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Uncredited where Credit is Due

A quick followup today regarding a piece of news from last week regarding a new role for my favorite actor, Jamie Sives, in the remake of The Clash of the Titans (2010). A few days ago his official IMDB page was updated to reflect that Jamie would be "uncredited" for the part of a "Captain" in the new film from WB. (Captain my Captain~ !) In our exclusive interview with Jamie, he broke the news to us that he would be appearing in the movie, doing most of his scenes with the wonderful Mads Mikkelsen (playing "Draco" in CotT), marking the third time the two will be working together. Today, in true WB form, press releases galore herald the news Clash of the Titans is now formally underway in London. Not sure when or where Jamie will do his scenes, for I think hes still finishing up It's a Wonderful Afterlife, but CoT is a big deal, so this is cool regardless of 'uncredited' or not; its the sole reason Im going to go see it lol. The IMDB page for this reads a March 26 2010 release but at this point I wouldnt hold that as WB has an uncanny way of changing their mind on major film releases ;) Plus look at the hell it was trying to pin down the elusive dreadfully done and horrible way Hallam Foe meandered its way here in America, bleh! Anyway Titans is a major production, as the release notes the film "will begin filming in studios outside London and will later shoot in various locations in Wales and in the Spanish Canary Islands, predominantly on Tenerife, off the coast of Africa. Further aerial work is set to take place in the diverse locales of Ethiopia and Iceland."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Town Killers Update: Richard Jobson on Casting Alastair Mackenzie, Interview with Stacey of I&TFT

Right, back to business, and time for a proper update on the upcoming New Town Killers. Reminder, the trailer for the film opening in the UK in June can be seen, here. Director Richard Jobson recently gave a new interview where he discussed (finally huzzah!) his star, Sigma Films own Alastair Mackenzie. In the lengthy, detailed and frankly very good interview, Mr. Jobson discusses the motivation and reasoning why he sought to cast the beloved star of Monarch of the Glen in a role of this ruthless person.

PB : The other well-known name in the film is Alastair Mackenzie who is best known for Sunday night television and being in ‘Monarch of the Glen’. Was it a conscious decision to cast him against type ? RJ : Actually I thought I cast him to type because I wanted him in that character to be someone who had gone somewhere like Glenalmond, the private school in Perthshire, and who came from a very privileged background, as Alastair also does. When I met him I thought there was no point in testing anyone else for the part because he was so much that character. I just wanted him to build on that character’s incredibly privileged history, but also to make him very vulnerable. His Achilles heel is his ambition. He wants the big piece of the cake, but he doesn’t understand what the big piece of the cake means, so he makes a Faustian pact with Dougray’s character and pays the price for it.

He briefly mentions A Woman in Winter, which stars Jamie Sives, and notes of the film itself: "Words and finding a connection with words are very important to me. The difference now is I want there to be a story.I think 'A Woman in Winter' might be the last really abstract thing I will ever write. It was probably the bravest thing I have ever written because it dealt with really big themes that I might add genuinely interested me. In the sense of how I am going to use the words and the characters and where I am going cinematically now I really want the stories though to be about something."

A second interview worth the read is definitely with Stacey C, the lead singer of Isa & the Filthy Tongues. The group performs the title track to New Town Killers, which is now available, and in the interview, Stacey mentions Richard Jobson and the film.

Richard Jobson, who is now a movie director, loved our album so much that he asked us to write the theme song for his new movie 'New Town Killers'. Richard wrote the lyrics and we wrote the music. It was amazing to hear my voice on a huge screen at the premier in London last October.

We had a lot of contact with Richard Jobson, plenty of drinks and discussions... but mostly we talked about what it was like at the beginning of punk - he was in a punk band in Scotland in 1976 which was unheard of back in the day! London was the epicentre of punk at that point and none of those London bands even had a single out till October/ November 1976 and their LPs came out in 1977... so Richard was right there at the beginning. I think the Skids had their first single out in summer 1977 - 'Test Tube Babies', it was called! We have a lot in common with him. The boys in the band came from a similar town. You know, the kind of town that's industrial, unemployed and bleak.

Jamie Bell's Eagle of the Ninth to Base in Glasgow, Filming in Loch Lomond and Scottish Highlands

More news on the filming for actor Jamie Bell (Sigma's Hallam Foe) and his new film The Eagle of the Ninth. The Herald is reporting tonight that it is very possible the film may be based in Glasgow while filming- NO WORD at this point if they will be using Film City Glasgow as a base, but if they did, oh man, WOOT!! In this article which features a new interview with the director Kevin McDonald, he states:
"We will be basing ourselves probably in Glasgow and we will be doing five or six weeks around Glasgow and places we can travel to in a day, and then we're going to take three or four weeks with a smaller unit and travel round the country and really show the glories of the Scottish Highlands," he said. "There's an element of this story which is a travelogue in a way. It's an epic quest and we want to show the beauty and the majesty of the Scottish countryside."

The movie stars
Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell of course, with news that acclaimed actor Donald Sutherland, legend in M*A*S*H, and a guilty fave, Oddball in Kellys Heroes, has also joined the cast! Rock on Jamie!

Do You Follow Facebook Etiquette?

I interrupt my own blog for some useless Snark ;0 A friend just sent me this sorta amusing video about Facebook manners and dread dating/flirting/revenge gone amuck. Maybe not so funny to some, but as admitted Facebook junkie this cracked me up. Good if you are bored I guess.

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I am a Crazy Deranged Fool...of sorts

This video makes me ridiculously happy: Hugh Macleod of GapingVoid, cartoonist, blogger, maverick man on a mission.

This is how I feel most days doing this blog: one with big dreams, caring hoping wishing supporting cheering lamenting delighting and plugging away on things most people really dont pay much mind too alas, a wee fangirl in the giant vast desert of the (Scottish or more accurately, Northern US) hills lol. Here I am writing about a company that deserves so so much more attention than anything this wee blog could bring it.
Hugh is awesome. He has a mail list now about being a crazy deranged fool for "somebody who has the temerity to aspire to work in a way that produces both joy, meaning and contribution for both them and others, while also paying the bills." I dont make one red cent off this blog, but I enjoy doing this (despite occ rants) and hope once in a while someone else finds a bit of joy in learning more about this great company and various related movies/people I adore. Most people think Im crazy for doing this I know, but here I remain. Hugh has a book coming out in June I am going to get, called "Ignore Everybody: and 39 other keys to creativity." Sound advice I think, cant wait to get it. I wrote Hugh once to thank him, because while he doesn't know it, he often serves as a source of continued inspiration and reassurance to continue being a crazy deranged fool when I waiver and think OK enough. Hes hilarious, smart, provocative, always gets me thinking, plus once in a while he makes me laugh and smile at his big heart because I totally understand one thing: Passion is everything and without it, you go no where. Go Hugh Go!

