Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fun: Totally Off Topic but New Pic of Mads in Clash of Titans Costume

One of the great perks of being a daft fan like me the endless quest for new info on say your favorite actor -in this case Jamie Sives- can lead you to an unexpected bonus. What am I on about now? Totally OFF TOPIC NOT SIGMA AT ALL, but in my quest to find some news on Jamie Sives in one of his new films, I found this pic of another long time Sigma Favorite- the superb MADS MIKKELSEN in costume for Clash of the Titans.
If I did not love him before, lmao this is hysterical, perfect cool guy kick ass Mads, with drink (my lunatic mind thinks beer) and ciggy in hand; gives new meaning to Gladiator valor and coolness lol, I ffng LOVE THIS :))))

This pic came courtesy of stunt co-ordinator NickMcKinless, and you should definitely check out this video of the truly impressive and long hard work these guys do in order to look so cool onscreen, fabulous. There were some stills in there of some cast at work but no idea who everyone is, just wanted to see Jamie, but oh man when I do finally see a prope pic of him in LEATHER and skirt and all oh man wooot! think they will have to cart me off and toss me in the shower lolol, sorry! Anyway thought this was kinda cool for a summer friday anyway

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Valhalla Rising to Screen at Venice Film Festival!

The (non) Vikings are invading Italy!...or something not remotely close to that lol sorry! but I ran out of fun ways to say that Venice Film Festival has officially announced their selections today, and Refn's Valhalla Rising, starring Mads Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives will be part of the event which takes place early September. Curiously it is not being called the world premiere of the film, but rather Variety reports Valhalla Rising is one of the "Midnight Movies." RELATED: Scanbox has a slew of new pics of MADS MIKKELSEN (and the one of Jamie Sives above) now online, here (at link click the + where it says 'pictures')

For the journalist and random peeps who emailed wanting to know more about VH, yes I have loads of posts/links to production here and be sure to watch the on set feature from Digital Guerillas below

Oddly, Triage w/Jamie and esp Colin Farrell had long been rumored to be showing at this festival but as of now I dont see it listed. Anyway, cool that the movie which was based out of Film City Glasgow while in production last year is getting such good exposure at these big festivals; lets just hope we will get to see the thing in movie theaters in UK and US!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Great News! Triage Starring Jamie Sives and Colin Farrell to Screen at Toronto Film Fest!

EVEN MORE GREAT NEWS today, as the National Post is reporting that Danis Tanovic's Triage, starring Colin Farrell and JAMIE SIVES will be screening at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

The Hollywood Reporter states" part of the Special Presentations sidebar, which also booked a world bow for the Colin Farrell-Paz Vega journalist thriller "Triage,” by director Danis Tanovic."

TWO Special Presentations: One for Valhalla Rising, One for Triage
TWICE the JAMIE SIVES GOODNESS, twice I will probably be unable to see him, as I cant seem to figure out how OR IF the SP are even available to mere fans like me (ex: Valhalla Rising here but dont see how to order or when its showing blurgh), plus no word if Jamie will go this-doubtful as he tends to shun these event BUT OH PLEASE TRY!

Video: Excerpts of Director David Mackenzie Talk at Aberdeen University

Well I am thoroughly spoiled this week! Not only do we have the endless delight of new Jamie Sives interviews and footage, another rare and delightful video interview has arrived on YouTube. As readers might recall, director David Mackenzie was a guest speaker for the Directors cut series at Aberdeen University in Scotland a few months ago. The University has now uploaded excerpts of the conversation with David, where this shy and modest man speaks to the hurdles involved in translating literature to a visual medium in the forms of his films Young Adam and Hallam Foe. Thanks so much to those at UofAberdeen!

Monday, July 27, 2009

"Spread" Your Bets to Win Contest to Las Vegas Premiere with Ashton Kutcher!

Bright Lights, Big City of Vegas baby, the place that never sleeps and will also see Ashton Kutcher in town on AUGUST 5TH for the premiere of his new film "Spread" directed by Sigma's own David Mackenzie. Las Vegas Weekly is offering the chance for two to win two tickets to the premiere of the film on Wednesday, August 5th, at Brenden Theatres and Imax at the Palms. (you have to provide own transport etc)
CLICK HERE TO ENTER; contest runs NOW thru August 3rd! Co-star Anne Heche, plus Ashton and the fabulous Demi Moore are reported to attend, good luck to all who enter!

Also be sure to check out this contest to win one of the signed artist posters for the movie. Finally TICKET INFO, WHILE LIMITED IS NOW AVAILABLE HERE IN US

Bonus: New Clip of splashdown Nikki ;P from the film can be seen here from WB/Extra TV, AND NEW FROM YAHOO MOVIES Nikki meeting his match at the diner can be seen via this link. Enjoy! Spread Opens here in US on August 14th.

