Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spread the vibrator?


As seen in France, "TOY BOY" the new film from David Mackenzie, starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche, has a new website ---see here!

No no that tackiness is not a nightmare, it's hip new marketing for a modern smart intelligent world! Sure, there is stuff for us dull boring people with the usual assortment of things of photos and lists of cinemas showing the movie, but whooo hooo forget any sense of storyline deep meaning or intelligence in sentient filmgoers, lets just get to the good part and focus solely on clips of Ashton having oral sex with Anne, and oohh you can also make your own nude barbie doll have sex with the stars! Bonus too! cause all film makers/actors actresses reallly really want this for themselves right....*drumroll as the new future of film marketing takes shape:Fans get in line to BUY A VIBRATOR AND GEL (orange scented to boot!) from Ashton Kutchers new film! Huzzah!

SEE ASHTON'S MOVIE, BUY THE VIBRATOR, GREAT IDEA!Wow, clearly the rest of the world has been missing the boat all these years with this super intelligent marketing! Forget any pretense of class and wit and intelligence JUST GO FOR THE PURE HARD FUCK, EMBRACE those back pages of Penthouse folks that what we all want clearly! I mean jeesh, Bobby DeNiro and Coppola totally need to have banners showing 'support your local Mafia!' on each poster, or ooh maybe Sean Pean and the superb Milk should have included gay sex howtoos, and omg totally- Marty Scoresese should give away free guns for the premiere of his films! Yip yip!

Clearly I am being sarcastic, but my god, HOW SAD AND PATHETIC is this???
Good lord, ABSOLUTE CRAP and totally not befitting of the efforts of this film, certainly not David nor the rest of the producers film makers, nor the cast and crew.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reminder: Trailer for David Mackenzie's "Spread" Tonight on Access Hollywood, Quality on Apple Thurs

A quick reminder that tonight here in the US, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD will be the site where viewers in the US can see the trailer to David Mackenzie's "Spread," starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche. Then as I first reported last night, the trailer will be online in glorious high quality via APPLE on Thursday. Woot!

Also, Edinburgh Guide is reporting that David was unable to attend the screening of "Spread" at the Edinburgh Film Festival, sending a note saying he was busy with all the prep work for "The Last Word." As reported here several times, this is a new SIGMA FILMS production with David reuniting again with Ewan McGregor; production is due to start in just a few months and there is much to be done before the late August/September production based out of Film City Glasgow.

More good words on Spread at Edinburgh continue, as seen in this review from The Herald, notably:

With its impossibly attractive cast, Spread might have been as shiny and insubstantial as Nikki is when we first meet him. Thanks to a whip-smart script that's full of witty one-liners and really has a feel for its millieu, it's anything but. In the hands of Scottish director David Mackenzie, the film comes across as effortlessly cool and stylish while maintaining real edge. Mackenzie, who's shown a predisposition for raunchy dramas ever since making Young Adam, seems the perfect fit. All that and a killer ending, too.

FINALLY, a word of thanks to a long time reader who sent the most fabulous mail encouraging me to keep on with this blog. Ive not hidden how discouraged I am of late, but was heartened to have received such encouraging thoughts expressed in such a lovely fashion -thank you so so much! Its really really hard to get info out of Glasgow, can only imagine the frustration of the filmmakers there because they get scant attention as it is! Anyway, thanks again! xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, June 22, 2009

David Mackenzie's "Spread" s the Love Tonight at Edinburgh; Great News on Trailer!

As promised, David Mackenzie's Spread starring Ashton Kutcher screened tonight at the Edinburgh International Film Festival! While there have been no pics or news out of the event tonight as of yet, there was a press screening held earlier and the reviews are very positive. Of note is this from Dylan Matthew at Edinburgh who writes:

Spread is Mackenzie's slickest, most easily enjoyable and most commercial film to date. While less existentialist than Young Adam (his finest work so far) and less intense than Hallam Foe's rites of passage, it's main theme and protagonist retains the repressed loneliness and internalised suffering of the unconventional anti heroes of those earlier films. Spread is an American Gigolo of sorts crossed with a hint of the recent Audrey Tatou starrer Priceless.

