Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Emergency! One Night with Jamie Sives Required!

One night with Jamie would make this sweet girl humble...

Ahem, No no I'm not drunk and delirious in the middle of the day again, I'm talking about an actual new TV special from the BBC called One Night in Emergency that will star none other than my favorite Jamie Sives!!!

wooooohoooo! According to this press release from the BBC, this new special will feature an all star cast including not only Jamie Sives, but other stars from past Sigma Films productions and the great Scottish film industry: James Cosmo, star of Sigmas Red Road and the upcoming Donkeys, and Outcast with Katie Dickie, Ewan Bremner, Jamie's co-star and great actor from David Mackenzie's Hallam Foe, Gary Lewis, co star in Valhalla Rising, Sanjeev Kohli who Im pretty certain appears in Colin Kennedy's upcoming I Love Luci short film. The lead role goes to Jamie's co-star from One Last Chance, and currently seen to great critical aclaim on US hit TV show Grey's Anatomy, Kevin McKidd.
Written by playwright Greg Burke, this is described as "something mythical and One Night In Emergency is a modern interpretation of Homer's The Odyssey set within a hospital environment with surreal twists and turns," the press release says the film "charts Peter's (McKidd) other-worldly journey through an inner-city hospital as he desperately searches for his wife, Penny. As Peter ventures deep into the labyrinthine building, he is drawn into a surreal, parallel world, encountering strange characters along the way including his nemesis, a One-Eyed Security Guard." You can read more about the show, here.

FILMING BEGAN THIS WEEK in Glasgow! Produced in part by Scottish Screen and is a Silver River Production, One Night in Emergency is set to air on BBC Scotland sometime later this year. The film is also being directed by Michael Offer, who directed Jamie in BBC's The Passion. No idea if they are using Film City Glasgow for base since BBC Scotland is involved but this is fantastic news!!!! Bonus points to those who will remember this for the Six degrees of Sigma game in the future :P

Ps- Dear The Herald, you fail as you conveniently forget to mention Jamie Sives' name in the article, booooooo!

Peace out, me, very happy indeed


  1. Squeeeeee
    Thanks for the find Sue.
    Hope we manage to see this one. Sounds interesting. Lots of Jamie to keep an eye out for.


  2. Hi Ollie!

    Yes its great news! I guess this means he finished up with Wonderful life, but this was supposed to be the last week I think. Not sure when he does his stuff for the Titan things (disappointed they arent wearing togas in that booo lol, would have enjoyed that ;) LOL)

    Anyway, this new film for the BBC will be another great chance for Jamie to show how versatile he is, very excited for him! Just gotta find a way to watch it when it comes out, very hard here in the US to get access to their shows until later boo, but fingers crossed we will get more pics and info on this later.

    Sue, who forgot to log in apparently