew we would get on from the beginning of the rehearsals. And we spent a good week or so working on the scenes and it was great we just got on. And I think it’s true her character is very…she’s been in one too many bad relationships, I guess, she doesn’t trust my character and men, and there’s something really lovely about this reluctance. I really like that element of the story, and the fact that they overcome it. In contrast my character is very optimistic. Blind optimism! (laugh)

Q – You play a chef in Perfect Sense and look very convincing. Was there a lot of research that went into this role?
E – Yes, I’m not a cook, I don’t know how to chop or … mainly I don’t know what goes with what. I just don’t have that understanding or knowledge. Also I think I’mquite a … maybe it’s my roots but I’m not that fussy. I like good food but I’m not a gastronome. So I had to learn about cooking or at least to learn to look like I knew how to cook, that was my job, really. I knew I wasn’t going to learn how to cook in two weeks of rehearsal. I went and hung out with some great chefs in Glasgow. I went down to Guy Cowans, I did couple of days and nights in his kitchen. And I used to be a dishwasher, in Crief, where I grew up - there’s a hotel called the Murray Park – I used to work there from the age of fourteen – I was a dishwasher there and then I became a waiter and a barman, but I was washing dishes there, from the age of fourteen, for about two years and so I knew how a kitchen worked and I knew, mainly through my experience, that chefs were complete bastards … they’re always horrible… I don’t know why that is? So I had some experience and I spent a few nights during service at Guy’s at Candleriggs, then we went up to a restaurant up north. It was all about the details. I really enjoyed it. I haven’t cooked since, I haven’t become a great cook because of the film (laugh).

Q – Ewen Bremner said he was amazed at the things he’s learned a bout a kitchen – like discovering that you could stick your fingers into boiling sauce and not get burned!

E – (Laugh) Right, If you’re quick it won’t burn! Apart from oil, we learned that. You can’t do it with oil because the oil sticks to your skin, and that’s it!

Q – What was it like working with Ewen again? This is the third movie now.

E – It was brilliant, I really, really love working with Ewan and I really always have done. It was a nice continuity together, we were both in Trainspotting together, then both in Black Hawk Down and I always thought we should have done a scene for the extra features on the DVD for Black Hawk Down, when I look across at him on the street, under gunfire, and I go Eh! SPUD! What you doin’ here??! He’s a great actor. We had some weird stuff to play in the kitchen, like the food frenzy – some really disgusting things we had to do. And he really threw himself into it. I remember watching him pouring a five litre can of oil into his mouth, and then butter. Oh, it was disgusting!

But he was great, it was great to work with him and it was especially nice for me to work with my uncle Dennis, who I’ve always wanted to work with as an actor. I mean I’ve been directed by my uncle on stage and in a short film he made but I’ve never acted with him and I always wanted to. We were waiting for something special to come along. Dennis was absolutely perfect for the part, they have a nice relationship in the film, Michael and the restaurant owner, they’re very close and we were absolutely able to use that. It was just so lovely for me to play those scenes with Dennis.

Q – Why do you continue to be drawn to doing independent films, when you must have so much influence these days that you have quite a bit of creative freedom in Hollywood anyway?

E – Well, listen, there’s a certain amount of choice in work that I have now. I’m still just drawn to stories that I like. I don’t think of them as mainstream films or indie films. I suppose that’s a kind of luxury. But when it comes to making films that you really love and I just loved this script and think David is such a good filmmaker, you know, the size of it, the budget is irrelevant – why would you not want to be involved in a story of love with a film director you really respect. It doesn’t make sense to pass up on that experience just because it doesn’t have a huge budget. I really believe that Independent filmmaking is where you can make comment and make statements. It’s quite a complicated film, in terms of what it’s saying about life and love.

Q – What do you think the film is saying?

