Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Photos from David Mackenzie's "Spread" Plus Ashton Kutcher Weighs in On Trailer Trouble

There is some good news, and perhaps some troubling news today regarding David Mackenzie's "Spread" which will be making its UK debut at the Edinburgh Film Festival in a few weeks. First, courtesy of the fine festival folks, I have some brand new photos from the film here on my flickr, including what I think is vintage Mackenzie with a gorgeous shot of Ashton over LA, and this of co-star Anne Heche (also seen in the single preview clip of the movie. Tickets do remain available for the film which screens June 22 and 24th. Ashton's name was NOT included in the list of stars released due to attend EIFF, so dunno if he will be there alas

Speaking of previews, for the nearly two million of us who follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, today we got some news on the delay in a formal trailer for the movie, which will open wide on August 15.
In a series of tweets, Ashton described the stone aged wall he's hit from the MPAA resisting approving the trailer. Ashton is quite open and honest about the film noting:

"I'm having to battle over a shot of a girls ass in a bathing suit and me have half clothed sex w/ a woman for the trailer 4 Spread"
Not trying to make excuses he says honestly " the movie is a hard R and it should B. But there a different restrictions on the trailer even if U preview on other R movies" and also "the movie is a hard R (border line nc17) & I accept that, ths is just 4 the trailer"

Ashton rightly points out how terribly conservative the movie ratings are in this country when it comes to sex, yet horrible, obscenely violent films and trailers get shown all the time. He laments "
The reason sex is Hot button 4 the MPAA is b/c thr R a lot of parents that dont wnt 2 take the time 2 explain things 2 their kids." He continued to encourage healthy discussion with children on sex and then states "I'm not saying that "Spread" is a movie 4 the kids, I just think seeing a butt cheek & dry humping in a trailer isn't gonna hurt any1"

No word on when or now IF we are going to get a proper trailer for the film any time soon alas, but Sweetonsigmafilms applauds you Ashton for sticking up for what you believe in

New Interview with Tiernan Kelly of Film City Glasgow (Updated)

Long time readers of this blog will know that I am not only a fan of the movies and works of Sigma Films, but also the people and place around them, namely that of Film City Glasgow. Once a building left to ages past, its been restored and bestowed with new purpose and vigor, and is now the site -in my opinion-of the most prolific flourishing film company in Scotland. There is a new article now online this week, highlighting the efforts ongoing in Glasgow to create a large digital complex, a place where film, television and all sorts of digital communications are gathered along the river Clyde. In the article below, you can learn more about Film City Glasgow, home to Sigma Films, Serious Facilities, Savalas Sound and other outstanding media companies in Scotland. They speak with Tiernan Kelly who runs things at Film City Glasgow, (also seen in my dearly treasured photo above or here via my flickr). You can learn more about Film City Glasgow at the official website or join the Facebook group. Quotes of interest from the article are as follows:

A five minute walk along the Clyde brings you to Film City Glasgow, a major redevelopment of the old Govan Town Hall building, incorporating a filming studio, post production facilities, permanent and short-term production office space, a cafĂ© and an art workshop. Film City Glasgow is already home to Sigma Films, Savalas Sound Studios, Serious Facilities, plus one of Europe’s only Dolby Premier mixing theatres. The facility has recently added KEO Films (the award-winning production company behind Channel 4’s “River Cottage” series) to its list of permanent tenants.

“Film City is a great example of indigenous ideas and talent being supported by local strategic partners on an ambitious level,” said Film City’s Operations Manager, Tiernan Kelly. “The project got off the ground when Gillian Berrie of Sigma Films, frustrated by the lack of facilities available in Glasgow, looked to the Danish Film industry for inspiration, most significantly, to Filmbyen, a media hub created by Zentropa Films in decommissioned army barracks just outside Copenhagen.”

With the assistance of Glasgow City Council, Scottish Enterprise and the European Regional Development Fund £3.5 million was raised to redevelop the town hall into a state of the art production facility.

