Friday, April 3, 2009

Sweet Sives by the Sea..

Oh what a joy it would be
Jamie Sives and me by the sunny sea.....

*shakes head, sticks head in cold bucket of water, comes back to reality*

What am I on about now? Well the Seaside of Cannes to be exact and the legendary French Film festival. The Hollywood reporter has a new article online today about likely films to be screened at the fabled event, among those notably is Danic Tanovic's Triage starring Colin Farrell, and my all time favorite JAMIE SIVES (Sigma Films' Hallam Foe, Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself) When speaking about the likely tri-fold movie appearance featuring mega star Colin Farrell, the paper states: Producer Alan Moloney will likely bring the Colin Farrell-Paz Vega journalist thriller "Triage" to the Croisette. That would allow the actor to go for the Cannes hat trick -- in addition to "Parnassus," he's also in "Ondine," the Neil Jordan fisherman drama that CAA packaged and which could well end up at the fest.

All well and very good for Mr. Farrell who has been turning in some terrific performances of late, and bodes well for those films too, but Im more interested if true, and its the premiere of Triage, would Jamie attend??OMG if that were true Id both be ecstatic and despondent ,as this year I cant go to Cannes due to other commitments, but still glad cause that might mean new photos and press. On the one hand though, Jamie should get HUGE attention for this movie, and about freaking time too, but he also seems to eschew any sort of public appearance and almost never grants interviews... woe woe woe.Related too, Screen Daily reports that Triage at least has a distributor in Spain so those lucky folks will get to see the film at some point this year, ZERO idea on when Triage will be released in the UK or here in the States.

On a Sigma related note of sorts as well, the THR piece also mentions that there might be a possible showing of Andrea Arnold's (Red Road) new film "Fish Tank." I think Sigma will be there as usual -hopefully-but I do not know if they are going to be screening anything; probably not Donkeys which would probably fare better for a premiere at Edinburgh, but no idea whats happening on that front. It goes without saying any screening of a Sigma film at Cannes would be cool as hell of course, esp if Colin's short made it there! but again no word on that front.

So naturally, I can not let this moment slip by without mentioning another Jamie Sives and the Sea event...his role in the BBC/PBS series To the Ends of the Earth. CLIPS available at this link too! Jamie once mentioned in one of those elusive rare interviews that he barely had time to do laundry before was off to South Africa to film the part of Lieutenant Summers. Or you can come back from a job on the Isle of Man to be told by your agent you're going straight out to South Africa on another shoot. There's not even any time to wash your pants." I VOLUNTEER TO HELP with those pants :D oh come on, give me a break like I could resist that moment :P Even better was this line about his work in the theater: The night I saw the production - with him as Hedda's old lover, the alcoholic writer Løvborg, played with a Lochend accent - there were plenty of whoops from the audience. "Were they girls? Call me old-fashioned but I prefer that."
I WILL WHOOP LOUDLY for you anytime you want sir, I assure you ;)
Ok Im done I promise; You can see a quick glimpse below of Jamie looking quite natty in his uniform yeow! :)

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, totally agree with every word you said Sue.... huge attention for Jamie and about time too ..... YES! Would dearly love to read a new interview with Jamie... anything at all actually would be really nice.

    Thank you for the To The Ends Of The Earth bits, Jamie was totally heart breaking as Lt Summers, that's what won me over - and those uniforms will do it every time too. ;-) Can't believe I only first saw that at the beginning of last year (it took that long for them to screen it here!) I then found out that I had seen Jamie many years earlier in an episode of Ultimate Force - but I was severely inflicted with Bamberitus (a love of Jamie Bamber) at the time (still am) and had my Bamber Blinkers on, so had some fun digging out the video (thank you for the tape fairies) late last year and watching Jamie's episode again!