Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Town Killers Release Draws Near with New Reviews and Large New Poster!

As a follow to the post below, there is some very good news today involving "New Town Killers," starring Dougray Scott, and Sigma Films' own Alastair Mackenzie. Reviews for the film are now pouring in, with Empire giving it four stars ("searing thriller") and Total Film the same, noting the new film from director Richard Jobson is "a spiky little speedball of caustic social commentary and guerrilla thrills." Press is starting to become more plentiful with an article on Dougray here from the Daily Mail as well. Finally BEHOLD IN GLORIOUS LARGE SIZE HERE VIA MY FLICKR
THE NEW POSTER for New Town Killers, with a fabulous pic of Alastair-wall paper anyone? :)
New Town Killers will be released next week.


  1. Wow! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    *Using the big color laser printer at work*Now, where should I put it? Somewhere it's possible to come up with a reasonble explanation to my kids...

    PS. Does anyone from Sigma read this? They're probably questning my sanity by now...

  2. and my iPhone obviously doesn't spell check :-).

  3. HAHAH MARIT! I am so with you on the color printer thing haha! :)

    I think its a fabulous poster, no idea if we will ever be able to buy a large size of it (I have a big collection for my bar Im remodeling in my basement, but this one is definitely a keeper!)

    Hope you are well :) xxxx