...Ultimately, this is a film about loneliness, about the fear of real intimacy and commitment. Its all delivered with style, a toe tapping soundtrack, a fair dose of humour, nice observations and good performances particularly from Anne Heche who's understated brilliance made me wish she'd had a more significant role.


The Official Trailer for David Mackenzie's Spread will be released THIS WEEK, PREVIEW TONIGHT on Access Hollywood, then in glorious quality Thursday June 25 via Apple! YAY!!!
Spread, starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche will open on August 14. Be sure to follow the Twitter for the film here, as well as the Facebook page for it, here!

UPDATE: Check this poster for Spread at EIFF and Wasted starring Katie Dickie; they could not be more disparate, love this COOL PICS ALAN via GaelMovies

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too Loud, Too Fast

Well I am still hugely discouraged, but felt I should point out some of the good things, including two interviews of note. First, thank you as always to ever awesome Alan at GaleMovies we know of a new video interview with Richard Jobson at BBC Films.
(be sure to check out Alan's excellent review of New Town Killers here) I had to chuckle at myself because one of the things RJ mentions is about people complaining 'too loud too fast.' *Guess thats what I am :((... too loud a fan heh, and wanting things too fast (although an effing week after a supposed big deal is an eternity in this day an age. and they wonder why scant enough attention is paid to Scottish film-tis sink or swim time folks just sayin)

Also of note :P is a truly wonderful interview with Martin and Stacey of Isa & the Filthy tongues. Now talk about fast, kick ass music! Not only does this great piece give new details on how they and their music became part of New Town Killers, but also that Big Star is going to be part of the Soundtrack for David Mackenzie's Spread, starring Ashton Kutcher. Huzzah! Big Star will be (re?) released as single July 6! Quotes of interest:
PB : 'Big Star', your new single, is also appearing on a soundtrack for another film, ‘Spread’, which is a Hollywood film, isn’t it ?
SC :Yes. It is the next Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy, but it is very dark.

MM : It is about the sex industry in America. We have done the film with Richard about violence and now we have done one about sex(Laughs).
SC : It is going to be playing here at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June and then it will be released in America in August. It doesn’t have a release date here yet. The distribution rights haven't been bought, so hopefully that will happen after the film appears in the festivals in the UK.
PB : How did you become involved with the soundtrack for that ?
SC : Luck (Laughs).
MM : My niece knew a guy from a club. He opened a club in Edinburgh and he booked us into it and then e-mailed me afterwards and asked us for music. He had been asked by this film director friend of his called David MacKenzie, who was Scottish and directed ‘Spreads’, to send him some stuff. It was, therefore, a friend of David MacKenzie's in Edinburgh who ran a club who liked us. There was really a lot more of an element of chance involved in that one.

While I posted this last year, do check out the excellent video for Big Star, as well as a cut from FlyKKiller which is part of the soundtrack for New Town Killers.

Hallam Foe Still Flies High Over Film City Glasgow

One week ago now as posted here, after much planning and hard work, Film City Glasgow was relaunched in Scotland. As long time readers will know I've been writing about Sigma Films for years and their efforts with this fabulous film center in Scotland. Since the event, others have asked it, and despite sincere efforts because, I have not heard one single thing about the party or anything other save the Herald article and the few excerpts reprinted elsewhere, plus these photos including one of the awesome Gillian Berrie from the Evening Times.

Still, and I know its laughable and Im sure they could care less, but its been disappointing to say the least. Today, mercifully one kind soul has uploaded some photos from the event that make this long time fan smile:

Hallam Foe still flies high over Film City Glasgow.

Hallam Foe of course is a Sigma Films production, directed by the great David Mackenzie and was produced/based out of FCG. I think this is hella cool.
Thanks as well to to Darcie who I think works in social media or something (dunno sorry if Ive botched it!)and who took the HF photo, there are a few more pics from the party, overhead here, including the entrance to the lovely building live models and all cool!; more are available here via her public Flickr. From one of the few people outside of Scotland not immediately involved in the business there and who actually cares, thank you so much Darcie!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bad News! Nicholas Winding Refn's "Valhalla Rising" with Mads Mikkelsen, Jamie Sives Delayed Until Next Year

Bad news today: Nicholas Winding Refn's "Valhalla Rising" starring Mads Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives has been delayed for release until next year!
nooo boooo :(

According to the official Danish Institute page for the film, Valhalla Rising will be released 05.03.2010 (March 5) It is also noted for a 2010 release in France as well.


