Saturday, April 4, 2009

View to an L.A. Gigolo

Further proof the end of the world is nigh: Apparently the name of David Mackenzie's upcoming "Spread," will be changed in some parts of the world to L.A. Gigolo as noted now on the official site of Scanbox Entertainment
Resist David, Resist! Powers that be, please dont go to the dark and tacky side oh god, just dreadful decision with that; gives to to too much opening credence for slams like the less than flattering reviews esp from the folks at defamer.Aw well I suppose they want to invoke American Gigolo or something but lol

Well on a brighter note I guess, while the August 14,2009 US release date is still looking good for "Spread" woot, some will see it earlier, for I think this is the Swedish dates:
Theatrical run opening: 7-31-2009 (approx 117 days), DVD?? 9-2-2009

Finally, on a rather fascinating related note, if you follow Mr. Kutcher at all via his Twitter, last week he showed (on Qik) some fairly impressive behind the scenes work on his new film. While completely not Sigma related, it's quite cool to see all the meticulous planning, skill, and work that goes into those fantastic stunt high action shots we take for granted in movies anymore. THANK YOU ASHTON ! :))

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  1. Changing the name of Spread into L.A. Gigolo is considered as an offence of my intelligence, if they do that in Norway!