Saturday, August 1, 2009

LA Premiere of David Mackenzie's Spread Live On Net Monday with Ashton Kutcher

Publicity for the US release of David Mackenzie's Spread is in high gear with the following updates:

*MONDAY, AUGUST 3rd LIVE ON THE NET via this link then on left circle where it reads "Behind the Velvet Rope" , the LA premiere of Spread, with Ashton, Anne and Co at 6pm West Coast, 9PM EAST, UK tis late alas sorry, but I strongly suspect many of the UK readers/interested are Nite owls anyway so no big deal.

-Ashton will guest on Ryan Seacrest Radio show, then TONIGHT SHOWw/ Conan Obrien
- FILLING IN FOR REGIS on Regis/Kelly lmao that should be good; dunno if he is on all week as Jeremy Piven is due on Thurs, and that would be hella cool to see them together lol

*WEDS, August 5 VEGAS BABY, for that premiere of Spread at the Palms
DIGG NATION TAPING LIVE AT 5PM w/ Kevin Rose, very cool stuff there.

*BRAND NEW TRAILER IGN (you gotta be 18 to watch it sozz!)

*INTERVIEWS : Ashton in Parade Magazine (found in local weekend newspapers everywhere in US, WHOLE INTERVIEW NOW ONLINE HERE) Excerpt:

In his new movie, Spread, his character is a handsome grifter who scams women into supporting him in a lavish lifestyle. Kutcher is more physically and emotionally exposed than he has ever been onscreen. “Why did I make a movie with that kind of indulgence in cars and the fancy house, with my character manipulating people and seducing them?” Kutcher asks. “Because people can feel the pain of it. As much as you hate this guy for how selfish he is, you know that hurts. It’s the tale of what happens when you’re just a taker.”
-Ask Ashton ten questions in TIME MAGAZINE
-Anne Heche profiled indepth in New York Times, one sentence mention of Spread :(
-He mentioned something about GQ but figure that will show up in a few months.

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