Thursday, June 25, 2009

Official Trailer Released for David Mackenzie's "Spread", Website Now Live!

Trailer Time!

Via Apple: The trailer for David Mackenzie's "Spread" Starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche.

ALSO US NEW WEBSITE IS LIVE : check it out here (and woot no vibrators but lots of tweettalk ;)


  1. LOL! No more vibrators! I'm still not able to express myself about that site.

    The trailer looks nice. It's strange to see the trailer after the film :-).


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  3. Hey Sue, I can't believe it, but SPREAD is coming to Russia. And YAY it's called WOMANIZER here... which is even "BETTER" than TOY BOY in my opinion...
    Umm I wonder if Ashton comes to Moscow for the premiere in Moscow :D
    Or maybe we can expect ALL THE FAMILY... LMAO