Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alastair Mackenzie to Star in New Film: "Monster Mutt"

Alastair has gone to the dogs!
Not even Hectors dogs! :P

LMAO well obviously NOT but he is starring in new film called "Monster Mutt." This movie, which is NOW IN PRODUCTION is being directed by Todd Tucker, and is described as a FAMILY FRIENDLY woot! production... "a family/comedy following the exploits of the family dog, Max, as an evil corporation tests their new energy drink on the lovable Mutt. Max begins his transformation while the family tries to hold on to their lifelong friend."
No word on where the film is shooting (Vancouver?), but it does seem to have a 2010 release date for now

Alastair Mackenzie is a beloved UK actor (Monarch of the Glen) and co-founder/producer for Sigma Films of Glasgow, Scotland. WE LOVE YOU AL! Congratulations; cant wait to see the new film!

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  1. This is very good news, Sue! I'm looking forward to hear more about this and AM :-).

    I'm finally back from vacation and online again. It's good that you're still blogging despite of all your frustrations. I'll read as long as you'll write ;-).


  2. Hi Marit!
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Still very overwhelmed and dreadfully behind on things here (fear Gillian/Colin/Sigma mustbe so disappointed in me :() but am going try and pick up the pace again. Thanks for not abandoning ship! Cant wait for his new film and anything with Al, the more the better. Thanks again!