Wednesday, April 1, 2009

(Updated) Filming on Outcast Moves to Ireland

No joke, the Fantastic Films website has removed that earlier blurb about filming for Outcast starring James Nesbitt and Katie Dickie ( Red Road, Donkeys), and replaced it with what seems to be the accurate status of the movie:

Having filmed in Edinburgh for three weeks, Outcast now moves to Studio Solas for two weeks. Outcast starring James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie is directed by Colm McCarthy.

Also of note, on the front page of the site, is what looks to be a new photo of the fantastic James Cosmo (also star of Sigma Films's upcoming Donkeys film) and the young girl in the movie (not sure of her name, does anyone know for certain?)

UPDATE: The Irish Film board also notes they are now in production at the Solas Studios in Galway, and states the following:

The production has built four film sets in the studio and will spend five weeks there including pre-production.

OUTCAST is produced by Fantastic Films with funding from Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board and Scottish Screen and international sales are being handled by Bankside Films. Fantastic Films completed filming on THE WAKEWOOD directed by David Keating late last year which is currently in post -production.

Fingers crossed we will still be able to learn more about the final weeks of production on this movie, which frankly I cant wait for!

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