Cheap Cheery Crap Journalism Off the Newsweek Block!

Ever have one of those moments of true disappointment? Moments say when you eagerly open a book or an email or click a link only to find the complete opposite of what you expected? Sometimes it will crush you or make you angry, or as happened today, just disappoints me. Such was the case when I got a Google alert regarding Sigma's Advance Party films getting a mention in Newsweek magazine. Eagerly I clicked it, thrilling at the prospect of mention of this wonderful new project from my favorite film company in a magazine that holds or used to hold considerable sway and esteem. Only what greeted me was another example of how the media fails, light fluffy breezy, and careless, journalism is winning the day. Quotage:

In 2006, a grim little thriller called "Red Road" won the Cannes jury prize for Advance Party, a collective of Scottish, Danish and Irish production companies. It's not a lot of laughs. The film's main character, traumatized by the loss of her husband and son, spends her nights looking through a CCTV camera, monitoring a feral Glasgow housing project. One reviewer described it as "grainy, rasping and bleak." It stands to reason; Advance Party is the brainchild of Lars von Trier, the Danish filmmaker behind the Dogma 95 manifesto, which advocated a dark, minimalist style using handheld cameras and on-location shooting.

That was then, when money was easier and art was tougher. Now that the entire global economy can be fairly described as grainy, rasping and bleak, Advance Party has established a new set of artistic rules for future projects. This cheap and cheerful manifesto stipulates that no budget should exceed €1.5 million; no script should run longer than 88 pages, or feature more than eight characters; and every film should be shot within an eight-mile radius. The kicker: "stories must make the audience laugh, make them cry and give them an uplifting ending."

It's probably the first time von Trier ("Dogville," "Dancer in the Dark") has ever been linked with the term "uplifting."

W.T.F!?! Seriously? SERIOUSLY????
Geee ,gosh by golly thanks ever so much for this lovely piece of crap quip quote journalism: Cheap and Cheerful!

Yes indeed, forget about that being accurate stuff, reach for the light, seems like- Im cool -and -hip- and- know -whats- going- on- in- film- when- I- actually- don't journalism approach, you know the tenuous link that looks cool, evokes a name people readily equate with all cap 'ART HOUSE' (crazy Danes, yes yes, use him!) and Poof!Tada! We can present a lame ass opening to a story that is not new (and remarkably similar to the scores of other movie sites already writing about it), and it's off to hit the golf course before it gets too dark! Cheap and Cheerful indeed!

What brilliant insight I had not known before! What was I thinking? doh! of course, Lars Von Trier WAS the ultimate shadow puppet master in all these endeavors, present 24/7, lurking with absolute might and control in those films, because as we know, Gillian, Anna, Sisse and all at Sigma especially cowered and had nothing to do with the films, Lars went around whispering in Katie Dickie's ear LET THERE BE DOOM!!!!! Wise of you to ignore the ending of the movie, (truly a serious original and powerful film) which unfortunately was upbeat and reaffirming, and worse Donkeys the next installment has already been announced as part comedy, it was totally clever journalism to forget those pesky facts! You betcha, Sigma has NEVER made an actual uplifting film before, I mean, surely multi- award winning fan favorite films like Wilbur and oh yes DEAR FRANKIE are nothing, yep those are dull as dishwater as Wilbur notes, nothing pleasant satisfying or enjoyable about that happy ending love kisses and family stuff nope, nope nope not at all! Even better, Im sure multi- award winning Andrea Arnold truly appreciates the lovely knowledgeable insightful report about her work too, cause apparantly its all just Mr. Von Trier! and yes indeed Morag McKinnon and all those teams of eight for Advance Party II are just shadows in the midst, while Mr. Anti Christ himself comes over to the light side too! This will make news at 11 for sure! woot goo Mr. Levine! Gosh if I can only grow up one day to turn my back on my profession and get to write stellar stuff like this! yip yip!

Yes indeed Mr. Von Trier is so going to be groveling and cowering on the ground when these new crazy kids who want the chance to make a film and get their breakthrough are handed such an UNPLEASANT TASK, make films that people fffing WANT TO WATCH, my god what HAS the world come too??

And my adviser wants to know why I'm so keen to want to teach about accuracy in journalism. heh.
Meanwhile, Im off to make my Cheap and Cheeful buttons while watching It's a wonderful life!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet Talk With Jamie Sives: Our Interview on Valhalla Rising, Colin Farrell and Triage, Hallam Foe and the Allure of the Beard

Over the past years now this blog has contained news and opinions about Scottish actor Jamie Sives. This week, I was given the extraordinary opportunity to ask some questions of my absolute most favorite actor who graciously took time out of his busy schedule to do so. I still can scarcely believe it. I'm astounded that I could be so lucky, and am hugely grateful and very, very appreciative to Jamie and co for agreeing to this, truly, a once in a lifetime moment for any fan. What follows below are reflections and thoughts about his work on films such as the upcoming Valhalla Rising with Mads Mikkelsen, Triage with Colin Farrell, Sigma Films, Hallam Foe and Jamie Bell. We talked movies, music, plus yes, there is even talk about the beard.

2009 is the year of Jamie Sives, or so I said to the actor who is currently at work in London on Ghrinder Chadha's new film "It's a Wonderful Afterlife." Jamie is set to be seen on screen in two major motion pictures this year: Nicholas Winding Refn's Vahalla Rising, and Danis Tanovic's Triage. Right off the bat, I emphatically state my opinion how I view the year, and ask him about the two films, getting a quiet modest answer in reply: "Well, thank you. I too hope the films I did last year will do well on their releases this year. Valhalla Rising was great fun to do. I love going home to shoot a film and for me, there's no better place to be than The Highlands of Scotland."