Video: Rare Jamie Sives Interview with Dougray Scott, Scene with Kevin McKidd, More

Right, now that I am breathing again and having watched all the new offerings on the newly launched youtube channel, of note are rare interviews with actor Jamie Sives and his co-star/producer Dougray Scott on Scottish Television for the release of their film "One Last Chance." Also noteworthy are actual rare scenes with Kevin McKidd in the film (Kevin of course is currently well in the US spotlight of late esp w/Greys Anatomy, and will star again with Jamie in the upcoming BBC production One Night in Emergency) CHECK THEM OUT!


This is a post whereupon Sue explodes into an overjoyed, stunned, extremely curious but highly excited and THRILLED fangasm mess of sheer and utter joy (sorry) as there is now JAMIE SIVES, THE (sorta) YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

I dunno who the heck you are-brother, cousin, drinking buddy, or in my opinion a flat out angel of heaven lol but who ever it is (or why hmmm) someone mercifully has uploaded a slew of videos of my favorite actor, of things I have been trying to find online for fffn YEARS AND LO AND BEHOLD my long quest is fulfilled

Behold example one of the goodies that await on the chossychoss channel!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Teaser Poster "Outcast" with James Nesbitt, New Interview with Kate Dickie

Hang on everyone, we have another great treat today!
First Look in glorious large res: Teaser Poster for "Outcast" James Nesbitt and Kate DickieOUTCAST is now in post-production and due for release in early 2010

Bonus: In a series of FABULOUS pieces, Scottish Screen has released their latest brochure, which includes this new interview with Eddie Dick, producer of OutCast, this from director Colm McCarthy on the new movie, as well as this with star Kate Dickie who addresses her lead role as Mary.

Summary of Outcast:

When Mary and her teenage son, Fergal, move to yet another new home, it soon becomes clear that they live their lives on the run, hiding from someone or something, terrified of being found. Trying to avoid making new friends or connections wherever they go, Fergal finds himself caught between the affections of his beautiful and feisty neighbour and his fiercely protective mother who will stop at nothing to protect her precious son. Mary has strict rules which govern Fergal’s life without which chaos and terror threaten to ensue. Their hunter is Cathal, a dangerous and terrifying man, intent on tracking down and killing Mary and Fergal. What’s more, he is using a dark form of magic to find them. Mary’s only defense is to use the same ancient form of magic in order to protect her son. But how long will it be before Cathal manages to outsmart her? When local residents begin to be brutally murdered by an unknown life force, the sense of fear escalates. Is Cathal the beast responsible for the killings? Or is it the beast that he is trying to destroy?


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reminder Sigma's Colin Kennedy in Competition at Soho Shorts Fest This Friday

A reminder that as posted previously, Sigma Films' own Colin Kennedy has a music video in competition at the Soho Shorts Festival. Produced by Brian Coffey of Sigma, blogger/director/all round cool guy Colin Kennedy of course directed the wonderful music video You Can Do Athletics, BTW for the We are The Physics band. The video is an official selection, in competition that is taking place THIS FRIDAY, JULY 24 at the festival in London; ticket info here. VIDEO HERE ON YOUTUBE

As a reminder here is what a press release says about the video shot at FILM CITY GLASGOW last year.

The video pays homage to 50’s sci-fi film Attack of the 50ft Woman. Set in Glasgow it features the band members running between burning cars and dodging crumbling buildings as a giant goddess punches an exploding helicopter out of the sky in George Square before ripping apart the city. The video was shot in two days and had a six week post-production period, compositing around 75 effects shots comprising live action, hand-drawn graphics and rostrum camera footage. These combined to create highly stylised cinematic black and white sequences intercut with graphic novel elements. The video was achieved on a minimal budget thanks to the support of production company Sigma Films (Hallam Foe, Red Road) and a dedicated crew. It now competes with significantly larger budget productions in one of the countries most prestigious competitions for music video work.

FINGERS CROSSED, Sending our best to you Colin, Brian, the boys and all involved!

Three US Premieres for David Mackenzie's "Spread" with Ashton Kutcher

As heralded by Twitter, three premieres/showings for David Mackenzie's Spread starring Ashton Kutcher have been announced, along with an opportunity to win tickets to these events. From Thrillist we have learned that AUGUST 3RD: Spread will screen at the Arclight Hollywood Cinema; AUGUST 5th in a place where slick Nikk best belongs, Las Vegas will see Spread show at the Brenden Theater at the Palms; last but not least East Hamptons will have a chance to catch the film on AUGUST 8TH.