Related: Mads fans, at least you can see a new still of Mads on set via the Scottish Screen location flickr here.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Photos of David Mackenzie at Work on "Spread"

As alerted by the aforementioned Spread the Movie Twitter, there is a facebook page now for the movie, which includes 54 new photos. Some I already have posted here on this blog previously, but of interest to me of course are the photos of Sigma's own David Mackenzie, at work directing his star Ashton Kutcher as well as some of the others. You can join the page and see the entire set, here.
Check below for all the new pics of David :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Follow "Spread the Movie" Twitter For Clips and More

Check it out: straight from Ashton himself, the new "Spread the Movie" official Twitter. He said we would be getting new clips and other info on his new film, directed by Sigma's own David Mackenzie. Spread, starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche, is due out August 14, cant wait. Be sure to check out this link for all the many posts I made covering the production of this film.

First up from Spread the Movie twitter, a new photo of Ashton over LA. Shot most likely by the set photographer it does reflect some of David's great eye at work I think. Really like this pic!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feature on Film City Glasgow Including an Interview with Founder and Producer Gillian Berrie

Tonight the Herald is running a lengthy feature on FILM CITY GLASGOW.


Longtime readers of this blog will know I have written previously many times about the former Govan Town Hall, which is now home to Sigma Films of Glasgow Serious Facilities, Savalas Sound and many more fabulous new residents of the lovely old building. The paper notes an official launch of FCG is due to take place tomorrow, and I am certain there will be more, but of note from the article are the following:

With a combined investment of £3.5m from Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow City Council and the European regional Development Fund, Film City Glasgow boasts the country's first Dolby theatre, a new filming studio, rehearsal space, sound and picture editing suites.

(Sweet note: its the TRIFECTA OF S! Savalas Sound and Serious Facilities, just sayin')

The 65,000 sq ft site has already attracted a host of top industry names, has 21 permanent tenants and its feature film and production spend has already exceeded £30m. As such, it is a key part of Glasgow new digital media quarter, with its closest neighbours BBC Scotland and Scottish Television.

The article makes mention of many things I've blogged about previously including Sigma's own, the wonderful David Mackenzie, will be making The Last Word with Ewan McGregor this fall based at FCG. Also as we well know, Franz Ferdinand uses FCG as home studio, having recorded their fabulous last CD there, with the paper citing lead singer Alex Krapanos: "A building like this is an inspiration." INDEED! You can see my many posts on Franz at FCG here, NOTABLY FOOTAGE of the recordings here and here.

There is much on the background of FCG which I may do in a separate post here tomorrow, and importantly new comments from Sigma Co Founder and producer extraordinaire, Gillian Berrie, about the pressing issue of funding for films in Scotland under the new restructuring for the arts. The paper states:

The low cost rental model of Film City is aimed at creating affordable accommodation to those emerging in the industry, and the opportunity to work and collaborate alongside established industry professionals.

But yesterday Ms Berrie made a plea for increased support for film from Creative Scotland, the new arts funding body that will created next year by merging the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen.

She has not yet seen a proposed strategy for the film industry. Delays in the transition process mean Scottish Screen is operating on standstill funding.

"The amount of support for film in Scotland compared with other countries needs to be addressed," she told The Herald."The international impression of Scotland at Cannes is there is a great deal of talent but there is so little support that we are not recognised as a real industry.

"We will wait to see what support is forthcoming from Creative Scotland."It's not just a cultural issue; it's an economic one. every pound put into film generates a 400% return to the economy.

"Supporting home-grown creative talent is of vital importance. I want Scotland to become a place people want to return to. Film City is the first step in the right direction."

Hear hear Gillian! You can learn more about Film City Glasgow via this link, Sigma Films here or via their official blog as well.

