Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DVD Roundup

With the dreary winter days and nights still ahead here, now is the perfect time to burrow on the sofa and catch up on some great dvds. Here's a few suggestions and reminders ;)

MONSTER MUTT w/Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie. Now available in the US and Canada, you can get this family friendly film from Todd Tucker (with Al in a funny role) at Walmart, Amazon and more. Enjoy!

OUTCAST w/the fabulous Kate Dickie, James Cosmo and James Nesbitt. Filmed in Scotland, the DVD is now set to be released in the UK shortly on 17 January; pre-orders now available from Amazonuk and Play.

Shellshock (known as Triage in US/most of world) Danis Tanovic's story of war photographers featuring excellent turns from star Colin Farrell and our beloved Jamie Sives, this is due on DVD 28 February, with pre-orders here at Amazon uk and Play.

HALLAM FOE- great deals on this excellent film from Sigma and David Mackenzie can be found at Amazon uk, Amazon us
David's other films:
Last Great Wilderness (w/Alastair )
Young Adam

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