E – I think a lot of films these days just say “This is a film.” I was reading a script someone had sent me and recently and I was going ‘This is just a film’, this script… I suppose it might make a good film, but it’s got f**k all to do with anything, it’s just a film. That’s absolutely what struck me, that this script I read was only based on other movies and some idea of what the audience might like – well Perfect Sense doesn’t have any of that, this film is really odd and bizarre, it’s just f**king bananas, it’s brilliant. And I love the twists and turns in it. I like Michael. He reminds me of…I saw
this play Frankie and Johnnie at the Claire de Lune…Funnily enough it’s about a chef, and they end up in bed together, and they’re not in any relationship, and he spends the entire play trying to convince her that this could be it, this could be the big love in their life, and she’s had it with men, the first time she thinks he’s an idiot. I loved that play and there was something reminiscent in this film about it.

In Perfect Sense, Michael, this guy, his optimism is quite tangible. Their love
… it could be alright, why can’t they just give it a go? And then when he’s talking about when the world loses it’s sense of taste, and he’s outside the front of the restaurant and there’s Dennis, my uncle, and he’s drunk and saying there’s no point, no – one will eat out anymore, since they’ve lost their sense of taste – and Michael just won’t have it. He says no, I think you’re wrong. People will still want to get together and we’ll just have to change. And he has to come up with something new. And I love that about people who are like that. It’s the only way you get on ‘cos bad things happen all the time and the only way to accept them is to adapt and change and move on. And that’s the nice thing about my character in the film.

Q – Is this a happy ending? Or a sad ending? Or a sad ending with a positive

E – I always thought it was hopeful-the end. I didn’t see it as being…it’s
complicated, it’s awful…it’s not a cheery ending, but at the same time I always thought there was hope in there and I thought it was quite an uplifting ending. At the end there they’re reaching for each other and know that they’re truly in love with each other. In a way, I experienced it by reading it, in a way that made me cry, it was just so beautiful at the end.

Dennis Lawson on Ewan: ‘Ewan had wanted to act with me since he was about nine. There was a moment of anxiety though, there when I came across him sitting in the make-up trailer, but as soon as we got on set it was like the most natural thing in the world. We had a great time together, and the relationship between the two characters was quite a nice close one.’

Ewen Bremner on working with Ewan for the third time and more!
‘We hung out a lot together On Black Hawk Down in Morocco, and saw a
different side of each other. I think,since he’s started making movies, he’s
really been so prolific, and he’s done so many different kinds of films, and so
many different kinds of parts, and worked with so many great filmmakers and actors, and he’s really right now, at the height of his powers. He’s in a really impressive place now, he’s a really impressive actor.’ Ewan McGregor thinks highly of Ewen Bremner’s abilities. ‘He’s a great actor, we have real camaraderie, he really throws himself into the thick of things.’

More from Ewan on choosing this film:

‘I just loved this script and think David is such a good filmmaker. When I got
sent Perfect Sense to read I loved the characters, it was such a really lovely
premise – this idea of this relentless love story, this story of these two people
falling in love almost against their better judgement. I’m drawn to stories that I like.’ Ewan reflected on why he chose this British Indie film over other mainstream projects: ‘I don’t think of them as mainstream films or indie films. I suppose that’s a kind of luxury. But when it comes to making films that you really love and…you know, the size of it, the budget is irrelevant–why would you not want to be involved in a story of love with a film director you really respect. It doesn’t make sense to pass up on that experience just because it doesn’t have a huge budget.’ I really believe that Independent filmmaking is where you can make comment and make statements. It’s quite a complicated film, in terms of what it’s saying about life and love.’

Bottom Line: ‘I feel there’s something really poetic about Perfect Sense-it’s like a metaphor for falling in love, you know, the world is literally falling apart, losing it’s senses, and when we fall in love we lose our senses, we fall apart, we can’t eat, we can’t sleep, it takes us over. I loved this film, loved it from the moment I read it…I hope we’ll never tire of telling love stories.’

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Perfectly Scottish: Sigma Films Hit Sundance!