Valhalla Rising of course is the latest effort from Nicholas Windig Refn which is due out in August of this year. Film City Glasgow, home to Sigma Films, served as a b
ase of operations for the film, and the production was well documented on YouTube, and occasionally, this blog. The film stars Mads Mikkelsen as a One Eye warrior in ancient days of Scotland, with buzz on the internet about the film calling this a Viking Film. Jamie spoke about his prep work for taking on the role of "Gorm," as well as working with the legendary Refn, who prefers to shoot chronologically, and as reported, portions of the movie are done in slow motion.

"The Vikings occupied most of Scotland for a very long time so we were playing the sons of the sons of the sons of Nordic Vikings and therefore, didn't have to do any hurdy gurdy accents. We all play Scots-born descendants of Scandinavian Vikings. My character is the quiet black sheep of the group and Nicholas very kindly allowed me to cut all my lines so I don't play the kind of Viking one might expect. My personal preparation will have to remain a secret, but all the actors read up on the history and attitudes to Gods, Myths and Superstitions of the time. Valhalla is not a film about Vikings so we didn't have to work too hard for authenticity. It's not a Viking movie. Nicholas hates them."

He continued: "Nicholas is a very clever guy and has an encyclopedic know
ledge of movies and how they are made. He had a very stylistic idea of how he wanted to make Valhalla, like he had when making Bronson, but can also do the realistic stuff brilliantly, like he did with the Pusher Trilogy, which, if you haven't seen then you should. Slow-motion is just a camera setting so we just acted as we would."

In 2002 Sigma Films released a lovely and ultimately uplifting film about a man who wanted to end it all, but found love and a life worth having before it was too late.
This award winning film was Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself and earned Jamie Sives a host of critical acclaim, and even a BIFA nomination for "Most Promising Newcomer." A co-star in Wilbur is a brilliant Danish actor who was only just beginning to become well known globally, Mads Mikkelsen. Jamie is about to embark on a third film working with Mads, as he broke the news to us of a new project as he recently joined the cast of The Clash of the Titans with Mikkelsen. On Mads:

"It was great to work with Mads again. He's a fantastic actor who really cares about the project he's working on. He's also a very funny guy. Everyone loved him. I'm working with him again at the moment on the re-make of Clash Of The Titans. We're in rehearsals for that and had the first read-thru today. Although I only play a small role in the film, some of my stuff will be with Mads. That will be the third time. I think we may get married. I'm looking forward to it. It's a big-budget, Hollywood movie with an incredible cast and by far the biggest thing I've ever worked on. I sat next to the beautiful Elizabeth McGovern at today's read-thru and she told me that Wilbur was her favourite movie and I her favourite actor. I was bowled over."


One day last year I got a text from a former colleague who, half laughing said hey Sue, AP is running some pics of a new film with the good looking dude from Miami Vice and I think that Scottish actor bloke you are gaga over is also in the film. You gotta ask if they want to come work for our side of the aisle now! Sure enough, there were set photos from Dan
is Tanovic's new movie, Triage, based on the novel by Scott Anderson, which features those most brilliant, complex, and fearless of media type: the war photographer. I was very curious to learn Jamie's thoughts on playing a such a role and taking on a part that hopefully will reflect with integrity and honesty the dedication and bravery these men and women show with their work. The first of what I'm sure will be a slew of similar questions regarding the media as they do press before the release of the film, I asked about taking on the part of a war photojournalist. Not only did he give some thoughts on his character's job, but Jamie Sives also speaks about the Oscar winning director and his co-star, acclaimed actor Colin Farrell.

"In Triage, Colin and I play photographers. I'm not too sure about t
he term 'photojournalist.' The photographers who work in war zones don't write anything. They take photos and send them home. These guys have to go where journalists dare not. Many war correspondents, although very brave, can cover most wars from the rooftop of a hotel but the photographers have to get right in there to get the shots. They sometimes work in tandem with a print journalist, but more often than not, they work alone."

"We had an amazing guy called Damir Sagolj as our advisor and he had
quite incredible stories on the places he worked and the things he witnessed. I happen to admire serious news journalism. They're committed to providing the world with the truth, and I'd hate to imagine just what greater liberties the powerful people of the world would take if journalists didn't question or expose them."

"Incidentally, I also think some of them make great screenwriters. Some of my favourites like Raymond Chandler and Billy Wilder were journos.

On the subject of his well known and acclaimed co-star, Jamie had nothing but high praise for the Irish actor, who recently gave a brilliant Golden Globe winning performance in the hit film In Bruges.

"Colin Farrell is a beautiful
man. I couldn't begin to list his qualities. If I had the opportunity to only work with him for the rest of my career then I'd take it. He's a brilliant actor and works incredibly hard. He really raised the bar for me. Danis was wonderful with me. He showed trust in me right from the start. I keep in touch with Colin, Danis and Branco Djuric and value their friendship. It's just great to know guys like these, I feel very honoured."


Long time readers of this blog will know (hint, the title is a dead giveaway) that I am a fan not only of Mr. Sives, but also of the fine work done by the Scottish Film production company Sigma Films. I followed the 'making of' blog written by Colin Kennedy and subsequent release of their hit film "Hallam Foe" directed by David Mackenzie and starring the wonderful Jamie Bell. In the movie, Jamie Sives plays an unpleasant married fellow named Alasdair who is having an affair
with Kate played Sophia Myles, and is an even more unpleasant boss to Hallam, played by Jamie Bell. Jamie Sives has scenes that are uncomfortable to watch, as his character is so nasty to Hallam and has rough sex with Kate. I asked Jamie what it was like to take on such a part, and he answered "It wasn't hard to take on. It was, like everything I've done quite difficult to do. I find acting incredibly difficult. For me, its a difficult job. I have to prepare properly and if I don't, I haven't a clue what the fuck I'm doing. I've tried, out of curiosity, to just try and turn it on and only made an arse of it, so I try to do my homework."

Having done his homework, he routinely won critical praise in most of the reviews of the film for his solid performance in Hallam Foe, and the film was a winner too at various festivals before being released here in the US under a different name "Mister Foe." The actor had nothing but high praise again for the company behind the movie, Sigma Films, as well as for his co stars and the crew helmed by director David Mackenzie:

I'm sorry, but I don't have anything other than complimentary to say about both Jamie and Sophia. Jamie really does know what to do. Hits the ground running every time. I may be wrong but I'm sure that he does his homework too; he has everything covered.

