Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Town Killers-The Story

Almost one month ago to the date, I posted that New Town Killers, directed by Richard Jobson and starring Dougray Scott and Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie, had been rated 15 in the UK and several posts on it coming out in June. Got another google alert the other day, and it had the same thing, so I ignored it-mistake! LOL. For as I was reading the Gael Movies blog, he posted the rating from the other day but noted there was a release date added by the BBFC of June 12. (Thanks Alan!)Not certain how certain that is lol, but at least that is a specific date for now.

I took a look on the BBFC site and also saw now too that in addition to the rating for the film and what looks like the DVD, there is something called
"New Town Killers-The story [additional material]"

Running 30 minutes and 45 seconds in length, this also was rated 15.
Not sure if this is the DVD bonus features or a special to air on say film 4 or something but it will feature clips from the movie as well as a behind the scenes feature with only DOUGRAY SCOTT and James Pearson listed WHERE IS ALASTAIRS NAME! Holy crap I will be pissed, actually more hugely disappointed than anything really, if they don't include Al. Not sure if he just prefers not to be in the spotlight, doing press or stuff like this, but I can attest his many and I do mean MANY fans will be sorely disappointed if there isnt at least a brief interview with him or shots of him at work. LOL so there :P I know the director Richard Jobson has loads of behind the scenes stills including Al on his website, so I am hoping this is just an oversite or something. bleh. Anyway, features as follows:

00:03:40:06 (THE PROPOSAL) (FILM CLIP)
00:01:21:11 (THE LIST GAME) (FILM CLIP)
00:01:16:19 (THE TUNNEL) (FILM CLIP)
00:03:11:16 (THE ROOF CHASE) (FILM CLIP)


  1. Good stuff - I completely missed the BBFC thing first time round, and it looks like you've got even more info here. I guess that'll teach me to do a bit more digging instead of just relying on the BBFC's classification RSS feed!

    Roll on June!


  2. ...but I can attest his many and I do mean MANY fans will be sorely disappointed if there isnt at least a brief interview with him or shots of him at work.

    You bet!!! What on earth is happening??? It seems like someone is deliberately trying to keep him away from the media. Where's his PR agent??


  3. Roll on June indeed Alan! Cheers, and thanks again for stopping by! :)

    Marit, I 100% agree, what is the deal? I think he should hire US to be his pr agents :D Hope you are doing well these days, and continued thanks for reading and all the great comments :)x

  4. BBFC can be quite random with cast credits for DVD special features. I've been involved in the creation of quite a few. I'd be very suprised if Alastair isn't featured/interviewed on the DVD extras...

  5. Hi there!

    Well yes totally about BBFC-no system is perfect, but still its all I have to go on for now, however your comment is very encouraging so thanks for that! Its been very frustrating for me personally to see the bulk of the info on this movie (which looks so very cool) has been focused on Dougray and James, when Alastair is all very much one of the main stars.

    I know Im obviously focused on Sigma and his/their work and I do not deny that at all lol, but still, he's a big star, a talented actor, and we just want to see him get some of that well deserved spotlight too. Hes fantastic and lol I refuse to stop singing his praises :)

    Anyway, thanks very much for stopping by and taking time to comment, appreciate it very much!!

  6. Even though BBFC is random with cast credits, someone is still not doing their job. Sue, he should definitely hire us. We're so much better than this!!!! :-)

    Why doesn't he have an official fan-site btw?


    PS. I hope you've had a great Easter. My kids and I have been struggling with some nasty strept. bacterias, but are all well now.

  7. Hi Marit!
    oh no to you and the kids being ill! My son has been really sick last week, very hard on top of everything else Ive got going on, so you have my complete sympathy! Hope yall are feeling better soon!

    I agree on the timing with the big festival so soon, but then again, it already opened in London, plus has shown in other festivals, so not sure if qualifies or something for EIFF? Maybe they will show it later or something as a bonus or special made in Scotland thing-out of competition or something? No idea alas-selfishly I just want it to show here in the States but I am not optimistic on that!

  8. You're right, it wouldn't qualify. I'm pretty sure that to get into EIFF, a film has to be at least a UK premiere, so with appearances at Glasgow, Belfast and London, NTK was never likely to appear.

    It's a shame as it would undoubtedly have got some more coverage than an under-the-radar cinema release, but one can only hope that the fact that it is an Edinburgh film will still bring plenty of people to see it when it is released there.