As we know, the world premiere of David Mackenzie's latest film "Perfect Sense" will take place in a few days on Monday, January 24 at 9:30pm (MT) There is a large group from Sigma Films there to help kick off this event, so be sure to follow the Sigma Films twitter where Scotland is being represented not with just this wonderful film, but all around town :D

UPDATE: As seen on the front page of the official Sundance Film Festival website :D

And look at this one... I recognize that man in the puffy parka! :D :D

There is already a slew of press about the trailer for Perfect Sense with Ewan McGregor and Eva Green of course, and a few others of note include a piece from THR who says that Perfect Sense is one of ten films most likely to be sold (lets hope so!!!) Also director David Mackenzie has done another interview (rather odd one imo) where he is quoted on the film as follows:

"I guess I wanted to tell a love story, but conventional stories are often being told," said Mackenzie, 44. "There's something very interesting in the way this story happens, the way the couple comes together and how they deal with it. It felt very out of the ordinary, very interesting. It's a love story for extreme times."

Mackenzie has had a film at Sundance once before, "Spread," starring Ashton Kutcher, in 2009. Work commitments kept Mackenzie from attending, so this will be his first Sundance trip.

"I am very much looking forward to it," he said. "I am intrigued to see how people react to the film. This will be the first time it is seen by more than 10 people, who are friends of the film. Obviously, I am a little bit nervous."

But the director has high hopes for Sundance, including drawing interest from film distributors."It's one of the high-profile films," Mackenzie said. "It's a good festival to release a film into the world. There are quite a lot of people there. It's a profile event, and I'm excited to have been asked. It's a great launching pad for the movie."

Mackenzie said he hopes Sundance audiences have an emotional reaction to his emotional film.

"I hope they hug their neighbors," he said.

I WOULD LOVE TO HUG YOU DAVID and everyone at Sigma, so badly wish to have been there :((( but thrilled for the whole crew who is there. Stay Tuned to their Twitter and more here when available.

New Photo of Alastair Mackenzie at Glasgow Film Festival Launch

There is a new photo now online of Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie at the Glasgow Film Festival launch, where Al described the newest film from Sigma-"You Instead." More of the launch (tho no more of Al are available at their flickr) Shot over a record-breaking five days at the T in the Park festival, Al plays the boyfriend to the lead female (Natalia) in the movie directed by his brother David Mackenzie, and I assure you this will include some really... interesting things for Al to say the least! :D
As noted below, tickets for the first screening of the world premiere of the movie at GFF are now sold out, but there are a handful still remaining for the later screening, so act now to see this film!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video: Jamie Sives Sings at Memorial Concert for Eilidh Brown

UPDATE: Via the Eilidh Appeal Facebook page, this is their photo of Jamie singing at the concert, wonderful! THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!

Check it out! The first public performance by actor Jamie Sives, playing the guitar and singing with John Mercer at the memorial concert for Eilidh Brown. SOOOOO GOOOD! In the first video Jamie sings Lyle Lovett and in the second Jamie plays and sings solo In My Life by John Lennon, beautiful!GREAT JOB!!! I know that had to be a bit scary, but it was so lovely and your heart showed, so glad you put that up for us to see THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU JAMIE!

[John Mercer performs with Jamie on the Conegatherers CD]

Photos from the concert held last weekend in Stirling at the Macrobert Centre are now online at the official Eilidh Brown Appeal Facebook here. As readers will recall, this concert was held in memorial for a lovely young woman named Eilidh Brown who passed away from cancer last year. A fundraising appeal is ongoing in her memory in efforts to combat this disease and to help families who are facing this battle together. The 500 Heros appeal is now underway turning your donation into concrete physical help and part of a new home in Stirling where families can stay as they face the battle together. To learn more about this excellent appeal, please click here. Also, be sure to check out this new article from the Stirling Observer that contains a great quote from Gordon Brown, and Jamie's co-star in Valhalla Rising, who spoke of the beautiful event held in memory of his daughter:

“I was worried at first about selling the tickets for £25 each.“I thought it would be too much but since the gig I’ve been stopped left and right by people saying they would happily have paid twice that for the night, which is great.”

Eilidh Brown died of cancer aged 15 last year and a memorial fund was set up by her aunt, ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘Wire in the Blood’ actress Simone Lahbib. The family are hoping to raise enough money to build a home in the Stirling area that can be used for respite by young cancer sufferers and their families.