Sophia was very professional - one has to be - it's a very odd situation to find yourself in. What ended up on-screen lasted for seconds but we spent almost an entire
day shooting it. The crew help you through things like that. They're very respectful, tactful and discreet and make it easier for the actor...Sigma is an amazingly prolific company, churning out quality films and everyone there works their wee socks off. Along with Richard Jobson, they're leading the way with their output."


By this point I feel I've been too serious and boring perhaps, and while it would have been really tempting to as
k him all sorts of fangirl things (what's your favorite food/color/ book/ group/actor/actress/tv show, boxers or briefs, or even 'wanna get a drink sometime?' ;) something in me snapped, and I could not resist a topic that I often joke and note here on the blog: his appearance. No, not his remarkably handsome face, but what's on his face- THE BEARD! This son of Scotland has sported a beard in several films of late, notably in the Passion, and in both the upcoming films for 2009. So frankly I wondered if it was just a coincidence or what for actors sporting beards for roles is a common thing of course, some artificial, some the real deal... but it turns out Jamie is all manly man, its all real- a real beard lover that is! :)

"Yeah, I love wearing a beard. When I'm not working I just let everything go so when I get a gig I have to shave, wash or cut my hair and stop eating junk food, if required. I don't have a beard for IAWA, but will sport as much as I can grow between the end of that and the shooting of Clash Of The Titans. The Passion beard was half the size of the Valhalla beard. I had more time to grow it and yes, it was all my own. I'm glad you enjoyed The Passion. It's not a bad wee yarn, is it?"

Speaking of beards, Jamie has a brief appearance in Last Chance Harvey where
he does sport a beard. I had to ask what it was like to work with the great star and Oscar winning actor of films like "RainMan," "Kramer vs Kramer" as well as classics like "Tootsie" and the superb "Midnight Cowboy." "Yeah, what can I say about working with Dustin Hoffman? I had just got back from shooting Triage in Spain and my agent asked me if I wanted to do one scene in a film. I said I'd rather not as I'd been busy and had a little break before Valhalla Rising, then he told me that that one scene would be with Dustin Hoffman and I said "When do I start?"


In just about every interview I've read with Jamie, they always bring up the plethora of jobs he had in the past before taking on acting. I was determined not to go there, for I wanted to know what other jobs he would like to do in the future. He said he'd quite like to try directing one day, but in the meantime isn't hankering for one particular role. Knowing full well things are tough all over with the current economic crises we are all dealing with, Jamie reflected, "
I'm happy just to keep the kettle boiling. Things are very difficult at the moment as work is thin on the ground, mainly due to the current crisis in the world but I would love to do an American movie, in America and as an American."

* note: I assure you that we here in America would welcome you at anytime, yep! :)*


In the meantime, Jamie is keeping busy with the new "Clash of the Titans" to look forward too and he is still finishing up work on Ghurinder Chadha's new film "It's a Wonderful Afterlife," where he plays a Police Detective. Jamie said of things currently in London: "I'm having fun on IAWA. Ghurinder is great and I'm working with the lovely Mark Addy and my mate Sendhil Ramamurthy, whom you may know from Heroes. He lives in LA, so its great to have him here for a while. He's also a good mate of my best friend JJ Feild, so we're all spending some time together."
IMDB is always full of interesting listings/castings to say the least, and as an ever vigilant fan, I asked him about a film that has been on his page forever. "As far as I know, Bonny Boys isn't happening. I don't know what is next, but I'm sure you'll know before I do. You don't miss a trick."

NOTE: At this point I, I, eh pretty much turn a trillion shades of red and am dead on the floor. dead.dead.dead.

He did continue on about fans, especially when asked about his beloved Hibs Football club, as he said "I'll always be a Hibs fan although I'm not a diehard. The supporters who spend their hard-earned cash to follow them all over Scotland every week for little or no reward are diehards, not me."

There was one last brilliant, no, AWESOME piece of news that he is not only just a music fan, but a musician. "I've spent the last six months writing and recording a demo album. Music's what I like to do in my downtime. I hope to have it completed by June and perhaps get it out there, we'll see. I'm very proud of it."

In parting, I asked this wonderful actor if he had anything he'd like to say to his fans and those who might be reading this, and he graciously said: "I'm very touched when I hear or know of anyone who appreciated my work. Thank you so much for your interest and your time. It means a lot to me.
Thanks again."

Much love love love and gratitude,

UPDATE: Thanks so much to and for mention/link to this interview, much appreciated

In Other News..

First, I PROMISE the Jamie Sives interview will go up later today, just been having an insane 36 hours seriously, naturally when all I want to do this and heh thwarted at every move, curse real life news ;p

Speaking of news, in other news:
Colin Kennedy updated his blog to say I Love Luci is getting closer to being complete! Yay! Titles and credits are the order of the day; can't wait till this is ready to go and we can hopefully get a wee preview! :))

Isa & the Filthy Tongues announced via their official Twitter they are playing the Wickerman festival in Scotland on 24th JULY, which hopefully for those attending, you will hear a live cut of the title track for Richard Jobson's New Town Killers. NTK stars Dougray Scott and Sigmas own Alastair Mackenzie and is due for release in the UK starting June 11. Side note: I love Twitter, despite the antics of mr Kutcher, I adore Stephen Frys. My personal twitter is overrun with other blather, but I am hoping to actually update on SweetSigma more often.

Finally, as a followup to the article the other day about Locations for Jamie Bell's new film either London or Scotland, the Scotsman has a bit more on this, featuring an interview with Scots director Kevin MacDonald on The Eagle of the Ninth (NO NO its not a Sigma film production, but heh if hes coming to Scotland ot film, I strongly recommend FILM CITY GLASGOW ;) Right, well the paper cites Mr. McDonald as follows, so maybe indeed Jamie will be in Glasgow/Edinburgh this summer after all!

This summer Macdonald, who now lives in London with his wife and three children, is expecting to return to Scotland to shoot his latest movie, an adaptation of Rosemary Sutcliff's classic children's novel, The Eagle of the Ninth. The plot follows a wounded Roman soldier and his loyal Celtic slave, played by Jamie Bell, as they attempt to solve the mystery of the Ninth Legion, who set off into the wilds of the Scottish Highlands and were never seen again.

