Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do You Follow Facebook Etiquette?

I interrupt my own blog for some useless Snark ;0 A friend just sent me this sorta amusing video about Facebook manners and dread dating/flirting/revenge gone amuck. Maybe not so funny to some, but as admitted Facebook junkie this cracked me up. Good if you are bored I guess.


  1. OK - I admit it - I was bored! I watched it.

    Hilarious - very clever. In truth I am a lousy facebook person in that I am not terribly active on FB (i.e. "boring"). However - our world's increasing attraction to electronic connecting fascinates me endlessly.

  2. Hahaha!!!

    As an computer engineer, I'm overwhelmingly impressed by here 'computer' and 'digital' camera :-).


  3. Hey all :D
    Hah I agree Marit very funny it was :)

    Yes,it amazes me tooAnna, the interaction on these sites now, esp with Twitter too, just woah! Although I read a piece in I think the Guardian or Telegraph about how huge percentage of people who sign up for Twitter stop using it within the month. LOL

    I am HORRIBLE at keeping mine up-both the one for the blog and my personal one, which is what I actually bother most with. Keep meaning to get the lead out on that, hope to do more this month. Still I love facebook more, but I HATE they keep messing with all the layout stuff