“This is only the start,” said Gordon. “It wasn’t at first – we had no idea how successful the concert would be, or not – but now I really see it as the launch pad.“There were 470 people in the audience and now, hopefully, they will go on and raise more money and spread the word.”“Around 70 people signed up to 500 Heroes on the night, which is a great start,” said Gordon. “We just need Stirling to get behind this and see how far we can go from here.”

Thanks so much to Jamie and Ross for uploading the video!

New Still from David Mackenzie's You Instead, Plus Ticket Info

Courtesy of Sigmafilms

Tickets are now on sale at THIS LINK for the world premiere of David Mackenzie's "You Instead" taking place at the Glasgow Film Festival Friday, February 25 NOTE ONLY THE SECOND SCREENING THAT NIGHT REMAINS-THE FIRST HAS ALREADY SOLD OUT! :) So if you want to see it, be quick on the spot!

Reminder: For those new readers, here is a taste of what this movie will be like featuring star Luke Treadaway in You Instead, directed by David Mackenzie

While there has been a flurry of news regarding this and Perfect Sense of course, this article from efestivals caught my attention as it noted You Instead would be released in cinemas THIS MAY.

*I do not know how accurate that is, because the film is still being sold at major film markets (ie in Berlin, with screenings set for Feb. 10 and 13) Thus, it remains unclear if this will be an effort like with Donkeys in the UK or how wide an opening it will have. Updates to follow of course when possible. *

The article has some good bits about the film which was made in ground-breaking fashion over five days at the T in the Park festival last summer. Quotage:

Cast, crew and musicians will be in attendance at the world premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival at Cineworld Glasgow. The film was shot guerrilla-style last summer and is billed as "a hilarious free-wheeling rock 'n' roll love story set against the raucous magnificence and unforgettable sounds of Scotland's leading music Festival."

You Instead features a charismatic performance from Luke Treadaway (Attack The Block, Clash Of The Titans) as strutting indie star Adam from The Make. Arriving at T in the Park for his gig, Adam is handcuffed to punky girl-band leader Morello from The Dirty Pinks (Natalia Tena – Harry Potter). Initial frustration gives way to grudging acceptance and then the stirring of genuine feelings over the next 24 hours of the festival. The impressive cast also includes Ruta Gedmintas (Lip Service), Sophie Wu (Kick Ass), Gavin Mitchell (Still Game) and Alastair Mackenzie (Perfect Sense).

Filming a romantic comedy at a music festival might seem a surprising career move for a director like David Mackenzie, who is known for films addressing dark subject matter and often intriguingly disturbed characters. But frustrated and restricted by making films in a more conventional manner, Mackenzie recognised that You Instead offered the incredible challenge of making a scripted feature film in a genuinely pioneering way.

Produced by Gillian Berrie of Sigma Films and written by Thomas Leveritt, the cast and crew of You Instead achieved in five days what would normally take at least five weeks. They lived and breathed the festival experience, camping onsite and filming in a live, unpredictable environment, at the mercy of the weather, 85,000 extras, live musical performances and unforeseen unknowns.

The finished film fully encapsulates the thrilling passion and energy of a weekend shared by thousands of people in a field celebrating music, friendship and good times.

GFF Co-Director Allison Gardner said, "We are so proud that David Mackenzie and Sigma Films have chosen to give You Instead a big home town world premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival. The Festival's aim has always been to bring the best of international cinema to a Glasgow audience but also to bring the very best of Scottish cinema to the eyes of the world. You Instead is the perfect choice and the world premiere on a massive screen at Cineworld will be one of the truly memorable highlights of the 2011 Glasgow Film Festival."

Paul Sweeney, Film Buyer at Cineworld Cinemas added, "I am delighted to once again be working with Sigma films on this fantastic film, holding the World Premiere as part of the Glasgow Film Festival is very exciting."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

David Mackenzie's "You Instead" World Premiere at Glasgow Film Festival!

