Monday, April 27, 2009

Uncredited where Credit is Due

A quick followup today regarding a piece of news from last week regarding a new role for my favorite actor, Jamie Sives, in the remake of The Clash of the Titans (2010). A few days ago his official IMDB page was updated to reflect that Jamie would be "uncredited" for the part of a "Captain" in the new film from WB. (Captain my Captain~ !) In our exclusive interview with Jamie, he broke the news to us that he would be appearing in the movie, doing most of his scenes with the wonderful Mads Mikkelsen (playing "Draco" in CotT), marking the third time the two will be working together. Today, in true WB form, press releases galore herald the news Clash of the Titans is now formally underway in London. Not sure when or where Jamie will do his scenes, for I think hes still finishing up It's a Wonderful Afterlife, but CoT is a big deal, so this is cool regardless of 'uncredited' or not; its the sole reason Im going to go see it lol. The IMDB page for this reads a March 26 2010 release but at this point I wouldnt hold that as WB has an uncanny way of changing their mind on major film releases ;) Plus look at the hell it was trying to pin down the elusive dreadfully done and horrible way Hallam Foe meandered its way here in America, bleh! Anyway Titans is a major production, as the release notes the film "will begin filming in studios outside London and will later shoot in various locations in Wales and in the Spanish Canary Islands, predominantly on Tenerife, off the coast of Africa. Further aerial work is set to take place in the diverse locales of Ethiopia and Iceland."

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