Kelly said: “Most of the major productions filmed in Scotland in the last few years – films such as ‘Red Road’ and ‘Sword of Destiny’ – have filmed or had production office here at Film City. We actually have a film called ‘Legacy’ in production at the moment, which you’ll definitely hear more about in months to come. The very existence of a facility such as Film City in Glasgow engenders confidence, belief and, in turn, investment in the indigenous industry.”

Kelly points to the fact that both the post-production companies based at Film City Glasgow – Savalas Sound and Serious Facilities - are now preferred suppliers to BBC Scotland as evidence of the close collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas taking place between companies based at the DMQ.

UPDATE: Sunday Herald has more tonight on Film City Glasgow being used as base for new film "Legacy" starring the two from THE WIRE. The piece notes that the city is standing in for Brooklyn. Having spent and still do spend much time in Brooklyn, I have heard this about Glasgow time and time again; cant wait to find out myself (just hope the Thai food and the tea shops are as good :P)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Scene! Dougray Scott, Alastair Mackenzie in Richard Jobson's "New Town Killers"

CHECK IT OUT! New extended clip of Alastair Mackenzie and Dougray Scott in New Town Killers, written and directed by Richard Jobson. NTK opens in Edinburgh on June 11.

PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE THE NEW POSTER, Sigma films Alastair Mackenzie looks so badass, very cool poster :)

PPS: I live, barely. Very very sorry for lack of updates and posts. Been overwhelmed with other great project now concluded, plus Im quite ill at moment alas. Silver lining I guess laying in bed makes time to get caught up on mails and such, more updates soon

Monday, May 18, 2009

SWEET VIDEO: FIRST LOOK at Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci, plus 2 minute clip of Valhalla Rising with Mads Online!!!

Check it out!!!
Today we have quite a treat: our first look at I Love Luci!!!
A Sigma films short, you can see the first footage of Camila Rutherford and Colin at work in the new film written & directed by Sigma's own Colin Kennedy and produced by Brian Coffey of Sigma! LOL at all the sugar hahaha, SWEET Business indeed Colin!!!!xx

Part of a special promo being screened at Cannes, you can see the first footage below at 7:30 in to the spot. Bonus too is A NEW SCENE from Richard Jobson's New Town Killers, featuring a very dangerous Dougray Scott in pursuit of James Anthony Pearson (that starts at approx 1:42) Finally you can see A SHORTED VERSION OF the previously released TRAILER for Valhalla Rising at the end which stars Mads Mikkelsen- BOOOOOO YOU CUT OUT JAMIE SIVES, WHY???suckage.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please note that this same promo reel is on the website WITH A BRAND NEW CLIP OF MADS IN VALHALLA RISING, but the SOUND DOES NOT WORK!!! AGGGH!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Uk film council/center/scottish screen people, can someone please fix that video????
You can see that video here, sans audio. While no Jamie Sives I could see alas, this Valhalla Rising clip is of Mads fighting when tied to the pole that we've seen in all those promo pics, tis freaking awesome, 2 minutes long, and its at the very end! Check it out!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keeping up with Kate

Time for a quick update regarding a fabulous actress, Kate Dickie, star of Sigma's Red Road and the upcoming Donkeys. Kate is a very busy actress, having filmed Outcast earlier this year, and other projects that are now making the news.

Kate will be making a new film for BBC 2 called "Dive," which will also feature Ewan Bremner (Hallam Foe). In the two part drama Kate will be playing a diving coach named Alison. The press release says this of the film:This coming-of-age drama offers a refreshing stance on the subject of teenage pregnancy and the pressures of growing up in the UK in the 21st century.

Kate Dickie can also be seen in films at the Edinburgh Film Festival (although not yet for Donkeys alas) She is appearing in a short film called "Believe" which was directed by Paul Wright. Mr. Wright is one of the directors taking part in Sigma's Advance Party II project, and Colin even noted earlier how good this short film was. The Press & Journal reports "Believe is the story of Lewis, a man recently widowed, who is unable to accept his wife’s death and the reality of life without her, prompting his behaviour to become increasingly distressed and eccentric.
Believe will screen at the Edinburgh Film Festival June 27; ticket info here.

