Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beep Beep! Speedy Sives Coming Through!

"Baby you can drive my car, Yes Jamie youre my star, baby you can drive my car, and Jamie I looooveee you... beep beep'm beep beep YEAH~


There is a random and sort of fun article now online regarding my most favorite actor Jamie Sives, and his new film "It's a Wonderful Afterlife." In the film, Jamie is playing a police detective, and this article from Metro features the director Gurinder Chadha discussing working with actors and cars, noting that the new film "features five cars, including an SUV, an ambulance and a police car, each carefully chosen for their character by Chadha and her art department. “You might not notice them, but because they belong to the character they should be there. You need to employ an action vehicle person whose job it is to just move the cars around.”

Cool~ No word if Jamie is going to be plowing through the streets of London, ala Starsky and Hutch style, but this next part cracked me up as the article continued:
Meanwhile, actors have to be insured on their characters’ cars — and drive them. The previous day, one of Chadha’s actors plowed into a fence; some can’t even drive at all. “In those situations you just turn the engine on and cut there, turn the engine off, and then someone pushes it from the back so it looks as if they’re starting to pull off.”

hahah! no word if it was Jamie doing the plowing, but I figure not lol. He's driven in movies before or thru the magic of Hollywood made it look like hes driven in other films, most recently driving an ambulance. I'd trust him to drive my car any ole time thats for sure! ;)

On a serious note though, the piece does mention how tricky it can be to shoot scenes in cars. One good reminder/example of this can be witnessed from the recent production of New Town Killers, featuring Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie, who has several scenes in the car. Director Richard Jobson has posted on his website many excellent behind the scenes photos involving setting up shots for the car etc. Check them out here.


  1. Ha ha ha - you're funny! :-)

    Well, we hope it wasn't Jamie driving!

    Look at what the stunt car driver did on the lastest Nicholas Cage movie the other week.

    Thanks for the article.


  2. Hi Ollie!

    LOL yes about all the recent news about stunt mishaps lol Nic cage bleh hes so strange- looking in person. I saw him recently, looks like he had a face lift that went amuck, very odd. Aw well my son loves his National Treasure films which were ok I guess-hes no Jamie Sives tho! :)))

    I had to crack up at the idea of Jamie crashing his police car; this of course is the result of being weened on too many years of US TV cop shows or goofy stuff like Dukes of Hazard, but I digress lol
    Hope you are well! :)xxx

  3. Were we separated at birth?! LOL :)

    Loved the Dukes of Hazard, I then progressed onto The Professionals (loved the RS 2000!).

    I am well (good!), hope you are too!

    Over and out.

    *blasts out Dixie on air horns*

    Okay, now I'm just being silly. :-)

    Y'all come back now, ya hear!