Monday, July 6, 2009

Cast and Crew Screening of Valhalla Rising Held in Glasgow

As a follow to the behind the scenes feature on Refn's upcoming Valhalla Rising, a Cast and Crew screening took place June 29 in Glasgow, Scotland. A brief report from some of the hard working crew that attending the event can be found here.
No word if Jamie attended or Mads or Nic Refn for that matter; also the mystery remains why this screening took place now, if the official page on the Danish film site is remotely accurate regarding a March, 2010 release, but then again Im fairly in the dark these days on most matters. Although IMDB is rife with bullying trolls and other bogus bs, there are occassional nuggets of truth and good people. Someone posted this about the screening:

It's actually about a Norse slave who is sold on to Scottish clansmen but escapes. He is then recruited by some Christian mercenaries who persuade him to join them on a crusade to reclaim the Holy Land but end up in America when their boat becomes locked in a dense mist for weeks on end.

I was at the cast and crew screening the other night and was very impressed by what I saw. Don't expect an action movie though. This is essentially an arthouse film with lots of mood and atmosphere, some amazingly visceral 'look away' moments, a brilliant thumping soundtrack and fantastic performances all round from the cast. Don't know where the Stelan Skarsgard rumours come from but, as far as I know (and I know the producer), he was never attached at any time.

NOTE: Personal and much thanks to those who are still reading, if anyone is. I am sorry I have been so sporatic in the updates as well. Two wonderful friends have emailed recently asking if I am ok; please know those notes are hugely appreciated and will get back to you as soon as i can. Im not so great right now and this is a very difficult time for me; truly sorry that there are those who feel Im letting you down. Will make continued efforts to keep up as best as I can.


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