Monday, May 4, 2009

I Spy with My Little Eye Detective Jamie Sives!

I spy...with my fangirl eye...what seems to be our first look at Detective Hughes aka JAMIE SIVES at work in his new film "It's a Wonderful Afterlife"
As noted in the post below IBN has this report, but because I am made of epic fail today PATHETIC, I just now see the video from the set (and interviews with everyone save Jamie naturally bah humbug) and nearly choked on my beer. Nonetheless, despite the absurd quick edits Im pretty sure that's Jamie Jamie JAMIE standing about looking all smart and businesslike in his suit not to mention freakin handsome (and as he told us in the interview, no beard :D) GAH I adore him soo much! Made my night, again :)))))
Anyway, many quick shots with Jamie standing in the background as they set up the shots, wooot! Will try and get better quality video of this for sure! SO HAPPY!!!
As a reminder of Jamie said in my interview with him about working with Sendhil and being part of this new production: "I'm having fun on IAWA. Ghurinder is great and I'm working with the lovely Mark Addy and my mate Sendhil Ramamurthy, whom you may know from Heroes. He lives in LA, so its great to have him here for a while. He's also a good mate of my best friend JJ Feild, so we're all spending some time together.


  1. NICE!!!

    I'm with you Sue!

    Thanks so much for finding this and the extra pic from Last Chance Harvey - had a quick look yesterday and couldn't find a release date for the DVD down here, will keep looking though.


    P.S: what happened to your post about ice cream? Was going to reply and now it's disappeared.
    I do like Coffee ice cream, though I probably couldn't eat it now as I have a slight affliction to caffeine at the moment - though I can still drink Coca Cola - go figure?!

  2. Hi Ollie!
    LOL SORRY bout the ice cream post. I took it down cause figured no one would want to really read about my lunacy and ice cream. Still think that guy will make a good character for a movie.

    Coffee Ice cream is danger bigtime. I love that stuff and only eat it rarely (like that was my birthday treat hahha, very sensible I thought :) )

    I think its safe to say I dont need much caffeine clearly as I am excitable enough as it is ;) but Im a Diet Pepsi/ Dr. Pepper person myself

    There, more useless convo :)

    Hope you are doing well, dreadfully longover due email I owe you, Helge, everyone alas ... Thanks again for stopping by, AND YAY FOR JAMIE NEWS!!! He looks great! :))))

  3. I'll read it! I like your "lunacy". Sometimes I'm slack and don't reply, and then leave it too long.

    Oh, and what actor did you have in mind to play that character, especially wearing THAT particular bandana?! ;-) LOL

    LOL me like useless convo.

    I'm doing okay, thanks.
    When do you ever have time to do all the things you do - I never have enough time, and I do nowhere near as much as you do, so no prob about the email - it will come!

    Loving all the Jamie news lately! So good. He does look great, I love the longer hair and no beard! ;-D