Kate also has a part in a serious drama called "Wasted" that focuses on the life two teen runaways face on the streets. You can see the trailer for this film here. Wasted screens first on June 19

Click here, go now to get a ticket to this film starring the omni present Ashton Kutchers (i figure he will be there, tweets surely to follow ;p) JUNE 22 GO NOW, tickets are going fast!

Friday, May 15, 2009

New From Sigma Films: David Mackenzie to Direct "The Last Word" Starring Ewan McGregor

As a follow to the post below, The Hollywood Reporter now has more on the great news:

SIGMA FILMS PRESENTS: David Mackenzie to direct Ewan McGregor in "The Last Word."

A Sigma Films production, backed by long time partner Zentropa, David Mackenzie will reunite with his Young Adam star for a "love story set in a city where people are slowly losing their sensory perceptions."

Written by Danish author Kim Fupz Aakeson, primary production on The Last Word is set to being September in Scotland.

CONGRATULATIONS DAVID AND SIGMA! Cheers to another great film ahead!
:) xxxxx You can read more about Sigma Films here, or here via their official blog

NOTE: Another project David is to undertake, LONDON FIELDS is apparently still on the table, for just this week, teh IMDB status (and on David's) has now gone to "Pre-production" so perhaps David will indeed be shooting that later this fall :) wooot GO DAVID GO!

Big News! David Mackenzie to Make New Film with Ewan McGregor This August in Scotland

BREAKING and BIG NEWS! Sigma's own David Mackenzie will be reunited with his Young Adam star, acclaimed actor Ewan McGregor for a new film. In the slew of press for Angels and Demons, Ewan McGregor stated:

I've got the summer off and then I go back to Scotland in August to do a film with my friend David Mackenzie who I did 'Young Adam' with. We're doing a second film up there.

No word if this is Stain in the Snow, or what the heck film this is, but this sorry is a
Even better cause I'll be in Scotland then, omg *dies*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Emergency! One Night with Jamie Sives Required!

One night with Jamie would make this sweet girl humble...

Ahem, No no I'm not drunk and delirious in the middle of the day again, I'm talking about an actual new TV special from the BBC called One Night in Emergency that will star none other than my favorite Jamie Sives!!!

wooooohoooo! According to this press release from the BBC, this new special will feature an all star cast including not only Jamie Sives, but other stars from past Sigma Films productions and the great Scottish film industry: James Cosmo, star of Sigmas Red Road and the upcoming Donkeys, and Outcast with Katie Dickie, Ewan Bremner, Jamie's co-star and great actor from David Mackenzie's Hallam Foe, Gary Lewis, co star in Valhalla Rising, Sanjeev Kohli who Im pretty certain appears in Colin Kennedy's upcoming I Love Luci short film. The lead role goes to Jamie's co-star from One Last Chance, and currently seen to great critical aclaim on US hit TV show Grey's Anatomy, Kevin McKidd.
Written by playwright Greg Burke, this is described as "something mythical and One Night In Emergency is a modern interpretation of Homer's The Odyssey set within a hospital environment with surreal twists and turns," the press release says the film "charts Peter's (McKidd) other-worldly journey through an inner-city hospital as he desperately searches for his wife, Penny. As Peter ventures deep into the labyrinthine building, he is drawn into a surreal, parallel world, encountering strange characters along the way including his nemesis, a One-Eyed Security Guard." You can read more about the show, here.

FILMING BEGAN THIS WEEK in Glasgow! Produced in part by Scottish Screen and is a Silver River Production, One Night in Emergency is set to air on BBC Scotland sometime later this year. The film is also being directed by Michael Offer, who directed Jamie in BBC's The Passion. No idea if they are using Film City Glasgow for base since BBC Scotland is involved but this is fantastic news!!!! Bonus points to those who will remember this for the Six degrees of Sigma game in the future :P

Ps- Dear The Herald, you fail as you conveniently forget to mention Jamie Sives' name in the article, booooooo!