More great news today as STV is now officially reporting that David Mackenzie's "You Instead" aka T in the Park movie, will have a world premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival next month on February 25. Quotage:

You Instead was shot guerrilla style at last year’s Balado music festival. And now the ground-breaking romantic comedy gets its first showing in Glasgow.
David Mackenzie’s film – following his successes with Young Adam and Hallam Foe – will be screened on February 25.

You Instead tells the story of a rock ’n’ roll romance that begins when the lead singers of two rival bands are handcuffed together.All attempts to free the pair fail and they face the prospect of doing everything together – eating, sleeping and performing.The impressive cast includes Luke Treadaway, Natalia Tena, Ruta Gedmintas, Sophie Wu, Gavin Mitchell and Alastair Mackenzie.

David Mackenzie and the Beauty of Light and Dark

There is light...there is dark...there is the masterful talent shown once again as witnessed in the new trailer (now in HD) for David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense." Tis GORGEOUS; David, Gilles and the whole team have outdone themselves in a beautifully crafted piece...a piece of contrast contradiction, yet utter simplicity: it's quiet anguish, sensual, scary, yin and yang all at once. One might say well duh yes of course that's basic classic filming making heh... and yet we dont always see it do we now?? no no I think so. A trailer is supposed to entice you, entrance you hook you, and with this trailer we are seduced by the simple contrasts in lovely sensual manner that is just terrific! A clever way to show a basic story, one that we all can relate to in one fashion, and make it seem original and fresh.I loved the timeless theme of contrasts, of man and woman, sensual and scary of black, white, light and dark in the trailer. Classic wonderful fantastic David starts out the trailer in that stunning stark yet simple shot of Eva and Connie I think walking on a beach. This type of shot is why I adore David, he's a wonderful director when it comes to this, truly truly.

He continues to use those basic contrasts in the whole piece and it works I think to great effect. Love is complex and easy and sexy and messy and scary and wonderful and just like that, David gives us his vision of love, an emotion that takes over your senses, set against a backdrop where your senses are gone-gah I cant wait for this film, and leave it to David to give me different perspective on the same ole same ole-same yes, but not the same. This is basic, simple, stunning-wonderful work David and Co!

PS...I was also rather dorkishly glad to see that some of the scenes I covered here when the film was made in Oct 2009.. made it into the trailer- yay for Sunday in the Park with Eva and Ewan :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update: High Def Trailer for David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense"

Ahead of the premiere at Sundance next week, Trust Nordisk has released the trailer for David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" starring Ewan McGregor, Eva Green and Ewen Bremner. Gorgeous music by Max Richter. Enjoy!
Update: Here, courtesy of Sigma Films is the high def version, beautiful!

Please note: In the trailer we get our first glimpse of Sigma co-founder, producer and actor Alastair Mackenzie, here in this shot w/Eva Green

Monday, January 17, 2011

Eilidh Brown Charity Concert Raises £15,000

Previously we learned of a lovely young woman named Eilidh Brown, and a charity appeal held in her honor to raise money for those families affect by cancer. Actor Jamie Sives holds this charity dear to his heart, and as we also hold Jamie dear, many of us were delighted to learn there was to be a concert held to raise funds for the appeal where Jamie was to make his public singing debut, which was also to feature a number of appearances and songs from several celebrities including Jon Fratelli and Scotland's own Billy Boyd and his band Beecake. Despite the multiple attempts by many of us to hear detailed news, photos and videos of the event held over the weekend that have thus far been disappointing, thanks go to the folks at Daily Record, we have now learned that the sold-out event raised about £15,000-fantastic news indeed! :))) Fingers crossed we might still yet get to see some photos/videos from the event!!

Eilidh's dad, the actor Gordon Brown, is quoted as saying: "It's taken seven months to put this together and it's great seeing it coming to fruition. The support's been amazing. "The first question Eilidh would have asked is, 'Why are they doing this for me?' She was a very modest girl."

