Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great Yeti Rising, It's Actual New Footage of Jamie Sives!

As elusive as the great Yeti himself, is footage of the worlds most freaking great and beautiful actor at work.... yes yes, tis true, this rare and precious commodity is hard to come by, and yet a glimmer of hope remains as DIGITAL GUERILLAS finally released their long promised video of a visit to the set of Valhalla Rising. Sure there is plenty of wonderful interviews with the fabulous MADS, and a frankly delightful Gary Lewis (lolz to the Moby Dick book crack me up) AND PLENTY OF FILM CITY GLASGOW in the back ground as the building served as base for the production of the new film from Nicholas Windig Refn. One would think that should be enough, but no not i fearless fan ever (slow these days) vigilant. Thus I watched anxiously, saw no interview but then THRU THE FOGGY MIST came a few murky seconds of JAMIE SIVES at work on set of Valhalla Rising!

Shall we ever reach the promised land and have actual video interviews photos and more press from this fffng great actor (well ok GORGEOUS Handsome sexy talented man of dreams) Stay tuned, hope is eternal~

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  1. Thanks Sue!
    Day has just got a tad brighter for this.