Confirmed! Kevin MacDonald's "Eagle of the Ninth" to Base at Film City Glasgow

Jamie Bell is going back to Govan again, as The Herald has a piece of news I suspected and blogged about here for some time: Kevin MacDonald's new film "Eagle of the Ninth" starring Jamie and Channing Tatum will indeed be based at Film City Glasgow, with the piece noting: "Peter Mullan's Neds is in pre-production and is due to start shooting in six weeks, while Kevin Macdonald's Roman epic Eagle In The Ninth, starring Jamie Bell and touted as the biggest Scottish film since Braveheart, will be produced here from August." They were casting today for extras, did anyone go to that?

While Eagle is not a Sigma production, FCG is of course home to Sigma Films, Serious Facilities, Savalas Sound and much much more. It was also the site where Sigma Films and David Mackenzie based their excellent Hallam Foe, featuring Jamie Bell in the lead role. Much much more great news ahead about Film City, just thrilled to know Jamie will be back in his old haunts there in Glasgow for the filming of what is sure to be an excellent epic adventure!

Marketing about to begin for David Mackenzie's "Spread"

Things are apparently due to heat up for the marketing of David Mackenzie's "Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher. Never mind the fact that I and many others had the same poster
<------------------ last December, MTV has an "exclusive" on the poster, ------------->

which is essentially the same damn thing, just a wider shot of LA at the top, bolder blue and pinks, water is more 'wavy' and clear, and the logo title moved down in the water... LOLOL bless, well I guess it's a good sign they are going to start marketing the movie at least :)

New Town Killers Screening This Weekend in London; Eden Court Session in early July

Attention fans in London! You will have the chance to see a special series of screenings this weekend as Empire Leicester Square will be showing Richard Jobson's New Town Killers starring Dougray Scott and Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie starting Friday June 12. Tickets are now available via this link for the movie which will be showing every night for a week at 21:00 (9pm).
While the film is having the special debut/screening on Thursday at the Omni Vue; you can also see it the entire weekend at the Vue Carlisle, Inverness and Livingston.

Also the film will be showing at Eden Court theater, with a special Q & A session with director Richard Jobson to take place JULY 3rd. Show times are listed via this link.

Video Interview and New Footage from New Town Killers

Yahoo movies has posted a new video interview with director Richard Jobson and Dougray Scott that contains some new footage from the film. You can see what is a roof top chase featuring not only Dougray and James Anthony Pearson but gasp the other star of the film Alastair Mackenzie, what a concept heh...sorry do I sound bitter? ;P

New Town Killers Exclusive Interview @ Yahoo! Video

The rooftop chase is also listed on another site but I cant get it to work here in the us of course, and am trying to track that down elsewhere. Tickets remain on sale for the screening of New Town Killers at the Omni Vue in Edinburgh which will feature a Q & Q with Dougray and RJ, with a private after party to follow. Additional Interviews with Richard Jobson can be found via Indie London and Screenjabber.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Q & A with Richard Jobson, Dougray Scott and James Anthony Pearson for New Town Killer Screening Edinburgh

Bad news Alastair Mackenzie fans, as it looks as if Al will not be in attendance this week for the screening of New Town Killers :((((((((((

The Scotsman reports that the director Richard Jobson will conduct a Question and Answer session, along with star Dougray Scott and James Anthony Pearson. Mr. Scott's beautiful wife Claire Forlani (Sigma Films "Hallam Foe" ) is also reported to attend the event. As reported here many times the film will screen this week at Vue Omni in Edinburgh, Scotland with a private party afterwards to feature a performance by the fabulous Isa and the Filthy Tongues.

Related: Mr Scott attended a book launch today in London, pic-------->

Monday, June 8, 2009

Be a Celtic Warrior with Jamie Bell in "Eagle of the Ninth" Casting This Week!

Wanna be a Celtic or Roman warrior and fight along side Jamie Bell and Channing Tatum for Kevin MacDonald's upcoming Eagle of the Ninth? Well now you can as casting is on THIS WEEK for Extras in the new movie which will be filming in Glasgow this September. Casting is being done by long time local casting director Des Hamilton (who worked with Sigma associate Kahleen Crawford previously; they each have their own co now) and will take place JUNE 10. Details as follows:

We are currently looking for Scottish men aged between
24-35 of lean physique, who would be able to be strong in combat
to appear in the feature film as Seal Warriors.