While Hungary will double as England, Macdonald feels there is no substitute for Scotland's landscape. "I'm looking forward to coming up in the next few weeks to scout locations and do prep work – we really want to film in Scotland. Ten per cent of the dialogue will be Gaelic."

OK next post: THE INTERVIEW!!! YAY :)

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Jamie Sives Joins Cast of "The Clash of the Titans" with Mads Mikkelsen and More

Fantastic news today in multiple forms, not the least of which is news of a new role for my favorite actor, Jamie Sives.

As noted below, Jamie graciously provided an interview for the blog, and shared with us this news: He has joined the cast of the new remake of "Clash of the Titans." Jamie joins the ranks of acclaimed actors Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, and notably Mads Mikkelsen. Readers will recall of course, Jamie has worked before with Mads on Sigma Films superb "Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself," and the soon to be released "Valhalla Rising"
In a tiny preview of this amazing interview with Jamie Sives, the actor said:

I'm working with him again at the moment on the re-make of Clash Of The Titans. We're in rehearsals for that and had the first read-thru today. Although I only play a small role in the film, some of my stuff will be with Mads. That will be the third time. I think we may get married. I'm looking forward to it. It's a big-budget, Hollywood movie with an incredible cast and by far the biggest thing I've ever worked on. I sat next to the beautiful Elizabeth McGovern at today's read-thru and she told me that Wilbur was her favourite movie and I her favourite actor. I was bowled over.

Stay tuned for the full interview, with new comments on Valhalla Rising, working on Triage with Colin Farrell, Hallam Foe and much much more!

When a Dream Comes True

I am a lucky person.

I was trying to explain to someone today how I feel this because I have just received the most EXTRAORDINARY AND WONDERFUL of gifts today, and wanted to express my thoughts to a friend. I wrote something like

In my life I've had to work very very hard to achieve anything. I dont think Im particularly smart, attractive, nor remotely noticeable in any way shape or form. Never had a date till I went to college, was always the fat nice friendly girl who could play the French Horn and sing and was occasionally funny and pretty much am that even now.

Because I work hard, try hard, do my research, show up on time, say please and thank and still allow myself to believe and hope once in a while, I was the first girl in the history of my family to graduate college. Ive worked my way up and had some pretty significant success in news although that time is now over, I still take news and sourcing stuff seriously, even for this blog. and thru my life I've seen war, had my heart broken, been blessed with a son and have my own house, been poor as crap, almost gave into unbelievable despair and spent six months on disgraceful unhinged binge driving thru the us in a manner that makes Hunter Thompson's adventures seem like a walk in the park, won awards, interviewed Presidents of Countries, flown on Air Force One, had drinks with the president of a major motion picture studio, teach, learn, work in news, work at home, most recently was labeled a "micro internet celebrity," work on one major site, and also write this blog, and even have a band named in my honor and songs sung about me. yes really. I write this blog for instance, and when I got that photo from the great people from Sigma it was a tremendous special joyful moment, and I'm still so grateful each and every day. Its all quite mad, quite daft, quite fun, and even tho there are days I want to say stuff this, Im quite a lucky person

Today however, something very very very special, very awesome, very cool happened, things that may seem small routine no big deal to others cause stuff like this happens all the time and you surely would be justified in laughing at me, hell I would. But on the other hand, there are moments in your life you go wow and these things really touch your heart, and leave you speechless and joyful and incredulous and exuberant at the same moment. Today was that kind of day.

Today I got an interview with JAMIE SIVES. This unbelievably gracious funny talented handsome wonderful actor man person took time out of his hugely busy schedule, provided many many fabulous answers, and and and and woah I am so so so so soo lucky, amazing!


ajklhalke ahjkhklajjaljag ajklhkhke I cant even type properly at the moment. As soon as I stop dancing around the room (yes literally Ive been dancing and singing whooping like the goofball bridget jones type person I am) I will post this. STAY TUNED


Saturday, April 18, 2009

EW Summer Movie Preview Issue: David Mackenzie's Spread Starring Ashton Kutcher Opens August 14

Great news today as the mailman delivered the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which features their annual Summer Movie Previews. Contained in the magazine is a release date calendar and lol and behold, echoing what I had posted here several times before regarding the newest film from director David Mackenzie, the magazine states OPENING FRIDAY AUGUST 14 "Spread", and features a photo of Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche! Excellent!

Also in the magazine is a short preview blurb, with this photo of Anne in her bikini looking her usual fab self, and the article reads with terribly unfortunate copy alas as follows:

Last Big Film: Birth
New Movie: Spread a seedy look at L.A in which she plays a successful older woman who falls for a charming hustler (Ashton Kutcher)
Why Now? After two seasons on ABC's Men in Trees, says Hech, "I thought this take-it-all off character would be completely different from my writer from Alaska who wore buttoned up shirts and pants." Plus, the actress 39, was in the midst of an ugly breakup with husband Coley Laffoon "I take a lot of roles to have a cathartic experience, and this came at the perfect time." 8/14

Be sure to check out this preview clip from last January of the film here

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

London the Locale for Jamie Bell?

Jamie Bell fans, here is a random sort of update regarding filming for his new movie The Eagle of the Ninth. Not sure what this means for the previously reported (Variety)location shoots due for Scotland, but Screen Daily has an article on films due to shoot in London over the summer, and notes the following:

A Film London spokeswomen said, "Compared to last year when a lot of things were on hold, London is a lot busier this summer. The weakened pound has had an impact and encouraged US production companies to shoot here."She added that legislation introduced in October, which gave the local authorities powers to minimise traffic disruption during shoots, has also helped to boost London's competitiveness as a filming centre

Projects to shoot include:

- Eagle Of The Ninth directed by Kevin Macdonald and starring Jamie Bell and Channing Tatum.

Fingers still crossed they might still film in lovely Scotland, (hint Film City Glasgow would make an excellent base, just sayin ;)) but then too there is likely a great chance for set photos for JB, cause those photogs in London are pretty hard core.

Speaking of filming in London, there is very little news on filming for the other Jamie (ok my preferred and bestestest Jamie ever :P) Jamie Sives and his new movie "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" The tabs have naturally tracked down one of the leads, the dude from Heroes, following him all over Soho or somewhere. The only shred of info of late is word that night shoots were going on last week, but alas, no idea if Jamie is involved with that or what the deal is. woe.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Town Killers Starring Alastair Mackenzie and Dougray Scott to Open June 11

Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have more on that June opening date for Richard Jobson's New Town Killers starring Alastair Mackenzie and Dougray Scott.

