Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sweet Easter Eggs: Nuggets of News on Various Films

Few nuggets of news today in our easter basket I guess, regarding some various films I've been following.

Egg One: As foreshadowed earlier (this post), IFTN is now announcing main photography on OUTCAST starring James Nesbitt and the wonderful Katie Dickie (Sigmas Red Road, upcoming Donkeys) will wrap this weekend in Ireland. Recently they had been filming at Solas Studios in Galway, Ireland after several awesome weeks of location filming in Scotland around Dalkeith and others near Edinburgh. Last word this film is to be released next year, possibly at a film festival (Berlin and/or Edinburgh) I dont care which one, just as long as I get to see this film! Intriguing somewhat original storyline, fantasy/slight horror/celtic mythology and Kate Dickie in one=happy film goer camper me. :D

Egg Two: Nicholas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising starring Mads Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives is now in post production, notably SOUND work being done at SAVALAS SOUND, part of the Trifecta of S, super companies located at FILM CITY GLASGOW. As noted on their website, the "astonishing Viking completing a startling sound-post right now. Produced by Nimbus Film, co-produced by La Belle Alee, and sold by Wild Bunch, it'll be something to see-and hear-when it comes out later this year." Huzzah for that! Since the movie is mostly SLOW MOTION, lord knows what kind of sound/music will be involved. Im sure this will be one discussed for some time after its release.

Egg Three: Speaking of Sound, there is another cool mention of the music for Richard Jobson's New Town Killers starring Dougray Scott and Sigma's Alastair Mackenzie. The infamous NME has a bit about the recently released title track from Isa & the Filthy Tongues (complete with an embed of the music video by Mr J) . Im not sure what the hell Edinburgh Goth is ,or scuzzy Scottish scrapiness is -I take it this is all good adjectives in their brand of journalism- and notes that when it comes to the music " it’s sure to fire you up. " Youbetcha! :)

While three times usually the charm, I did receive a fourth egg today in the form of a welcomed mail. Although cant be certain Jamie Sives is on location shoots this week in London for his new movie It's a Wonderful Afterlife, it would seem he is for sure in the movie, so that was welcomed news- ANY tiny bit makes a difference, and is MOST appreciated, many thanks A!

Right as it is Easter and Jamie was just mentioned (look how I work this in; never give up do I ? :P ), its worth a look to see this clip from BBC's The Passion, (aired on BBC 4, on again March 23 on BBC One) I will be off for a few days, not because I celebrate the holiday anymore cause I dont and my faith in any organized religion is greatly diminished, but in the mean time here is a clip featuring Jamie as someone who has great faith, and received a great gift that made it even stronger. Peace out

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