Wednesday, January 19, 2011

David Mackenzie and the Beauty of Light and Dark

There is light...there is dark...there is the masterful talent shown once again as witnessed in the new trailer (now in HD) for David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense." Tis GORGEOUS; David, Gilles and the whole team have outdone themselves in a beautifully crafted piece...a piece of contrast contradiction, yet utter simplicity: it's quiet anguish, sensual, scary, yin and yang all at once. One might say well duh yes of course that's basic classic filming making heh... and yet we dont always see it do we now?? no no I think so. A trailer is supposed to entice you, entrance you hook you, and with this trailer we are seduced by the simple contrasts in lovely sensual manner that is just terrific! A clever way to show a basic story, one that we all can relate to in one fashion, and make it seem original and fresh.I loved the timeless theme of contrasts, of man and woman, sensual and scary of black, white, light and dark in the trailer. Classic wonderful fantastic David starts out the trailer in that stunning stark yet simple shot of Eva and Connie I think walking on a beach. This type of shot is why I adore David, he's a wonderful director when it comes to this, truly truly.

He continues to use those basic contrasts in the whole piece and it works I think to great effect. Love is complex and easy and sexy and messy and scary and wonderful and just like that, David gives us his vision of love, an emotion that takes over your senses, set against a backdrop where your senses are gone-gah I cant wait for this film, and leave it to David to give me different perspective on the same ole same ole-same yes, but not the same. This is basic, simple, stunning-wonderful work David and Co!

PS...I was also rather dorkishly glad to see that some of the scenes I covered here when the film was made in Oct 2009.. made it into the trailer- yay for Sunday in the Park with Eva and Ewan :)

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