Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hallam Foe Still Flies High Over Film City Glasgow

One week ago now as posted here, after much planning and hard work, Film City Glasgow was relaunched in Scotland. As long time readers will know I've been writing about Sigma Films for years and their efforts with this fabulous film center in Scotland. Since the event, others have asked it, and despite sincere efforts because, I have not heard one single thing about the party or anything other save the Herald article and the few excerpts reprinted elsewhere, plus these photos including one of the awesome Gillian Berrie from the Evening Times.

Still, and I know its laughable and Im sure they could care less, but its been disappointing to say the least. Today, mercifully one kind soul has uploaded some photos from the event that make this long time fan smile:

Hallam Foe still flies high over Film City Glasgow.

Hallam Foe of course is a Sigma Films production, directed by the great David Mackenzie and was produced/based out of FCG. I think this is hella cool.
Thanks as well to to Darcie who I think works in social media or something (dunno sorry if Ive botched it!)and who took the HF photo, there are a few more pics from the party, overhead here, including the entrance to the lovely building live models and all cool!; more are available here via her public Flickr. From one of the few people outside of Scotland not immediately involved in the business there and who actually cares, thank you so much Darcie!

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