Saturday, April 4, 2009

Outcast Odds n Ends

A few quick odds n ends related to the filming of Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and the wonderful Katie Dickie (Sigmas Red Road, upcoming Donkeys)

First, an interview with a young actor named Josh from Shawlands Academy confirmed that yes indeed frequent Sigma collaborator Des Hamilton did the casting for the movie. In the piece, Josh says that "I play the main girls brother, Tomask.” and says of the two principle leads:
Are you excited about working with James Nesbitt?
“Yeah! I’ve only met him once so far at the read through, but I didn’t get to talk to him much.”
Who else have you worked with?
“Kate Dickie who is also a great actress and there are a lot of other amazing young actors.”

Also related there are a host of new interviews now online with Mr. Nesbitt as his latest film Five Minutes of Heaven is to be released. While there are sad comments on the tragic passing of Natasha Richardson, wife of his co-star in Five Minutes, the articles also mention his work in Outcast, such as this from the Belfast Telegraph:

Currently filming Outcast, a Celtic horror film directed by Colm McCarthy — who also directed Murphy’s Law — Jimmy’s had to sport a rather bushy beard. The movie is being filmed in Edinburgh and Galway and in between filming he somehow managed to find the time to fly home to support his big sister Kathryn, a teacher at D H Christie Memorial primary school in Coleraine.

Jimmy flew over for the official launch of their learning support centre before jetting back to continue filming in Scotland, then jumping back on a flight the next day to co-host the ball with me.

“It’s not an effort,” he said. “It’s an easy thing to do and a pleasure and it’s important for me to support local events. “And I get to come home and see friends, which is an added bonus.”

Mr. Nesbitt said he is looking forward to spending Easter at home with his family, and after OutCast wraps, he said “Then I’m off to Australia in May to film ‘Love and Mortar’, directed by Nadia Tass.

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