Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too Loud, Too Fast

Well I am still hugely discouraged, but felt I should point out some of the good things, including two interviews of note. First, thank you as always to ever awesome Alan at GaleMovies we know of a new video interview with Richard Jobson at BBC Films.
(be sure to check out Alan's excellent review of New Town Killers here) I had to chuckle at myself because one of the things RJ mentions is about people complaining 'too loud too fast.' *Guess thats what I am :((... too loud a fan heh, and wanting things too fast (although an effing week after a supposed big deal is an eternity in this day an age. and they wonder why scant enough attention is paid to Scottish film-tis sink or swim time folks just sayin)

Also of note :P is a truly wonderful interview with Martin and Stacey of Isa & the Filthy tongues. Now talk about fast, kick ass music! Not only does this great piece give new details on how they and their music became part of New Town Killers, but also that Big Star is going to be part of the Soundtrack for David Mackenzie's Spread, starring Ashton Kutcher. Huzzah! Big Star will be (re?) released as single July 6! Quotes of interest:
PB : 'Big Star', your new single, is also appearing on a soundtrack for another film, ‘Spread’, which is a Hollywood film, isn’t it ?
SC :Yes. It is the next Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy, but it is very dark.

MM : It is about the sex industry in America. We have done the film with Richard about violence and now we have done one about sex(Laughs).
SC : It is going to be playing here at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June and then it will be released in America in August. It doesn’t have a release date here yet. The distribution rights haven't been bought, so hopefully that will happen after the film appears in the festivals in the UK.
PB : How did you become involved with the soundtrack for that ?
SC : Luck (Laughs).
MM : My niece knew a guy from a club. He opened a club in Edinburgh and he booked us into it and then e-mailed me afterwards and asked us for music. He had been asked by this film director friend of his called David MacKenzie, who was Scottish and directed ‘Spreads’, to send him some stuff. It was, therefore, a friend of David MacKenzie's in Edinburgh who ran a club who liked us. There was really a lot more of an element of chance involved in that one.

While I posted this last year, do check out the excellent video for Big Star, as well as a cut from FlyKKiller which is part of the soundtrack for New Town Killers.

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