On their official fb, organizers for the appeal posted:

Eilidh's concert was fantastic! It was a wonderful night where those who love and knew Eilidh worked hard to make it a big success. Thank you to all came to the concert to share this special night with the family and raise money for the respite home the memorial fund is looking to build.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Great news! What a great way to honor a lovely girl taken far too soon, so very cool and very beautiful!! This fantastic charity appeal of course does NOT end now, and if you can and are willing, be sure to check out and DONATE to the Eilidh Brown Memorial Appeal and the 500 heroes fundraiser. There's those sayings about it takes a village, and a home is made more of than just bricks-here's a way a whole GLOBAL VILLAGE can help build a home for those who are facing truly tough battles and need their dearest close to them-please consider helping.

Thanks again to Jamie for letting me know about this charity, and sending continuing good thoughts support and much love to those involved in such a wonderful effort! Peace and Love are always the answer.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

David Mackenzie Interview part of USA Today feature on Sundance

Sigma's own David Mackenzie is featured today in a new piece from USA Today on the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. In the article, David comments on his new "Perfect Sense" movie which is making the world premiere in the US on January 24, with David noting about the snowy setting for the festival:"Everyone is wearing ski clothes and woolly hats," "It's not the red carpet."

The article continues:

Love is on the screen

Perfect Sense. People across the globe begin to suffer strange symptoms, affecting the emotions, then the senses. Will the human race weather a global pandemic? Against this backdrop, an epidemiologist (Green) and a chef (McGregor) begin a romance.

"I'm looking forward to the experience of putting it before an audience," director MacKenzie says. "Ultimately, it's a very life-affirming movie, and yet it's dealing with some things that might not appear in that direction.

"It's about senses, it's about love, it's about loss," he says. "It's about what it means to be alive."

Perfect Sense stars Ewan McGregor, Eva Green and Ewen Bremner

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Look: "Perfect Sense" Official Poster w/New Photo of Ewan McGregor & Eva Green

Check it out! Our first look at the official poster for David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" at Sundance Film Festival! New too is a cool photo of stars Ewan McGregor and Eva Green

Opening night tickets to the screening of the film on Monday, 24 January at Sundance are now WAIT LIST ONLY; same holds true for the screening on Saturday, 29 January. Tickets for the remaining screenings held during the week at the festival ARE AVAILABLE with open ticket sales to begin on Saturday the 17th-Good luck to those hoping to catch the latest film from Sigma at the festival! :)
UPDATE: Hello and thanks to HEYUGUYS for the mention and link, much appreciated! If new readers are interested, be sure to check out THIS LINK that contains the making of posts for Perfect Sense (then known as The Last Word) that includes many onset onlocation photos

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Colin Kennedy's I LOVE LUCI Premieres in Australia

I LOVE LUCI, the award-winning hit short film from Sigma and Colin Kennedy remarkably continues to travel the globe, making a premiere this weekend in Australia! Thats great news! Part of the Flickerfest short film festival, Luci will screen tonight and then again on Monday as part of the "Best of International 1" group. This is great news for Luci, which, as promised before, will continue to travel the world...lucky girl ;) No word yet on that possible international distribution deal, however will continue to follow Luci as best I can on her travels in the new year.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mark the Calendar, It's Time for Some Jamie Sives!

New Year, new calendar ahead, chock full of some great things, including new work from Jamie Sives. Important dates to add:

January 15: Jamie makes public singing debut at the special Eilidh Brown charity concert (event is SOLD OUT) We are hopeful someone will take pics/video will be available, but as always anyone attending please PLEASE send in your reports pics etc to (or anony comments too always welcome!)

BBC Outcasts-According to the Guardian this starts Feb? Uncertain at this posting. Jamie guest stars in episode three, so will update this once finalized this weekend at the TCA.

APRIL 17-GAME OF THRONES premieres- JAMIE /Jory, my shining knight ;) ON YOUR TELLY, BRING IT ON ON ON!
PS-anyone else think this is Jamie in the newly released pic w/King Mark Addy?

