Friday, August 28, 2009

Script for "Swung Apparently Developed, "Spread" Springs forward to More theaters

Several quick pieces of news relating to films from director David Mackenzie. First "Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher is opening in more theaters across the US this weekend, which is good (despite the mostly err not positive reviews, and lackluster showings) However, Spread also is doing well overseas and will open in Spain this weekend; lets hope this trend continues! At last word, the DVD for Spread is due out in early November.

Second, author Ewan Morrison has given a very lengthy new interview where the topic of "Swung" is discussed. As readers will recall, Sigma Films of Glasgow optioned the book some time ago, but we've heard very little on this topic since. While this new article is a very fine and as usual quite candid interview about all of his novels, Mr. Morrison only briefly mentions the upcoming film:

On the film front a feature script for Swung has been developed with Sigma films and Director David Mackenzie (Young Adam, Spread, Hallum Foe). I think if I ever stepped behind a camera again to direct I’d have a heart attack, so I’ve decided to leave it all up to those who are tough enough and smart enough to survive in what is one of the hardest, most ruthless businesses in the world.

No word on when the film might actually be made.

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