Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Casting Notes: Des Hamilton for Eagle of the Ninth with Jamie Bell

As reported here several times now, Eagle of the Ninth, the very anticipated new film from director Kevin MacDonald will be filmed in Glasgow using Film City as a production base, and mark the return of star Jamie Bell (Hallam Foe) back in Scotland. Long time Sigma collaborator Des Hamilton is handling the casting for the film, and as noted in the Press and Journal, people everywhere are turning up in hopes of landing a part in the new movie due about the early Roman occupation in the UK. Thanks to a kind wee bird for the heads up, we can see some good photos of the crew and Eagle hopefuls at the casting sessions here via flickr, with the news article pointing out:

More than 100 budding actors packed into a remote Highland community hall on Saturday for the chance to play a role in one of two potential Roman blockbuster movies being made in the region this year.

They posed for photographs at the Macphail Centre in Ullapool’s Mill Street, and left their phone numbers in the hope of joining the cast of Oscar-winning, Scots-born director Kevin Macdonald’s latest production, The Eagle of the Ninth. The story, inspired by Rosemary Sutcliff’s children’s fantasy of the same name, charts the journey of two warriors who cross Hadrian's Wall into Scotland to recover a lost legion. The makers put the call out for actors to play villagers, and for two Gaelic-speaking roles.The only stipulation the movie-makers gave prior to the casting was that the characters must be “lean” to fit in with the story. Some scenes for his [Kevin MacDonald] new production will be shot in October near Ullapool.

As always, I will happily post any reports, stories or photos from this ongoing production; the email is always open sweetonsigmafilms@gmail.com or feel free to leave comments (annoy ALWAYS cool too) to help get the word out and spread the news on what is sure to be another great film productions for Scotland!

Thanks so much to the kind reader for the heads up! much appreciated!

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