JULY 8: According to Focus Features, Lone Scherfig's One Day film is released...and THE BEARD RETURNS!
:D :D :D

Please note: I noticed a few discrepancies regarding this date for One Day. The official FB page and press from Focus Features now very clearly state July 8 (not the 7th as some reports) However, thanks to Darcylicious (Tom Mison) for reminding the launching films website still has the UK release date at the previously announced Sept 30th date. Boo! Will update with more as we can.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DVD Roundup

With the dreary winter days and nights still ahead here, now is the perfect time to burrow on the sofa and catch up on some great dvds. Here's a few suggestions and reminders ;)

MONSTER MUTT w/Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie. Now available in the US and Canada, you can get this family friendly film from Todd Tucker (with Al in a funny role) at Walmart, Amazon and more. Enjoy!

OUTCAST w/the fabulous Kate Dickie, James Cosmo and James Nesbitt. Filmed in Scotland, the DVD is now set to be released in the UK shortly on 17 January; pre-orders now available from Amazonuk and Play.

Shellshock (known as Triage in US/most of world) Danis Tanovic's story of war photographers featuring excellent turns from star Colin Farrell and our beloved Jamie Sives, this is due on DVD 28 February, with pre-orders here at Amazon uk and Play.

HALLAM FOE- great deals on this excellent film from Sigma and David Mackenzie can be found at Amazon uk, Amazon us
David's other films:
Last Great Wilderness (w/Alastair )
Young Adam

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Perfect Good Sense: Great Year Ahead for Sigma!

With a new year comes the hope wishes and dreams of many good things, including those for a wonderful year ahead for the readers of this blog.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the time you've taken to stop by, read, and perhaps learn a bit about the people and work written about here. I hope its been of some use. I try very hard to keep up with Sigma who are so brilliant so original and so worth learning about; I'm most certainly not perfect and want to do so much more with this site this year!, but I hope there's been something that's been worthwhile. Same holds for Jamie Sives-I love you Jamie, I will back you and support you and never stop spreading the word about you and your talent! I hope many more people will continue to follow his work, for he's got another great year ahead. Both he and the truly outstanding people of Sigma have been most MOST generous with their time, patience, and support. I love them all, Colin and Brian esp. rock my world, have for years, and will always have my continued support admiration and well.. I have no shame in saying that I wish only continued good things for them in the year and years to come.

Most of all, the many private mails and comments have made THE difference-thank you from the bottom of my heart. Esp to those who follow on Twitter, new friends made, and old ones retained. A big hug and thanks again to the fellow fansites and to Ollie and Helge (I miss you!) xxxx
Cheers to you all for a healthy happy and joyful year ahead!!!!

It surely is going to be a wonderful year ahead for Sigma Films! At least three films will be released, the first is of course David Mackenzie's Perfect Sense, which will premiere in just a few weeks at the Sundance Film Festival. They've released David's statement on the movie, which reads as follows:

The film is talking about day-to-day things. It’s about how people cope with terrible changes rather than the disaster itself. That’s one of the things I found amazing and challenging about it. We agreed on creating a poetic version of the story rather than a big splashy special effects-version of it. You could have re-designed it as an 80 million Hollywood movie with lots of special effects and bombast, if you wanted to do. But we were very conscious that we didn’t want to do that. We decided to be low-key and to maximize the micro-cosmic, to keep it minimal, to pull it back from all the tropes and tricks. To push the envelope of the romance – push the genre inwards not outwards. There was an instinct that told me not to be too grandiose about it, because the story is grandiose enough in itself.

Other key things:
Colin Kennedy's I LOVE LUCI short continues to do well-did you see the great news on the official site? Luci will be touring this year and possible distribution is in the works-AWESOME! Colin wrote "...Luci will continue to tour the globe in the festival circuit next year with Candella Films as part of a selection of the best films to emerge from the UK in 2010 and we also hope to announce an international distribution deal in the very near future."


Plus there is Citadel, You Instead, and much more in the works! Jamie Sives will be SINGING at the Eilidh Brown Memorial Concert too on January 15 (TICKETS NOW SOLD OUT AWESOME CONGRATS. PLEASE PLEASE IF YOU ARE GOING VIDEO /PHOTOS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :D) Plus he has GoT coming to a screen near you soon and the One Day film (lolz again to the beard) Who knows what goodies he has up his sleeve; whatever it is its going to be great! :))

Stay well, stay healthy be happy and stay tuned please, many good and great things lie ahead!