You can monitor here at Fandango, but it should be cautioned that this film will have LIMITED distribution (and heh we Hallam fans are used to that alas) so dont hold your breath thinking its coming to a city near you any time soon. But as noted on the Scanbox site, the film will be out on DVD in no time flat so there is always that!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alastair Mackenzie to Star in New Film: "Monster Mutt"

Alastair has gone to the dogs!
Not even Hectors dogs! :P

LMAO well obviously NOT but he is starring in new film called "Monster Mutt." This movie, which is NOW IN PRODUCTION is being directed by Todd Tucker, and is described as a FAMILY FRIENDLY woot! production... "a family/comedy following the exploits of the family dog, Max, as an evil corporation tests their new energy drink on the lovable Mutt. Max begins his transformation while the family tries to hold on to their lifelong friend."
No word on where the film is shooting (Vancouver?), but it does seem to have a 2010 release date for now

Alastair Mackenzie is a beloved UK actor (Monarch of the Glen) and co-founder/producer for Sigma Films of Glasgow, Scotland. WE LOVE YOU AL! Congratulations; cant wait to see the new film!

Related: press release on funding

Friday, July 17, 2009

DVD for New Town Killers with Alastair Mackenzie, Dougray Scott Due Oct 19th

Richard Jobson's New Town Killers starring Alastair Mackenzie, Dougray Scott and James Anthony Pearson will be released on DVD and Blu-ray October 19th, 2009. According to pre-orders for the standard DVD can be found here, with the Blu-ray option here.

At this point no word on what, if any, extras will be included; more when I get it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vahalla Rising to Screen at Toronto Film Festival!

Woohoo! Nicholas Windig Refn's "Valhalla Rising" starring Mads Mikkelsen and JAMIE SIVES will screen at the Toronto Film Festival in September. The Canadian Press reports that the film, shot in Scotland and based out of Film City Glasgow, will be one of the "Special Presentations" at event which runs September 10-19th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. No word yet on the exact screen date, ticket info, let alone who will be attending, doubt Jamie will be there *woe* but prob Mads - so wonder if I can do a meet up with some of the other mads fans out there. Anyway great news indeed!
As a reminder, be sure to check out this EXCELLENT on set look at the making of Valhalla Rising from Digital Guerillas!

Track Listing for Ashton Kutcher's "Spread" Directed by David Mackenzie

"Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche has now been released in France (aka the dreadful 'Toy-Boy') Screen Daily reports the film opened on 250 screens, and stated "David MacKenzie directed the film which was the second strongest opener of the week with 26,862 admissions on its first day." Also as noted via the film's official Facebook page and Twitter, they are building mobile downloads and asking fans to tweet w/link to fave still from film. While Ive had many of these on my own flickr for ages, more can be found here. Guess which one Im tweeting, doubt they will make David downloads lolol ;)...although that gives me an idea...scary.....stay tuned!
With the film now out there and due to open in LIMITED areas here in the US on August 14th, we now have the track listing of some of the great music found in the film, including the fabulous Isa & the Filthy Tongues, who as noted before, contributed "Big Star" Track List as follows:

“This Ship Was Built to Last”
The Duke Spirit
by Toby Butler & Liela Moss

“Mainstay (Unsettled Mix)”

“Down in the Valley”
The Broken West
by Ross Flournoy and Scott Claassen

Bumblebeez, Chris Colonna

“Been So Long”
Uniào Black , Daniel Collàs

“Hot Bed”
The Whigs

“International Travel Advisory”
Interprété par Kurt Hagardorn
Écrit par Kurt Hagardorn (ASCAP)

“Last Time Rewind”
Kurt Hagardorn

“Do It Like This”
Ashtar Command,

“First Time”
Invaudio, Keatly Haldeman (BMI)

“Big Star”
Isa & The Filthy Tongues
Martin Metcalfe & Derek Kelly

“Right Hand On My Heart”
The Whigs

“Shak’em Loose Tonight”

“Think of You”
Reeve Carney

“But My Heart Is Broken”
Swimmer One, Hamish Brown and Andrew Eaton

The Silver Seas, Daniel Tashian

“The Garden That You Planted”
Sea Wolf , Alex Brown Church

“Ode To LA”
The Ravonettes


Casting Notes: Des Hamilton for Eagle of the Ninth with Jamie Bell

As reported here several times now, Eagle of the Ninth, the very anticipated new film from director Kevin MacDonald will be filmed in Glasgow using Film City as a production base, and mark the return of star Jamie Bell (Hallam Foe) back in Scotland. Long time Sigma collaborator Des Hamilton is handling the casting for the film, and as noted in the Press and Journal, people everywhere are turning up in hopes of landing a part in the new movie due about the early Roman occupation in the UK. Thanks to a kind wee bird for the heads up, we can see some good photos of the crew and Eagle hopefuls at the casting sessions here via flickr, with the news article pointing out:

More than 100 budding actors packed into a remote Highland community hall on Saturday for the chance to play a role in one of two potential Roman blockbuster movies being made in the region this year.