According to the director's official website New Town Killers will open on June 11 at VUE Edinburgh!

Excellent news! Cant find ticket info yet on their website, will update with more on that when I can. :)))

More on James Nesbitt's Outcast for Cannes 2010

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Over the holiday the Scotsman/Edinburgh Evening News ran a new interview with former Scottish Screener and film producer Eddie Dick, who is the force behind Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and Katie Dickie (star of Sigma Films' acclaimed Red Road, upcoming Donkeys). In the interview, he speaks to growing up in Edinburgh and gave some reasoning behind the locales chosen for the new film:"The idea of putting your own city on film appeals even if, as in this case, quite a lot of the parts on film are not the typical tourist trap parts," agrees father-of-two Eddie, 59, boss of Makar Productions and producer of Outcast. "We filmed in a lot of places that were on their way to being demolished – Greendykes and Sighthill."

The article has some great nuggets of background on the producer and the movie itself "I was attracted to doing a horror movie," says Eddie. "And there are key elements in Outcast that I like. The story emerges from working class experiences in Edinburgh – it struck me as an unusual context for a horror film."
Mary, played by Red Road star Dickie, is one of the Sidh, an ancient race with magical powers. As her son falls for their neighbour, played by local girl, Queen Margaret University drama graduate Hanna, Cathal's threat to mother and son deepens.

Of note however, is more on what we heard earlier, that Outcast may indeed be screening NEXT MAY in France at teh Cannes Film festival (if not earlier in the year at Berlin in 2010) Quotage:When the film is given its first preview showings at next year's Cannes Film Festival, the audience will see Nesbitt in the role of the sinister Cathal who turns up in Edinburgh in search of his ex-partner Mary and her teenage son.

As we know, Outcast did complete production in Ireland over the weekend. Fingers crossed all of this holds true!!! Speaking of Mr. Dick and his production company, there was a HUGELY interesting (at least to me!) piece of info on a film they have in development called CHILD OF AIR...where apparently a trailer was filmed last fall, and teh movie is to star JAMIE SIVES AND KATE DICKIE!!!!! I absolutely could not believe my eyes, I swear someone is having a laugh on me, cause this would be too good to be true!!! However if the funding is arranged and its not a cruel joke, then omg, I lack the vocabulary at the moment to describe how thrilled I would be to see my two favorite actors starring together in one film...just just woah! BTW recommend another Makar production, called True North, which stars Martin Compston and the always on note Peter Mullan and Gary Lewis (Ithink too Mr Lewis is all over the VR trailer)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Town Killers-The Story

Almost one month ago to the date, I posted that New Town Killers, directed by Richard Jobson and starring Dougray Scott and Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie, had been rated 15 in the UK and several posts on it coming out in June. Got another google alert the other day, and it had the same thing, so I ignored it-mistake! LOL. For as I was reading the Gael Movies blog, he posted the rating from the other day but noted there was a release date added by the BBFC of June 12. (Thanks Alan!)Not certain how certain that is lol, but at least that is a specific date for now.

I took a look on the BBFC site and also saw now too that in addition to the rating for the film and what looks like the DVD, there is something called
"New Town Killers-The story [additional material]"

Running 30 minutes and 45 seconds in length, this also was rated 15.
Not sure if this is the DVD bonus features or a special to air on say film 4 or something but it will feature clips from the movie as well as a behind the scenes feature with only DOUGRAY SCOTT and James Pearson listed WHERE IS ALASTAIRS NAME! Holy crap I will be pissed, actually more hugely disappointed than anything really, if they don't include Al. Not sure if he just prefers not to be in the spotlight, doing press or stuff like this, but I can attest his many and I do mean MANY fans will be sorely disappointed if there isnt at least a brief interview with him or shots of him at work. LOL so there :P I know the director Richard Jobson has loads of behind the scenes stills including Al on his website, so I am hoping this is just an oversite or something. bleh. Anyway, features as follows:

00:03:40:06 (THE PROPOSAL) (FILM CLIP)
00:01:21:11 (THE LIST GAME) (FILM CLIP)
00:01:16:19 (THE TUNNEL) (FILM CLIP)
00:03:11:16 (THE ROOF CHASE) (FILM CLIP)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

TRAILER IS HERE: VALHALLA RISING starring Mads Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives

OH GLORIOUS DAY INDEED! The brand new trailer is here for Nicholas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising starring Mads Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives. BEHOLD!

Sweet Easter Eggs: Nuggets of News on Various Films

Few nuggets of news today in our easter basket I guess, regarding some various films I've been following.

Egg One: As foreshadowed earlier (this post), IFTN is now announcing main photography on OUTCAST starring James Nesbitt and the wonderful Katie Dickie (Sigmas Red Road, upcoming Donkeys) will wrap this weekend in Ireland. Recently they had been filming at Solas Studios in Galway, Ireland after several awesome weeks of location filming in Scotland around Dalkeith and others near Edinburgh. Last word this film is to be released next year, possibly at a film festival (Berlin and/or Edinburgh) I dont care which one, just as long as I get to see this film! Intriguing somewhat original storyline, fantasy/slight horror/celtic mythology and Kate Dickie in one=happy film goer camper me. :D

Egg Two: Nicholas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising starring Mads Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives is now in post production, notably SOUND work being done at SAVALAS SOUND, part of the Trifecta of S, super companies located at FILM CITY GLASGOW. As noted on their website, the "astonishing Viking completing a startling sound-post right now. Produced by Nimbus Film, co-produced by La Belle Alee, and sold by Wild Bunch, it'll be something to see-and hear-when it comes out later this year." Huzzah for that! Since the movie is mostly SLOW MOTION, lord knows what kind of sound/music will be involved. Im sure this will be one discussed for some time after its release.