Peace out, me, very happy indeed

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, David Mackenzie

Sunny sweet thoughts as Happy Birthday wishes are the order of the day for Sigma co-founder and director great David Mackenzie. Cheers to you David!

Also thinking of fellow mums today as we are celebrating Mother's Day here in the US.

Cannes Watch: Trailer for "Its a Wonderful Afterlife" to Screen, Irish Films to Promote "Triage"

Cannes Watch: In addition to the news about the work and guidelines created by Sigma Films and Advance Party being featured at the film festival, word today that two film starring my favorite actor Jamie Sives will also be in the spotlight at Cannes this week.

First a special trailer for Gurinder Chadha's "It's a Wonderful AfterLife" will screen for buyers ONLY at Cannes. According to this article, the film has already been sold by Hanway films to nine countries, fingers crossed we will get to see it here in the States. Doubt any of us lowly fans will get to see this, but glad to hear they are actively promoting the film.

Also, the Irish Times reiterates that Danis Tanovic's Triage starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Sives will indeed be featured and for sale at Cannes. Still waiting on the trailer of course for the movie which I think is supposed to come out in late fall/holiday

Finally, according to the UK Film Centre, Outcast, starring Katie Dickie and James Nesbitt will be promoted to buyers at the famous film festival held in Cannes this week in France.

LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY people who get to see glimpses of these films

peace out :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Panel Featuring Sigma Films' Advance Party II Series Due at Cannes

This month, the UK Film Center at Cannes will be the site of a feature on Sigma Films ground breaking Advance Party II. Scottish Screen is presenting a panel on co-collaboration in films, citing the excellent and successful methods created and used by Sigma in their projects, now with Advance Party 2 and the relationship and work with fellows Zentropa and Subtoica from Ireland. A presentation on all of this will take place at the esteemed film festival in France Tuesday 19 May, 10.45 - 11.45

You can read more about this new ground breaking series of eight films from Sigma and Co via this link.

Very cool indeed. Not sure who all from Sigma will be there to present, hopefully Gillian, and we can learn more about the Advance Party 2. Advance Party -this a trilogy- of course featured the award winning Red Road, directed by Andrea Arnold and starring Katie Dickie and Tony Curran. The second film Rounding Up Donkeys or just Donkeys from Morag Mckinnon and also starring Katie Dickie due for release later this year.

Sigma Films was created by Gillian Berrie, director David Mackenzie and actor Alastair Mackenzie. Located at Film City Glasgow, this Independent film production company has created such award winning and acclaimed films such as Red Road, Hallam Foe, Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself, Dear Frankie among others. You can read more about Sigma Films and their various works at the official blog written by Colin Kennedy here, or via the official Sigma Films website, here.

Beep Beep! Speedy Sives Coming Through!

"Baby you can drive my car, Yes Jamie youre my star, baby you can drive my car, and Jamie I looooveee you... beep beep'm beep beep YEAH~


There is a random and sort of fun article now online regarding my most favorite actor Jamie Sives, and his new film "It's a Wonderful Afterlife." In the film, Jamie is playing a police detective, and this article from Metro features the director Gurinder Chadha discussing working with actors and cars, noting that the new film "features five cars, including an SUV, an ambulance and a police car, each carefully chosen for their character by Chadha and her art department. “You might not notice them, but because they belong to the character they should be there. You need to employ an action vehicle person whose job it is to just move the cars around.”

