Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Interview with Tiernan Kelly of Film City Glasgow (Updated)

Long time readers of this blog will know that I am not only a fan of the movies and works of Sigma Films, but also the people and place around them, namely that of Film City Glasgow. Once a building left to ages past, its been restored and bestowed with new purpose and vigor, and is now the site -in my opinion-of the most prolific flourishing film company in Scotland. There is a new article now online this week, highlighting the efforts ongoing in Glasgow to create a large digital complex, a place where film, television and all sorts of digital communications are gathered along the river Clyde. In the article below, you can learn more about Film City Glasgow, home to Sigma Films, Serious Facilities, Savalas Sound and other outstanding media companies in Scotland. They speak with Tiernan Kelly who runs things at Film City Glasgow, (also seen in my dearly treasured photo above or here via my flickr). You can learn more about Film City Glasgow at the official website or join the Facebook group. Quotes of interest from the article are as follows:

A five minute walk along the Clyde brings you to Film City Glasgow, a major redevelopment of the old Govan Town Hall building, incorporating a filming studio, post production facilities, permanent and short-term production office space, a cafĂ© and an art workshop. Film City Glasgow is already home to Sigma Films, Savalas Sound Studios, Serious Facilities, plus one of Europe’s only Dolby Premier mixing theatres. The facility has recently added KEO Films (the award-winning production company behind Channel 4’s “River Cottage” series) to its list of permanent tenants.

“Film City is a great example of indigenous ideas and talent being supported by local strategic partners on an ambitious level,” said Film City’s Operations Manager, Tiernan Kelly. “The project got off the ground when Gillian Berrie of Sigma Films, frustrated by the lack of facilities available in Glasgow, looked to the Danish Film industry for inspiration, most significantly, to Filmbyen, a media hub created by Zentropa Films in decommissioned army barracks just outside Copenhagen.”

With the assistance of Glasgow City Council, Scottish Enterprise and the European Regional Development Fund £3.5 million was raised to redevelop the town hall into a state of the art production facility.

Kelly said: “Most of the major productions filmed in Scotland in the last few years – films such as ‘Red Road’ and ‘Sword of Destiny’ – have filmed or had production office here at Film City. We actually have a film called ‘Legacy’ in production at the moment, which you’ll definitely hear more about in months to come. The very existence of a facility such as Film City in Glasgow engenders confidence, belief and, in turn, investment in the indigenous industry.”

Kelly points to the fact that both the post-production companies based at Film City Glasgow – Savalas Sound and Serious Facilities - are now preferred suppliers to BBC Scotland as evidence of the close collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas taking place between companies based at the DMQ.

UPDATE: Sunday Herald has more tonight on Film City Glasgow being used as base for new film "Legacy" starring the two from THE WIRE. The piece notes that the city is standing in for Brooklyn. Having spent and still do spend much time in Brooklyn, I have heard this about Glasgow time and time again; cant wait to find out myself (just hope the Thai food and the tea shops are as good :P)

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