Egg Three: Speaking of Sound, there is another cool mention of the music for Richard Jobson's New Town Killers starring Dougray Scott and Sigma's Alastair Mackenzie. The infamous NME has a bit about the recently released title track from Isa & the Filthy Tongues (complete with an embed of the music video by Mr J) . Im not sure what the hell Edinburgh Goth is ,or scuzzy Scottish scrapiness is -I take it this is all good adjectives in their brand of journalism- and notes that when it comes to the music " it’s sure to fire you up. " Youbetcha! :)

While three times usually the charm, I did receive a fourth egg today in the form of a welcomed mail. Although cant be certain Jamie Sives is on location shoots this week in London for his new movie It's a Wonderful Afterlife, it would seem he is for sure in the movie, so that was welcomed news- ANY tiny bit makes a difference, and is MOST appreciated, many thanks A!

Right as it is Easter and Jamie was just mentioned (look how I work this in; never give up do I ? :P ), its worth a look to see this clip from BBC's The Passion, (aired on BBC 4, on again March 23 on BBC One) I will be off for a few days, not because I celebrate the holiday anymore cause I dont and my faith in any organized religion is greatly diminished, but in the mean time here is a clip featuring Jamie as someone who has great faith, and received a great gift that made it even stronger. Peace out

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life Indeed for Jamie Sives

...Every time there's a Sives scene, this sweetie gets her wi.. no um, likes to, err umm sing??? what?

Oh its a WONDERFUL life today alright, as there is news via his official IMDB page that my favorite actor Jamie Sives has joined the cast of the offbeat horror film "It's a Wonderful Afterlife." Jamie is to play the part of DETECTIVE HUGHES. According to Empire Magazine and Variety the movie is directed by Gurinder Chadha who of course directed the hit Bend it Like Beckham. The movie is currently filming in London, England, with Variety noting the plot is a cross between My Big Fat Greek Wedding (which I adored) and cult hit Shaun of the Dead as the "story follows a British-Asian mother whose obsession to marry off her daughter comically leads to serial murder." Hanway Films are doing the international sales/distrib and they are also the ones handling Jamies other film "Triage." Its a Wonderful Afterlife is due out IN APRIL of next year.

OMG HAPPINESS! THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH Kind fairy who updated that page with this awesome news-and on a Monday too, bonus points ;))))))
UPDATE: Filming ongoing in London suburbs of Southall and Ealing and is a 7 WEEK SHOOT, with weekends off.
UPDATE 2: Currently filming at a house in Joiners Lane in the village, today until Thursday (which is good Thursday and also the first day of Passover). An exclusive by Andy Carswell in This is local london reports they are in Chalfont St Peter this week.
See their set photo ----> An insider said the filming location had been chosen after the director's brief was for a “well-to-do Gerrards Cross family”.

If anyone is in the area, please feel free to leave a comment (anony is always cool) or email -PICS BONUS- to
HUGELY HUGELY APPRECIATED! From a recent interview, the director who is the new mother of twins, made some lovely comments about her movie, and family.
First, On the actual plot:
Mrs Sethi, a widow, can’t bear the thought of her daughter being alone and unhappy. Angry at the families who rejected her daughter, she takes matters into her own hands. Soon, a police hunt begins for a serial murderer who cooks a killer curry. Mrs Sethi’s victims then come back to haunt her and want her dead.

Mrs Sethi is happy to oblige but she wants to ensure her daughter gets married first. And so the mother and a coterie of ghosts try and get her daughter married off so they can all have a wonderful afterlife.

From the director Gurinder Chadha:“I’ve chosen to direct a relatively smaller film. It’s just a seven-week shoot and we’ve the weekends off. And then there’s three months of post-production when I get to spend a lot of time with the kids. The editing will be done right next door. There’s also a zoo-park nearby; so I can take them there in between editing.”

She said she had wanted to work with Shaban Azmi for a long time. “Mine is an ensemble film. Six characters are on screen all the time. I wanted Kirron Kher to play a fiercely funny Punjabi character, which I thought she’s very good at. But it didn’t work out,” the director said.

Now Available: New Town Killers by Isa & The Filthy Tongues

Check it out! New Town Killers, the great new single from Isa & the Filthy Tongues is now available! Latest review gives four stars to the title track from Richard Jobson's newest film, which stars Dougray Scott and Alastair Mackenzie, and notes Isa is a band ready to shine. I say they already DO, just more people need to see the light ;0 or better yet, buy this and crank it up loud!

As noted previously, you can purchase the song thru iTunes (even US has it now) or Amazon (US, UK) . Be sure to watch the music video directed by Mr J himself; plus I have the official trailer here on my youtube for the new film which will be on release in June.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Outcast Odds n Ends

A few quick odds n ends related to the filming of Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and the wonderful Katie Dickie (Sigmas Red Road, upcoming Donkeys)

First, an interview with a young actor named Josh from Shawlands Academy confirmed that yes indeed frequent Sigma collaborator Des Hamilton did the casting for the movie. In the piece, Josh says that "I play the main girls brother, Tomask.” and says of the two principle leads:
Are you excited about working with James Nesbitt?
“Yeah! I’ve only met him once so far at the read through, but I didn’t get to talk to him much.”
Who else have you worked with?
“Kate Dickie who is also a great actress and there are a lot of other amazing young actors.”

Also related there are a host of new interviews now online with Mr. Nesbitt as his latest film Five Minutes of Heaven is to be released. While there are sad comments on the tragic passing of Natasha Richardson, wife of his co-star in Five Minutes, the articles also mention his work in Outcast, such as this from the Belfast Telegraph:

Currently filming Outcast, a Celtic horror film directed by Colm McCarthy — who also directed Murphy’s Law — Jimmy’s had to sport a rather bushy beard. The movie is being filmed in Edinburgh and Galway and in between filming he somehow managed to find the time to fly home to support his big sister Kathryn, a teacher at D H Christie Memorial primary school in Coleraine.

Jimmy flew over for the official launch of their learning support centre before jetting back to continue filming in Scotland, then jumping back on a flight the next day to co-host the ball with me.

“It’s not an effort,” he said. “It’s an easy thing to do and a pleasure and it’s important for me to support local events. “And I get to come home and see friends, which is an added bonus.”

Mr. Nesbitt said he is looking forward to spending Easter at home with his family, and after OutCast wraps, he said “Then I’m off to Australia in May to film ‘Love and Mortar’, directed by Nadia Tass.