Cool~ No word if Jamie is going to be plowing through the streets of London, ala Starsky and Hutch style, but this next part cracked me up as the article continued:
Meanwhile, actors have to be insured on their characters’ cars — and drive them. The previous day, one of Chadha’s actors plowed into a fence; some can’t even drive at all. “In those situations you just turn the engine on and cut there, turn the engine off, and then someone pushes it from the back so it looks as if they’re starting to pull off.”

hahah! no word if it was Jamie doing the plowing, but I figure not lol. He's driven in movies before or thru the magic of Hollywood made it look like hes driven in other films, most recently driving an ambulance. I'd trust him to drive my car any ole time thats for sure! ;)

On a serious note though, the piece does mention how tricky it can be to shoot scenes in cars. One good reminder/example of this can be witnessed from the recent production of New Town Killers, featuring Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie, who has several scenes in the car. Director Richard Jobson has posted on his website many excellent behind the scenes photos involving setting up shots for the car etc. Check them out here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

David Mackenzie's "Spread" to Screen at Edinburgh Film Festival

Good news this morning! In what is being called its "International Premiere,"the newest film from Sigma's own David Mackenzie will be screening this year at the Edinburgh Film Festival. "Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche, is among those to show during the famed festival which runs June 17-28th. UPDATE: This film by David Mackenzie will be a Gala event, and screen JUNE 22, then again on June 24. Tickets will go on sale on May 8th.

Also, Andrea Arnold, she of the excellent Red Road, will be showing her new film "Fish Tank." This film will screen June 21, 24th. Disappointing but NO word yet and not looking good for the actual followup to Red Road, "Rounding Up Donkeys," the second in the Advance Party trilogy.

Spread of course debuted earlier this year at Sundance, and was sold to Anchor Bay which will be releasing the movie in theaters August 14. Had been uncertain about going to EFF this year, as I went to Sundance specifically to see David and his new film, but he was not there (only saw Ashton twice, once from far away where I was sitting during film, the other surrounded by fleet of photographers) One can only hope David will be in Edinburgh for this of course, as he has always had I think warm reception for his films (Hallam Foe was well received there) Hopefully Mr. Kutcher and his wife will make the festival, which should be I think a fairly solid event this year. :) More when I get it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I Spy with My Little Eye Detective Jamie Sives!

I spy...with my fangirl eye...what seems to be our first look at Detective Hughes aka JAMIE SIVES at work in his new film "It's a Wonderful Afterlife"
As noted in the post below IBN has this report, but because I am made of epic fail today PATHETIC, I just now see the video from the set (and interviews with everyone save Jamie naturally bah humbug) and nearly choked on my beer. Nonetheless, despite the absurd quick edits Im pretty sure that's Jamie Jamie JAMIE standing about looking all smart and businesslike in his suit not to mention freakin handsome (and as he told us in the interview, no beard :D) GAH I adore him soo much! Made my night, again :)))))
Anyway, many quick shots with Jamie standing in the background as they set up the shots, wooot! Will try and get better quality video of this for sure! SO HAPPY!!!
As a reminder of Jamie said in my interview with him about working with Sendhil and being part of this new production: "I'm having fun on IAWA. Ghurinder is great and I'm working with the lovely Mark Addy and my mate Sendhil Ramamurthy, whom you may know from Heroes. He lives in LA, so its great to have him here for a while. He's also a good mate of my best friend JJ Feild, so we're all spending some time together.

May be this month I will get a clue.....a clue about what is going on with things I blog about here. Maybe.. we will hear some news this week on what is going on with Sigma these days.
Alls been very very silent from the Sigma front; but perhaps that the quiet before the spring Sigma storm a bloomin' ... or something ;)

Maybe... good news this week, as they announce the Edinburgh Film Festival lineup. At this point I've pratically run out of hope on actual info on Rounding up Donkeys (or is it officially Donkeys?), but who knows; no idea if they've done test screens or what is going on with that, so for those -and yes in fact there are many who have asked- I simply have no idea what is going on with that, sorry :(

Same for the Advance Party II films. No idea when all that is going to go into action. Yes the blog page has been up for months on getyourpeople; fingers crossed there will be some beginnings in the next few weeks or so. Thats a huge undertaking I should think, eight films and crews and all thats involved takes a great deal of planning and co-ordination-even on wee budgets that would still mean considerable planning, so I reckon we may hear about them going into production this summer I hope. BTW Scottish Screen ran a piece in the latest RoughCuts on Advance Party II which basically was the press release on the new project. There is also a full page ad for the excellent Serious Facilities, which of course are based at FCG and part of the Trifecta of S.

