Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fun: Totally Off Topic but New Pic of Mads in Clash of Titans Costume

One of the great perks of being a daft fan like me the endless quest for new info on say your favorite actor -in this case Jamie Sives- can lead you to an unexpected bonus. What am I on about now? Totally OFF TOPIC NOT SIGMA AT ALL, but in my quest to find some news on Jamie Sives in one of his new films, I found this pic of another long time Sigma Favorite- the superb MADS MIKKELSEN in costume for Clash of the Titans.
If I did not love him before, lmao this is hysterical, perfect cool guy kick ass Mads, with drink (my lunatic mind thinks beer) and ciggy in hand; gives new meaning to Gladiator valor and coolness lol, I ffng LOVE THIS :))))

This pic came courtesy of stunt co-ordinator NickMcKinless, and you should definitely check out this video of the truly impressive and long hard work these guys do in order to look so cool onscreen, fabulous. There were some stills in there of some cast at work but no idea who everyone is, just wanted to see Jamie, but oh man when I do finally see a prope pic of him in LEATHER and skirt and all oh man wooot! think they will have to cart me off and toss me in the shower lolol, sorry! Anyway thought this was kinda cool for a summer friday anyway

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