They posed for photographs at the Macphail Centre in Ullapool’s Mill Street, and left their phone numbers in the hope of joining the cast of Oscar-winning, Scots-born director Kevin Macdonald’s latest production, The Eagle of the Ninth. The story, inspired by Rosemary Sutcliff’s children’s fantasy of the same name, charts the journey of two warriors who cross Hadrian's Wall into Scotland to recover a lost legion. The makers put the call out for actors to play villagers, and for two Gaelic-speaking roles.The only stipulation the movie-makers gave prior to the casting was that the characters must be “lean” to fit in with the story. Some scenes for his [Kevin MacDonald] new production will be shot in October near Ullapool.

As always, I will happily post any reports, stories or photos from this ongoing production; the email is always open or feel free to leave comments (annoy ALWAYS cool too) to help get the word out and spread the news on what is sure to be another great film productions for Scotland!

Thanks so much to the kind reader for the heads up! much appreciated!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Scottish Screen Feature on Tiernan Kelly and Film City Glasgow

So here is another long over due post: a Scottish Screen interview with Tiernan Kelly and a feature on Film City Glasgow.

Shortly after the official launch of FCG, home to Sigma Films and more, SS released the latest issue of their digital "Roughcuts" magazine, which contained a new interview with the man who runs things at FCG (the former Govan Town Hall in Glasgow, Scotland), as well as some new photos of the various halls, companies such as Savalas sound, and some people hard work (think the door to the Sigma offices maybe? dunno) Right, well you can read the interview here and wee bit more here, as well as see the pics here, here and here, up on my flickr.
Way to go Tiernan and Film City Glasgow!

Cast and Crew Screening of Valhalla Rising Held in Glasgow

As a follow to the behind the scenes feature on Refn's upcoming Valhalla Rising, a Cast and Crew screening took place June 29 in Glasgow, Scotland. A brief report from some of the hard working crew that attending the event can be found here.
No word if Jamie attended or Mads or Nic Refn for that matter; also the mystery remains why this screening took place now, if the official page on the Danish film site is remotely accurate regarding a March, 2010 release, but then again Im fairly in the dark these days on most matters. Although IMDB is rife with bullying trolls and other bogus bs, there are occassional nuggets of truth and good people. Someone posted this about the screening:

It's actually about a Norse slave who is sold on to Scottish clansmen but escapes. He is then recruited by some Christian mercenaries who persuade him to join them on a crusade to reclaim the Holy Land but end up in America when their boat becomes locked in a dense mist for weeks on end.

I was at the cast and crew screening the other night and was very impressed by what I saw. Don't expect an action movie though. This is essentially an arthouse film with lots of mood and atmosphere, some amazingly visceral 'look away' moments, a brilliant thumping soundtrack and fantastic performances all round from the cast. Don't know where the Stelan Skarsgard rumours come from but, as far as I know (and I know the producer), he was never attached at any time.

NOTE: Personal and much thanks to those who are still reading, if anyone is. I am sorry I have been so sporatic in the updates as well. Two wonderful friends have emailed recently asking if I am ok; please know those notes are hugely appreciated and will get back to you as soon as i can. Im not so great right now and this is a very difficult time for me; truly sorry that there are those who feel Im letting you down. Will make continued efforts to keep up as best as I can.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great Yeti Rising, It's Actual New Footage of Jamie Sives!

As elusive as the great Yeti himself, is footage of the worlds most freaking great and beautiful actor at work.... yes yes, tis true, this rare and precious commodity is hard to come by, and yet a glimmer of hope remains as DIGITAL GUERILLAS finally released their long promised video of a visit to the set of Valhalla Rising. Sure there is plenty of wonderful interviews with the fabulous MADS, and a frankly delightful Gary Lewis (lolz to the Moby Dick book crack me up) AND PLENTY OF FILM CITY GLASGOW in the back ground as the building served as base for the production of the new film from Nicholas Windig Refn. One would think that should be enough, but no not i fearless fan ever (slow these days) vigilant. Thus I watched anxiously, saw no interview but then THRU THE FOGGY MIST came a few murky seconds of JAMIE SIVES at work on set of Valhalla Rising!

Shall we ever reach the promised land and have actual video interviews photos and more press from this fffng great actor (well ok GORGEOUS Handsome sexy talented man of dreams) Stay tuned, hope is eternal~