Friday, January 7, 2011

Mark the Calendar, It's Time for Some Jamie Sives!

New Year, new calendar ahead, chock full of some great things, including new work from Jamie Sives. Important dates to add:

January 15: Jamie makes public singing debut at the special Eilidh Brown charity concert (event is SOLD OUT) We are hopeful someone will take pics/video will be available, but as always anyone attending please PLEASE send in your reports pics etc to (or anony comments too always welcome!)

BBC Outcasts-According to the Guardian this starts Feb? Uncertain at this posting. Jamie guest stars in episode three, so will update this once finalized this weekend at the TCA.

APRIL 17-GAME OF THRONES premieres- JAMIE /Jory, my shining knight ;) ON YOUR TELLY, BRING IT ON ON ON!
PS-anyone else think this is Jamie in the newly released pic w/King Mark Addy?

JULY 8: According to Focus Features, Lone Scherfig's One Day film is released...and THE BEARD RETURNS!
:D :D :D

Please note: I noticed a few discrepancies regarding this date for One Day. The official FB page and press from Focus Features now very clearly state July 8 (not the 7th as some reports) However, thanks to Darcylicious (Tom Mison) for reminding the launching films website still has the UK release date at the previously announced Sept 30th date. Boo! Will update with more as we can.


  1. You totally just made my day by linking to my site (!!

    So excited for the movie - there was a test screening 45 minutes from my house last month that I was unable to make, which killed me. That early US release date takes the sting out just a little. ;)

  2. Hi Lizzie
    You have a wonderful site for an excellent actor; Tom is fantastic!

    Gah the release dates... which are always such a pain to pin down-hopefully there wont be too much of a delay between US/UK , should be all at once EVERYWHERE :D but heh if fans ruled the world right? :)

    Thanks much for the update and for stopping by! :)