Eagle of the Ninth will be directed by Kevin Macdonald (Last King of
Scotland) and produced by Duncan Kenworthy. The film will shoot in
Scotland in September this year. Eagle of the Ninth tells the story of a
lost legion in the battle between the Roman's and the Celts in the time of
Hadrian's wall. Featured Extra's and Extra's will be needed for a number
of consecutive days in September. We are conducting casting in Glasgow on
the 10th June.

If you are interested in this opportunity and fit the description above
then please contact me via email or on the number below and we can arrange
for you to come along to the casting. Look forward to hearing from you.

Kimberley O'Neill
Casting Assistant
Des Hamilton Casting
17f Clerkenwell Road
M: 07791537344
T: 0207 253 5558

GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO APPLY! Note this is NOT a Sigma production, just a post related to JB who is superb.

Thanks to the wee bird who gave me the heads up, most appreciated! Am always happy to post this type of thing to help get the word out for sure!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scotsman Review on New Town Killers

The Scotsman has now posted their review of Richard Jobson's New Town Killers, along with a new interview with the director and star Dougray Scott. The interview naturally contains no mention of Sigma own and co-star Alastair Mackenzie, but it can be read here. As for the actual review, the latter half is worth a read:

New Town Killers is the kind of film that stretches its cast physically rather than emotionally, an action movie that almost runs out of breath. Jobson's own authorial touches include a literal cliffhanger where our hero grapples with the ledges and pipes of an Edinburgh townhouse and two encounters with a gang of Edinburgh toughs which end in greasy terror in two different ways. Less successful is a scene where two children get hold of a gun late on in the film; by this time quite a few bodies have already piled up and this pause to meditate on violence and the innocent feels unnecessary, overscored and underpowered, even if one of the kids is played by the director's daughter. Viewed as a reasonable B-movie or a so-so A-movie, it's still Jobson's most effective film to date, capitalising on Dougray Scott's smooth villainy, fluent action sequences and some nicely gothic shots of Edinburgh. It also shows a certain ethical sturdiness that seems quaint in these exploitative times; it may be hip as old boots, but in New Town Killers, no transgression goes unpunished in the end. It's only when the characters stop and deliver monologues about the class divide that the film flags – Jobson appears to have Beethoven's ear for the way people talk, and the philosophical exchanges between alpha male and his beta quarry have all the sparkle of a mortgage application. Still, provided you close your ears when anyone speaks for longer than 30 seconds, you'll have a grand time.

On a related note, Dougray Scott and his beautiful wife Claire Forlani (Sigma's Hallam Foe) were guest at tonight's Raisa Gorbachev Gala Fundraiser Ball held at Hampton Court Palace London, photo of the handsome couple ------>.

New Town Killers will be released on Thursday with a screening, Q & A and private after party featuring a performance by Isa & the Filthy Tongues. The trailer can be found here; theme song by ISA here

JJ Feild Mentions Jamie Sives in Scotsman

First if you are looking for the New Triage Poster with Colin Farrell, click here or here to my flickr for 3: official poster plus the two demos one and two(with Paz Vega and Jamie Sives).

Also THANKS to ColinFarrell Fansite, IMDB and esp mega & fabulous live journal community OhNoTheyDidnt for the link to this blog, wowza! Some have asked who is the other guy or Jamie Sives. Jamie is my favorite actor and hes wonderful :) He is from Scotland, and you probably know him best for his lead role in Sigma Films award winning Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself. He will be seen this year in Triage of course and later in Valhalla Rising with Mads Mikkelsen. You can read my exclusive interview with Jamie here, where he does talk about working with Colin, Mads, even a mention of JJ and much more.

One of the names mentioned in our interview and previously has been his friendship with actor JJ Feild (check out his fansite here). The Scotsman has a lengthy profile with Mr. Feild online today, and at the end of the interview he makes mention of Jamie Sives and what acting is like for the both of them. Quotage:

Not long ago he and his great buddy Jamie Sives were asked what they hoped for in their careers. "Jamie said – and I wish it had been me saying this – 'What I hope is that I never have to get a job. This isn't a job: it's great fun.'"