View to an L.A. Gigolo

Further proof the end of the world is nigh: Apparently the name of David Mackenzie's upcoming "Spread," will be changed in some parts of the world to L.A. Gigolo as noted now on the official site of Scanbox Entertainment
Resist David, Resist! Powers that be, please dont go to the dark and tacky side oh god, just dreadful decision with that; gives to to too much opening credence for slams like the less than flattering reviews esp from the folks at defamer.Aw well I suppose they want to invoke American Gigolo or something but lol

Well on a brighter note I guess, while the August 14,2009 US release date is still looking good for "Spread" woot, some will see it earlier, for I think this is the Swedish dates:
Theatrical run opening: 7-31-2009 (approx 117 days), DVD?? 9-2-2009

Finally, on a rather fascinating related note, if you follow Mr. Kutcher at all via his Twitter, last week he showed (on Qik) some fairly impressive behind the scenes work on his new film. While completely not Sigma related, it's quite cool to see all the meticulous planning, skill, and work that goes into those fantastic stunt high action shots we take for granted in movies anymore. THANK YOU ASHTON ! :))

Obligatory and wholly twee self indulgent post to note today is the now traditional Tartan parade in NYC, lead by the always wonderful and exuberant Alan Cumming. While he's not the Highlander of my dreams (gosh, wonder who is? :P), this bodes well for another glorious day of fun. which it will be. Kilts at the ready everyone!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sweet Sives by the Sea..

Oh what a joy it would be
Jamie Sives and me by the sunny sea.....

*shakes head, sticks head in cold bucket of water, comes back to reality*

What am I on about now? Well the Seaside of Cannes to be exact and the legendary French Film festival. The Hollywood reporter has a new article online today about likely films to be screened at the fabled event, among those notably is Danic Tanovic's Triage starring Colin Farrell, and my all time favorite JAMIE SIVES (Sigma Films' Hallam Foe, Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself) When speaking about the likely tri-fold movie appearance featuring mega star Colin Farrell, the paper states: Producer Alan Moloney will likely bring the Colin Farrell-Paz Vega journalist thriller "Triage" to the Croisette. That would allow the actor to go for the Cannes hat trick -- in addition to "Parnassus," he's also in "Ondine," the Neil Jordan fisherman drama that CAA packaged and which could well end up at the fest.

All well and very good for Mr. Farrell who has been turning in some terrific performances of late, and bodes well for those films too, but Im more interested if true, and its the premiere of Triage, would Jamie attend??OMG if that were true Id both be ecstatic and despondent ,as this year I cant go to Cannes due to other commitments, but still glad cause that might mean new photos and press. On the one hand though, Jamie should get HUGE attention for this movie, and about freaking time too, but he also seems to eschew any sort of public appearance and almost never grants interviews... woe woe woe.Related too, Screen Daily reports that Triage at least has a distributor in Spain so those lucky folks will get to see the film at some point this year, ZERO idea on when Triage will be released in the UK or here in the States.

On a Sigma related note of sorts as well, the THR piece also mentions that there might be a possible showing of Andrea Arnold's (Red Road) new film "Fish Tank." I think Sigma will be there as usual -hopefully-but I do not know if they are going to be screening anything; probably not Donkeys which would probably fare better for a premiere at Edinburgh, but no idea whats happening on that front. It goes without saying any screening of a Sigma film at Cannes would be cool as hell of course, esp if Colin's short made it there! but again no word on that front.

So naturally, I can not let this moment slip by without mentioning another Jamie Sives and the Sea event...his role in the BBC/PBS series To the Ends of the Earth. CLIPS available at this link too! Jamie once mentioned in one of those elusive rare interviews that he barely had time to do laundry before was off to South Africa to film the part of Lieutenant Summers. Or you can come back from a job on the Isle of Man to be told by your agent you're going straight out to South Africa on another shoot. There's not even any time to wash your pants." I VOLUNTEER TO HELP with those pants :D oh come on, give me a break like I could resist that moment :P Even better was this line about his work in the theater: The night I saw the production - with him as Hedda's old lover, the alcoholic writer Løvborg, played with a Lochend accent - there were plenty of whoops from the audience. "Were they girls? Call me old-fashioned but I prefer that."
I WILL WHOOP LOUDLY for you anytime you want sir, I assure you ;)
Ok Im done I promise; You can see a quick glimpse below of Jamie looking quite natty in his uniform yeow! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Colin Kennedy!

Everyone, please join me as I lift a glass in celebration of a fine son of Scotland, a wonderful film maker, an artist, a talented author, Sigma star in the making and their excellent blogger; a truly funny, kind and lovely person: Colin Kennedy!

Here's to you Colin, thank you for making this world so much brighter. Wishing you the best of days and all the joy, success, and happiness you deserve in years to come!
Happy Birthday Colin!

For those that may not know Colin, you can see some work done by this freelance director and writer here and below, plus read his work via the official Sigma Films blog, and his blog for the making of his short film I Love Luci.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

(Updated) Filming on Outcast Moves to Ireland

No joke, the Fantastic Films website has removed that earlier blurb about filming for Outcast starring James Nesbitt and Katie Dickie ( Red Road, Donkeys), and replaced it with what seems to be the accurate status of the movie:

Having filmed in Edinburgh for three weeks, Outcast now moves to Studio Solas for two weeks. Outcast starring James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie is directed by Colm McCarthy.

Also of note, on the front page of the site, is what looks to be a new photo of the fantastic James Cosmo (also star of Sigma Films's upcoming Donkeys film) and the young girl in the movie (not sure of her name, does anyone know for certain?)

UPDATE: The Irish Film board also notes they are now in production at the Solas Studios in Galway, and states the following:

The production has built four film sets in the studio and will spend five weeks there including pre-production.

OUTCAST is produced by Fantastic Films with funding from Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board and Scottish Screen and international sales are being handled by Bankside Films. Fantastic Films completed filming on THE WAKEWOOD directed by David Keating late last year which is currently in post -production.

Fingers crossed we will still be able to learn more about the final weeks of production on this movie, which frankly I cant wait for!

I Suggest This

Not sure how long this will be online before the thought police strike, but here it is,
The Mentalist full episode featuring guest star Alastair Mackenzie! Enjoy!

Eep-try this link for the time being until I can get the embed to work right bleh

(needs more coffee I think) Meantime, several versions already on YouTube: Here is a HD version of the part where Alastair's character is introduced,
*waves at attorneys and the truly sad people who have nothing better to do but waste their time stalking this blog to look for things to report to take down*