Still no word on official ticket info for the opening and subsequent screenings/areas it will be playing for Richard Jobson's New Town Killers,starring Sigmas own Alastair Mackenzie and of course Dougray Scott. Heard its at the Omni Vue in Edinburgh and will be a party afterward on June 11, but as for when it opens wide (at least in UK) no idea. As noted before Richard Jobson was a guest at Sci-Fi London. A friend attended one of his panels, said Mr. J was eloquent and blunt and impressive as usual; not sure how the screening of his Digital film went.

Film City Glasgow will be hopping this summer I know, with at least films basing there (doesnt seem to word on Jamie Bell and Legion of the Ninth alas). On their official Facebook group page, its been noted that "We also are welcoming back Black Camel Productions to the building. They are joining us until June and will be building a set and filming in Film City. Finestripe Productions are are basing their production of "The Week We Went To War" at Film City and will be with us until September.

Jamie Sives watch (cause he's all gloriously part of the territory here). Small bit of news today regarding It's a Wonderful Afterlife, where we learn that like Jamie in the film, Sendhil Ramamurthy of Heroes fame (and mate of Jamie) is also playing a police detective. "I am the south Indian detective who is brought in to investigate the murders. So I'm a bit of an outsider trying to fit into the community as it's all north Indian. In fact even on the sets, everyone was making fun of me and even the food is all north Indian," said Sendhil." I believe that film should be wrapping main photography in the next week or so? Bonus: You can see Jamie all this month, as Showtime is screening Love and other Disasters multiple times, schedule here.
Adorable film, Sweet Findlay i would have saved you :)))

Random: Camilla Rutherford, Colin Kennedy's leading lady in "I Love Luci," was recently featured in the Telegraph, in a piece about her life and homes now as a single mom. Totally could relate to that, as tis just me and my boy here, but alas certainly dont have a posh Victorian flat, which seemed quite lovely. My home on the other hand is the smallest in the hood and generally the one where the neighbors stroll by and frown at the random assortment of bikes, unkept garden with stray weed and my deliberately hideous garden gnome, plus the location of kool-aid stands and bowls outside to feed the stray cats that roam the neighborhood... and was recently the site of a victory. Still following along? ;p Yes, I was ever so proud as I finally got down a stray (hugely annoying but somewhat amusing to me) left over Christmas small reindeer statue that had blown up on the roof during one of unending storms this winter, got freakily stuck by the chimney. I managed to haul it down myself without breaking either my neck or back this weekend, and provided another source of amusement and scorn for the jackass 6 foot 4 neighbor who sat on his back porch pounding beer with his four smelly golfing buddies and watched me do this all myself and didnt offer to help. pfftt! Aw how I long for days when chivalry and actually helping out others still existed!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paging Doctor Sives!

Doctor Doctor give me the news, I've got a bad case of lovin' you.... :D

It's Doc Sives to the rescue this week, as Last Chance Harvey will be released on DVD on Tuesday. My most favorite actor Jamie Sives lends a helping hand to Dustin Hoffman towards the end of this film, and as he noted in our interview, it was only one scene, but still very cool, and yes (in my continuing pursuit of unturned stones ;p) you can see a pic of the good doctor at work here---->

UPDATE: DVD Snapshot is giving away Five Blu Rays, and Five standard LCHarvey DVDs, easy entry here ; early dvd review here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spread Soundtrack Preview from DJ APLUSK

Its a new month and Spring is actually sorta kinda arriving here in the States, so its time for some new music to celebrate, courtesy of master blaster himself, DJ APLUSK. Yes, while he now has a million in his tribe, the guru has been spreading the good word of songs from his upcoming new film directed by David Mackenzie "Spread" I have not done this Blip thing which seems cool enough I suppose (but growing due to the music man's tweets ;0) Right, lend and ear and you shall hear, songs from Spread, out August 14th starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche
Duke Spirit-This Ship Was Built to Last

Sea Wolf-The Garden You Planted

Reeve Carney Think of You (link to their youtube channel)