Filming has wrapped on Jamie's latest project One Night in Emergency with Kevin Mckidd, which according to IMDB was done on all night shoots. Jamie plays the character of Nick for this film that will be broadcast this fall on the BBC. No word if Jamie is off recording his CD now or still filming Clash of Titans- PLEASE LET US KNOW about that music esp please please please lol

Edit: Very sorry when I first posted this am, I botched the spelling of JJ Feild's name, I FAIL horribly and apologise.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Look! Official Poster from Danis Tanovic's "Triage" with Colin Farrell, Jamie Sives!

BEHOLD! The first official poster for Danis Tanovic's "Triage" starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Sives!
You can also see two extra demo posters now up on my flickr including one that actually featured a photo of Jamie Sives gah!

Triage is slated for release later this fall

Tickets Now On Sale for "New Town Killers" Screening, Q & A Vue Edinburgh

A reminder today that Richard Jobson's "New Town Killers" will be screening next week in Edinburgh, Scotland. The new film which stars Dougray Scott, and Sigma co-founder Alastair Mackenzie will be shown at Vue Omni Edinburgh, and there will also be a special Q & A session. Tickets for this event on June 12 are now available here via this link. If anyone is lucky enough to attend, can someone please have mercy on poor me and send in pics/reports? I also hear reports there is to be a fabulous after party with the awesome Isa and the Filthy Tongues due to play-LUCKY, fingers crossed more info/audio/video of that will be available at some point too.

By way of director Richard Jobson's official Twitter, BAFTA members can see a screening of the movie Tuesday, June 9 in Glasgow, and Wed June 10 in Edinburgh.

Also thanks to Alan over at Gael Movies blog (recommended reading!) we now know New Town Killers will be screening in August at the Hippodrome Theater. Screening dates for the film start August 14. I do not know if these are the dates the film are opening wide, but Ive heard August as the month it does indeed go wide in the UK; more when I can get it!

Finally, even though we have the glorious fabulous new Poster for New Town Killers below, check out these two posters( One, Two) on my Flickr from Allcitymedia, which were NOT selected for the final sales sheet. Gotta say, I agree with the final decision; always cool to see their names etc but in this case, the red one was a great teaser, love the newest one best though!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Town Killers Release Draws Near with New Reviews and Large New Poster!

As a follow to the post below, there is some very good news today involving "New Town Killers," starring Dougray Scott, and Sigma Films' own Alastair Mackenzie. Reviews for the film are now pouring in, with Empire giving it four stars ("searing thriller") and Total Film the same, noting the new film from director Richard Jobson is "a spiky little speedball of caustic social commentary and guerrilla thrills." Press is starting to become more plentiful with an article on Dougray here from the Daily Mail as well. Finally BEHOLD IN GLORIOUS LARGE SIZE HERE VIA MY FLICKR
THE NEW POSTER for New Town Killers, with a fabulous pic of Alastair-wall paper anyone? :)
New Town Killers will be released next week.

Looking Beyond Labels with Dougray Scott

Today I want to look beyond the normal parameters of this blog, writing here from my comfy spot on the cough to write about those who are not in a comfortable place, about a subject that more often than not we do not give any attention too: Refugees. In my past Ive spoken to, videoed, edited and posted stories about those who have been profoundly affected by war, done my job, then head to the bar and forgotten all about it. I watch their stories on the news and click turn off the tv. Always wished I could do more; maybe today even if we watch for one minute something good can happen. So right, no more preaching or ranting, just want to applaud Scottish actor Dougray Scott (New Town Killers) for his efforts in supporting the UK Red Cross, as they have launched Refugee week, taking place June 15-21, as an attempt to "look beyond the ‘refugee’ label. The campaign also seeks to promote the positive contribution refugees make to life in the UK." I join in this effort, and will be lending my support and changing my Twitter status as well. You can learn more about the effort in the video below or by going to

Thanks Sinead!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Colin Kennedy's "You Can Do Athletics" Selected for Soho Shorts Festival!

Great news today as "We are the Physics: You Can Do Athletics" Music Video has been selected for the Soho Shorts Festival!! Directed by Sigma's own Colin Kennedy, this Scottish BAFTA nominated music video is in competition for the Rushes Music Video Awards. Up against some truly legendary names such as U2 and Coldplay, as well as others like videos of Will Young, McFly, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more, the Soho festival runs July 22nd to July 29th in London, England. More info on the event, here.

Congratulations to Colin Kennedy, the Physics band and all at Sigma Films!