Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obligatory and wholly twee self indulgent post to note today is the now traditional Tartan parade in NYC, lead by the always wonderful and exuberant Alan Cumming. While he's not the Highlander of my dreams (gosh, wonder who is? :P), this bodes well for another glorious day of fun. which it will be. Kilts at the ready everyone!


  1. ' The Highlander of your dreams'...? No, I don't have a clue who that is...... NOT :-)

    I'll comment to what you said earlier, since it's more likely you'll read this.

    I understand completely how you feel about having to wait for his programs. I'm living in Norway. We don't get neither the UK nor the American programs at once. A lot of the time we don't get them at all. I'd miss A LOT if it hadn't been for very good friends (THANKS!!!) and the internet.

    In the Mentalist he reminds me more of his character (Jack Harvey) in the Reichenbach Falls. Of course, he probably wouldn't agree himself, cause all actors think their characters are unique ;-)


  2. Jamie!! Kilt!! Squeeeeee....

    So tell us Sue, just who is the Highlander of your dreams? *LOL*

    Thank you very much for the pic. Where did you dig up this gem?